Saturday, April 29, 2017

Rust... Roses... Random Musings

While I was Downtown trying to search out a Salon that does Anglo Dreads we stopped by my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST AND ROSES, I needed the Pick-Me-Up since my Search to get Dreaded was going nowhere fast!  Don't you just Hate when a Journey you want to embark upon hits a Dead End immediately!?

So far no Luck finding an Experienced Salon or even one that Specializes.  Seems that most of the Online Dread Community orders Kits from Pro-Dread Sources within the Community of Dreadheads out here in Cyberspace and hosts Dread Parties with their Friends learning how to do it.

I contemplated that Fact as it relates to a Senior wanting to get Dreaded-Up... most of my Inner Circle isn't around anymore... many Dead now... many moved away, so I'd have few that I could Invite to a Dread Party!  Fewer still that probably would be Interested in Attending a Dread Party and doing tedious amounts of Work that would be hard on Arthritic Hands and Carpel Tunnel no matter how much Wine I Served!  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

Besides, even the Young Folks strongly suggested you Save the Liquid Refreshments for afterwards, lest you want some really Freaky Dreads!?  *Winks*   And Maintenance, seems the first Year anyway, you Need a Posse to Assist with that, to make it so that your Dreads reach Maturity and you don't Give Up too early in The Process.  Yes, I can Recruit The G-Kid Force, but at what point will they tire of hand rolling my Locks?

I still Want them, even with the Cons now outweighing the Pros as to the particular Challenges I'd be Sure to face on the Journey.   But any Journey worth taking usually has a few miles of bad road along the way.  So I am continuing with The Search for a Good Experienced Salon that has evidence they've had Success with Anglo Hair Dreading.  I'm also picky in that I want it done Naturally, no Wax and no Chemicals, just backcombing and the crochet method... I've done my Due Diligence enough to know what I DON'T want!

So, for now I'm stalled in that endeavor... along with some other stalled out endeavors... which when you're getting Older, long stalls just frustrate you, don't they?  Tick-tock, so I'm trying instead to focus upon a Road Trip to Cali once The G-Kid Force are on Summer Break so I can go see my Lil Bro' who is plagued with life threatening medical issues right now.  I want to be there with and for him, at least as much as I'm able.

I'm still adjusting to the boredom and social isolation of the Rural Burbs, the ADHD in me needs more stimulation than can be found out in Nowhereland, who knew nothing to do would be so HARD?!?   Who knew being cooped up with the Fam endlessly with no Escape would require the Escapism of long Naps, to make Time just go by faster and not hear how equally Bored the Kiddos are?!?

Yeah, there's a lot going on and nothing go on all at the same time, how Ironic!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, April 28, 2017

When Your Hair Falls Out

I have Shared it before, my hair and eyelashes have been falling out and breaking due to the med regimen I have to be on for the out of control Diabetes we're trying to Manage successfully.  One of the unfortunate side effects of something necessary or much more might fall off!  *Le Sigh*  So... Dealing with that has been a bit of a Head Trip to be sure, I kinda like having hair and eyelashes.  So I've been seriously contemplating some measures to take where I have a Peace about my Journey thru the Diabetic Minefield.

I had an epiphany of sorts about the eyelashes and dosed myself up with a Vitamin regimen that worked and they began growing back!  However, the hair thing still leaves far too many strands in my brushes, evidence of the hair falling out way more than usual.   I Needed an epiphany of sorts about that too and Meditated upon it for quite some time actually.  Then it hit me, I've always liked Dreads... I've always wanted to try them but been too timid.  Would my dead straight very fine thin Native American type hair even Lock I Wondered?

If I'd Inherited my Dear Mom's naturally kinky locks I'd definitely have no problem, Mom's hair used to have to be ironed when she was Young to get it up under control where it wasn't cork screw curly and coarse!  She was overjoyed when she moved to the States and found Black Hair Care products that also worked well on her Wild Hair and tamed it!  I had the opposite problem, my hair wouldn't hold a wave or a curl to save it's life, even back in the heyday of perms mine would last a matter of DAYS!  My hair can't hold a tangle after a Shower, so would it hold a Lock or even Lock Up?

