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Sweet Salvage ~ Backroads And Blooms ~ Part II

So we continue trawling the Backroads at Sweet together, for some reason the Black and Red Elements with Galvanized Tin really popped for me, which is not my typical Spring Palette, but I was really diggin' it this Season!

I met some really Lovely Ladies while standing in line to get in and we had such a Grand time visiting, that before we knew it, the time had flown by and it was time to go in!

It's not uncommon to meet new Friends during our Monthly Pilgrimages to the Event since we see each other so regularly every Month!  *Smiles*  It helps that since we're one and all avid Junquers, we immediately have loads in Common!  *Smiles*

Not only just our Love of Old, of Salvaging, Junquing and The Thrill Of The Hunt... but also in the fact we all Enjoy it so much that we usually end up Re-Selling as much, if not more, than we Buy!   So that we can Justify doing it often without all becoming Hoarders of Great Found Treasures!  *LOL*

Many, like me, happen to be Married in a Yin and Yang coupling, which is probably handy otherwise with both Spouses Junquing, it could quite easily implode our Universe with Great Stuff!   *Bwahahahaha!*

We Love to Share our Junquing Adventures and Stories, our Best Finds, what we're Hoping to Find next.   Or is it just a Serendipity Adventure this time where we'll know what we Want when we see it?!

Honestly I don't know which is more of a Rush, the Find of exactly what you've been Seeking, or just stumbling upon that Fantastic Object by Serendipity that you didn't even know you Wanted 'til you laid Eyes upon it?

For those of you not Genetically Inclined to be Hunter-Gatherer Types you probably don't understand the Allure and Urge to do it.   But for those of us who are Hard Wired this way it's as Natural as taking your next breath!

And even if you don't have any Purpose to the Hunt on any given Adventure, it's just as Thrilling... because you just never know what might turn up?!    What will be your next Inspiration?  Who you'll meet up with along the way?

Hunter-Gatherer Types really ARE Kindred Spirits of the highest order.  It's like we're cut from the same Cloth and instantly make a Connection because of the similarities we all seem to have!!!  Even if meeting for the first time, it's as if you've always known each other.

Now every once in a while a Hunter-Gatherer will bring one of their Friends who is not of The Tribe and it shows.   They will be the ones that aren't the least bit Excited to be on The Thrill Of The Hunt, in fact, they don't even 'Get It' or it's Appeal.

They will very likely fade at the Gate and be left behind or go off and sit somewhere dazed and confused.  I have learned NOT to take anyone not of The Tribe with me when I'm on The Thrill Of The Hunt.  If they are a Situational Friend then keep it within their Comfort Zone of Situations.  *Smiles*

I overheard two Ladies talking, clearly of this type of Friendship where one is a Hunter-Gatherer and the other was just tagging along for the first time to see what it was all about.   The other didn't like 'Old Stuff' and would be just Fine, she said, Decorating her entire Home from a Hobby Lobby or Big Box Furniture Store.

And that is Fine if you are so inclined... but clearly, The Thrill Of The Hunt is not something this Lady would probably ever receive any Joy doing, or for very long if she agreed to go.  I could clearly tell her Friend had called it a day earlier than she liked out of Courtesy to the other.  Would they ever do it again Together... I seriously doubt it!  *Smiles*

  I would have a total buzzkill with someone in tow who would rather be trawling a Big Box Store for Decor Inspiration!   In fact, does anyone who exclusively shops at Big Box Stores with Mass Produced items even receive Inspiration from the doing of it I Wonder?!?  *LOL*  I'd be a bad Friend I guess and ditch them early... then go back with My People!  Since I'd rather hang with Crazy Friends than Boring ones!  *Ha ha ha*

But it's Okay, I rarely Connect at all with anyone NOT a Kindred Spirit anyway because you have to possess something remotely in Common!   I mean, this day's Adventure my Goal was to Find a Dead Bird for Easter Decorating... you have to be a Special kinda Friend of mine to think that is any kind of Normal!  Especially when I Find it and get totally Stoked about it!  *Bwahahaha!*  My Friends all wanted to touch it... those NOT of our Tribe were dutifully repulsed... whatever!  *Ha ha ha*

Yep, that was 'it', the Dead Baby Chick I'd been Seeking!  I have Taxidermy Ducklings, but no Taxidermy Peeps... couldn't Find them anywhere!  Now, I know some of the Lil Darlings don't 'make it' to Adulthood, but apparently Taxidermists aren't scrambling to immortalize them!?  *LOL*  And Yes, I prefer the Living kind and Wish they all could make it to Adulthood... but they don't... that's Nature for ya.

But my Trusty Friend Cyndie of 'Vintage Envy' always has Great Taxidermy Smalls.   And I didn't want just any Peep, I was specifically looking for one that wasn't pure Yellow... so this was mos def' Serendipity of the highest order!  This Lil Guy has all kinds of Wonderful Markings, so he was PERFECT!  He got his little Crown once he got Home to Villa Boheme'.  *Winks*

And he came with his very own Adorable little Metal Eggcup with Chicken Feet base, how Hilarious is THAT?!?  *Smiles*   So he was mos def the Whole Package and my very first 'Score' of this Springtime Hunt just in time for Easter Decorating!   Color me Happy!   Hey if I can't have Living Peeps due to HOA regs in Subdivision Hell, well, I'm having a Dead one then!  *Winks*

The other item I 'Scored' I wasn't even looking for, but at a rock bottom Bargain Price, well, she wasn't being left behind.   So, Yes, this Vintage Dress Form behind the Watering Can came Home with me too, rounding out my Purchases of the day.  

When she got Home she got festooned with Vatican Collection Rosaries.  I think I will eventually put a Santos Crown on top of her neck as well and look for an Interesting Ornate Antique Iron Stand to mount her upon.  I actually have a Victorian Antique Floor Lamp I may never rewire and will deconstruct it to become her Stand, I dunno yet.

There was plenty of Bohemian Bling for me to Lust after, but this Trip I wasn't in the market for adding to my Jewelry stash.   I was Content with my Dead Peep and the Dress Form Gal.   And True to my 5 to 1 Rule, when I got Home I Priced 10 more Items to Exit Villa Boheme' in exchange for the 2 items coming in.

On my way Home I was stopping at our Antique Mall anyway to drop off two Banana box loads of Inventory I'd Purged from the double car Garage this week.  I didn't even get some of it priced before one of my Vendor Friends bought a couple of pieces.  That's the type of 'Turn' of Inventory I like... Immediate!!!  *Winks*

It's common knowledge I'm de-stashing like crazy and so I fully expect some of my Purged Treasures to go Home with some of my Friends.  Several of my Friends are actually some of my best and most loyal customers as well.   If I know what they're Seeking it's very likely I already have one... or more... and can give them that First Cousin Deal on it during The Purge.  *Winks*

And it's not as if I haven't also bought some of their Great Found Treasures either... I have... reciprocity my Friends, reciprocity... it makes the World go round!  *Winks*   We're all doing our part to Save History one piece at a time... you can Thank us later!  *Winks*

Well, I have a very early wake-up Call to begin our Block Yard Sale... so for now I'll call it a Night on Blog Posting... but we've still got one more Post left as we meander down the Backroads and see what's Bloomin'!

So Good Night my Friends...

Sweet Dreams of all the Great Junque out there waiting on us...

One last set of Questions... do you ever Dream about Junquin'?

What have you 'Scored' in your Dreams?  And has it ever then played out in Real Life?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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