Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Weekend Haul

As Promised I'm going to now Share my Weekend Sale Haul from all across the Valley's Events we attended.   I got a couple of Adorable Fabric Frida Kahlo Change Purses for just $2.50 each!

I can't resist something with the Incredibly Iconic Frida Gracing the Graphics... and for just over two bucks each I wasn't even going to bother choosing just 'a' Favorite!   So they both came Home with me from the BAAM Anniversary Sale.  *Smiles*

At our Mall's Anniversary Sale I also picked up a matching Art Deco Ornate Vintage Doorknob Set in Bronze for a mere Six Bucks... Booyah!!!  This side has been worn to a Honey Bronze and probably got the most use, I'm guessing as the exterior knob of perhaps a Closet Door...

And this side remained a Darker Bronze and was probably the interior knob of perhaps a Closet or Storage Room.   I remember at our Old Historic Home the interior knobs of almost all of the Closets didn't have as much wear as the exterior knobs, which is why I jumped to this conclusion of why these matching knobs are a vastly different Patina on the Bronze and the Pattern is clearly more worn on the lighter knob.  It has all the hardware to mount to one of my Antique Salvage Doors that is missing a door knob set.

And while I was at Merchant Square I snagged this Retro Chrome Kitchen Chair Set in the 'I Love Lucy' Original Sparkly Red Vinyl Upholstery with White Welting and Buttons, probably 1950's Era and in Excellent Condition, for a mere $39 each!   These are so comfortable and were built to last, you almost cannot wear these Retro Kitchen Dining Sets out! 

This Image shows the True Red Sparkle color of the Upholstery better.  I already have a Vintage Retro Dining Table in the Kitchen that has the 1950's Atomic Chair Pair in the Original Sparkly Red Vinyl Upholstery.  But I had needed four Dining Chairs for this Table and these go wonderfully with the two Atomic Chairs, though the Styling is slightly different, the Upholstery and Chrome is identical and from the same Era so it looks like a legit Set.  I had Sourced the Retro Dining Table independently from the Chairs as well.

At BAAM's Anniversary Sale I had also picked up this large Talavera Dia de los Muertos Calavera Skully on Sale.   I Love Talavera Style Pottery from Mexico, it is so Festive and Brightly Colored so it just makes me Happy to Decorate with it.  This Vendor only had the one Calavera and thus it was priced much lower than Vendors that carry the Talavera Line of Pottery regularly.

One of my strategies when Sourcing what I Love is to try to find a Vendor who doesn't usually carry it and might only have just one and therefore a much better Bargain on the Price Point of it.   Though one would think that Vendors who buy in bulk might pass their Savings along to Customers, that is not always the case and Full Retail is just that on a regularly stocked Line of Merchandise. Whereas a Vendor who only Sourced one is more likely to pass the Savings along or not know what the Retail mark-up typically is for that item.

An exception to that would be the Wholesale Vendor, but typically you have to buy from them in bulk to get that First Cousin Price on your Purchase!  *Winks*  I don't Need nor Want dozens of Calaveras, so to find this one in a Vendor's Booth that never carries Mexican Imports was a nice bit of Serendipity since I've been Wanting one for a while now but wouldn't pay full retail... natch!  *LOL*

I shouldda took the Family to Vegas judging by how Lucky we were at the Free Anniversary T-Shirt Drawings... each of us Won one over the course of the three day Sale!   I particularly liked the Cute Graphics on this one so was Glad we each have one to Advertise our Mall when we're out and about wearing them.

At Merchant Square I also picked up these Jeanne d'Arc Living 'Vintage Paint' Book duo, never seen them before anywhere and the price was really good and the Imagery inside is Divine!!!   The Vendor that is Selling them also carries the Paint Line, which has some Amazing Trending Colors of Milk Paint for that French Nordic or Brocante Style Look to your Furnishings or Walls.  These are a Wonderful addition to my Library of Decor Books.

And we popped in to 'Antique Gatherings' to fetch the Carnival Kitsch Prize that is an Asian Girl that I have been Jonesin' for ever since I Photographed her last Month and couldn't get her off of my Mind and Heart!   I Collect Vintage Carnival Kitsch Chalkware Midway Prizes from Circa 1920 thru 1950.   She would have been a much Older Era Prize, I'm guessing 1920's or 1930's by her Styling.

Sometimes whoever Won them writes the Date they Won them on the bottom for Posterity, alas, she doesn't have any such Identifying markings from whatever Carnival she was Won at or when.   She is the one item I did Pony Up for and pay closer to a Retail price since I've never seen one like her and Appreciate the Rarity of the item for my Collection.  When you've been Collecting a Genre of Item for a long time you begin to Curate and Refine... buying the harder to Find and more Rare specimens that are the Holy Grail of the Genre.

So that was it for my Weekend Haul... and I'll Finish the Post with a Blast from the Past that I dug up while de-stashing the Storage Boxes in the Garage.  A 1980's Family Gathering at Rawhide when my Uncle Syd from North Wales {Mom's Older Brother} came for an annual visit.   I think he makes a Splendid Old Western Outlaw and Yes, it's Yours Truly and our Youngest Daughter decked out as Saloon Gals... and The Son as my Uncle's Sidekick, looks like they just robbed a Bank... Lord, we were all so Young and I had a few curves back then!  *LMAO*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Another fun weekend! Especially like your red chairs!

  2. Wow you did amazing, those chairs were a steal, they easily go for $89-119 here a piece. And that was last time I looked. Everything was great and I loved your posts, was zooming through and didnt' comment, but what a couple of fun days, Thanks for sharing, Sandi Ps the doorknobs were special.I would have to front them on two doors, and use something else on the back.


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