NOTE: The rest of the Images are not my own and gleaned Online... all Credit goes to the Wonderful Photographers that Shared them in the Online Community!

I knew that once Dreaded shedding would be eliminated and shed hairs normally Lost would just Lock up in the Dread and maintain my length and have an illusion of thicker hair.   I actually Like Dreadlocks a lot so the Style itself was not something that made me the least bit nervous.  I did my due diligence of Dreadlocking White Girl Hair for preferred Methods I'd have a Peace about and understand Maintenance of the Style. 

 I've checked out local Salons and decided on the one I will go to if and when I Commit.  And if it didn't work out or I didn't like it, well, I figured chopping it all off wasn't something I was that opposed to either at this stage of my hair Journey... I have little to nothing to lose, except hair!  And it's just hair after all.  I've rolled my scads of hair coming out in the brushes into mini Dreads, Locks just Fine actually and I like the Texture.

The immediate Family and Closest of Friends have been Supportive, they know I'm a Weirdo anyway and it's actually very ME to go in this direction so they were unphased by my decision.  You have that Look anyway most of them said, the hair would just Complete it!  *LOL*  The Young Prince was very excited for me, he's already strategizing putting beads and wire or colorful yarns into my Locks and helping me thru the Awkward Year or so my hair will take to Lock Up properly and resemble the Idealized Dread and not just a Hot Mess.   So now... only to Explore the possibilities... I rather like these very thin Dreads for thin hair but it looks like extensions.  I'm not opposed to getting extensions eventually if I Need them, but one thing at a time... *Smiles*

I don't have thick hair so I doubt mine would be phatt Locks anyway... but I do Love the Yarn and Accessory options, that's very much My Style... to Over Accessorize to the hilt!  *Winks*   The Young Prince and Princess T are both eager to learn how to Palm Roll for me so they can help me Maintain the back Locks I might not be able to easily reach and Maintain without Help.  They know the hair and eyelashes falling out thing has been more than a nuisance, it's been rather disheartening while dealing with everything else going on with our Personal Front.   I got News Today that my Dear Lil Brother's HEART is now giving out too!   So I've been distraught... going Blind was bad enough, but he's not a viable candidate for Heart Transplant, so it is what it is... failing ticker.

By comparison just concerns about hair and eyelashes seems to be a trifle really... one really rather easily remedied since you can easily BUY new hair and lashes!   New tickers, new eyes... nope... not on the store shelves.  I know that my Lil Bro' will go out in Style and Living Life FULLY the whole way, he's one like me to skid in sideways to the Pearly Gates and say, Shit what a Wild Ride that was!!!   We Share the same Gallows Humor, it must be in our DNA.  And speaking of DNA I also ordered one of those Ancestry DNA Kits which should be coming in the mail any day now.   Since there were Adoptions within the Family and a lot of knowledge only handed down in elaborate Story Telling on both sides, I'm just Curious to fill in the gaps, sorting Myth from actual Genetic markers that show the Journey on both sides more completely and accurately.

Don't get me wrong, I still Enjoy a Good Ole Embellished Family Story, our Families have been superb Storytellers and I'll never ditch those precious Stories even if some turn out not to be so accurate after all and certain Creative Liberties were added over the Generations to give it all more Flavor and Interest.   I don't really Care, my Curious Nature will have been satisfied and I'll hold onto whatever parts I like best because if you Love a Good Story, whether it was Fiction or Non-Fiction really doesn't even matter and is a moot point.  The Memory to me was in who told it and handed it down thru the Generations, so it became Our Truth in so many ways that don't Need to be dissected or scrutinized closely.   Just like my answer to Why a White Girl would want Dreads being asked {yes, some ask that}... be ready to have me hit you with my unvarnished Truth and then walk casually away after I respond... 'coz my hair is falling out!   *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring At Grungy Galz And A Rant...

So on my way to foof my own Showroom and bring in fresh Inventory for our Weekend Sale, I stopped by my Friend Bridget's Fabulous Shop GRUNGY GALZ.
I needed a Zen Moment as I'd flipped my shit this Morning with the house being in total disarray again and me not at all feeling like playing Merry Maid Service! To run damage control behind the three Stooges Larry, Moe and Curly around here again is just an exercise in futility... not to mention giving me extreme Anxiety coupled with Angry outbursts!

It's very much like trying to Train that stubborn and destructive Lovable Puppy not to create chaos around your living spaces, to try to Train these three in similar habits.  Of keeping things in Order and to have Consideration for the Head Cook and Bottle Washer, which would be me, whose trying to Maintain everything alone without becoming completely overwhelmed.  *Le Sigh*  Caregiving alone wipes me out most days, so Domestic Goddess Duties can stack up if everyone isn't even trying to do their part... which they aren't!  I just get pissed off and feeling quite defeated, not wanting to be in my own house surrounded by it all any more than I have to be... which is almost all the time!!!

I cannot function in chaos or disorderly environments, it saps my Positive Energy when the Home is messy and I cannot find things because it blends in with the messes around it.   It took me about 15 minutes just to find my Vehicle Keys because I'd laid them down on the large Kitchen Island, which is cluttered again to the hilt with the catch-all shit everyone just dumps there unceremoniously!   Initially I Loved my huge Kitchen Island, now I have a rather Love-Hate relationship with it, since it becomes the dumping ground for shit that shouldn't be there and should be dealt with another kind of way... as in put away or thrown away!!

So that delay then left me running behind in picking up The Young Prince, in another City, from his Charter School!  So I'm rushing Angrily then thru heavy traffic on a piss poor infrastructure that hasn't caught up to not having Rural Traffic anymore, with all these Subdivisions they've crammed out here, but without improving the two lane once Rural roads!   And which runs by gravel pits at the River bottom and Farmland everywhere there isn't a Subdivision, so there's way too many Gravel Trucks and Tractors you get stuck behind too, driving at a crawl since there's no areas to pass them safely!

  Yes, he's doing Well there and likes it, which is a Blessing... and Yes, I still Hate all that commuting thru heavy Rush Hour traffic to get him there and back every day... an hour a day of my Life I'll never get back!  And knowing I've got tonnage of Housekeeping and Laundry stacked up at Home... and Inventory to Price and get Showroom bound for The Sale which starts Tomorrow... means my thoughts drift to what can I do to diffuse my Anger and Anxiety and get me back to Center stat!?  Because I don't wanna be pissed off at them all every day, starting at daybreak and start each day with a lousy countenance, I really don't, I don't wake up expecting to be THAT Woman!

So I'm in the middle of my Epic Morning Rant and flipping my shit... and Princess T has a flat affect and says, with no hint of sarcasm and being dead serious... So... after School what are we gonna do to Hang Out together then Gramma?!   I give up... I'm a raving lunatic spilling my Heart out about how the condition they've left the house in is making me go Insane... and rather than being Heard, she's fixated on what grim Adventure she wants me to do with her after School... like I'll have any Energy for wanting to do any of that?!?  Why she'd even WANT to Hang Out with me when I'm clearly Losing It and unraveling just shows you how 'Special' and disconnected these kids are!!!  That just makes it even more Surreal really, like I'm in an Episode of The Twilight Zone being Invited to Hang Out with the Lunatics at the Asylum!

 We've tried the lets Clean Up first 'reward' method to 'earn' Fun Time, that doesn't Work with ANY of them!   There would be NO Fun Time EVER if we stuck to that method... and that would leave me in Solitary Confinement with them all trapped here in the messy house endlessly, so forget that shit!  And we do Clean Up, but it doesn't stay that way for more than a nanosecond since the Chronically Disorganized and Loosely Wired tend to be oblivious to the chaos they leave in their wake.   I can tell every move they've all made, without seeing in Real Time.  Because they leave a Trail, like Hansel and Gretel, so you know exactly where they've been and what they were doing by the Crime Scene Evidence left behind!   I don't need Mad CSI Skills, they don't even try to hide the evidence and look blankly when confronted with it, wearing the Zombie Face!

Sometimes, perhaps to appease me in the heated Moment of my free fall into Madness, they shake their heads and Agree to everything... AS IF they will actually DO any of it!!!   They are so Sincere in these Moments so it's all very Creepy when you realize, Nope, you're not getting thru to them in actuality, they don't even seem to know what they're agreeing to, do they???!???!?   I've even gone on Strike... didn't work either... things just backed up to Hell and back since it wasn't as if there was anybody else to do it.   I don't have Staff with this gig... I am as the Recruiting Commercials like to say, am an Army Of One fighting this Battle... and unlike Charlie Sheen, I'm NOT Winning... but I'm clearly going just as bat shit crazy as the guy!!!   *LOL*

So in between bringing him Home and dumping him off with instructions to get his laundry downstairs before I returned Home {didn't do it until I flipped my shit again upon returning and said I wasn't doing ANY of his Laundry unless it migrated Downstairs stat...}... and before his little Sister, the Hanging Out Stalker, returned from School... I headed into the City again to drop off my Inventory and visit Bridget's Lovely Shop... to recharge and restore my Calm!  Bridget was preparing for the Junk In The Trunk Show, but her Lovely Mom was there and we chatted.  It's Nice to have conversations with people who are NOT on the Crazy Train, like at Home where they're ALL on board ay ay ay... so you cannot have a Sane conversation most of the time!

And it did restore my Calm enough that I could be Civil and almost Cordial to Larry, Moe and Curly once I returned Home after working my Showroom.  The Man had even made Deviled Eggs with the rest of the Dyed Easter Eggs, and washed some dishes, to put himself back in my Good Graces so he'd be the Favored One while I'm on the Warpath!  *LOL*   Princess T is staying under my radar and dropped the Lets Hang Out Obsession for Today, after hearing the threat NOT to wash her Brother's clothes unless he did what I'd asked him to do 4 hours prior!  She can be perceptive just enough not to be a casualty of this War being waged on the Home front!   She's gathering her laundry to bring downstairs without prompting, while the Bulls Eye remains squarely fixed on her Brother for now and he's in my Crosshairs!  But hey, he made himself a Willing Target!  *Winks*

You know, when Love was Young and filled with Promise I never anticipated the Battlefields that would play out daily as you're going thru Life and shit happens with Loved Ones.  I certainly thought I could go Merrily thru just as this Zen Hippie Chick who strives for this Peaceful Copacetic existence... yeah, I was just that delusional!   Perhaps in a house by myself that could actually happen... throw some peeps with Issues into the mix and the whole Plan went to shit and fell apart!   Every day I anticipate starting out Zen, Peaceful and Copacetic... but usually they're up before me and the shit has already hit the fan before my Eyes even opened so rather than Living The Dream it kinda goes Dark and Nightmarish a lot of the time instead!  {BTW: Vintage Wedding Cake Topper... New Inventory... as are everything in the Images here on out...}

Don't you guys WANT to have a Happy, Peaceful, Zen Existence, especially at Home, I once asked them all??!   They claim that is what they Want... so... WHY THEN CAN'T YOU ALL GET ALONG AND PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS!?!??!?!?!?!  And don't you Want a Nice, Clean and Tidy Home you can be Proud of and Function in, I once asked them all?!?   WELL THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN BY FREAKIN' MAGIC, IT TAKES MUTUAL MAINTENANCE THEN!!!  Of coarse I didn't get thru then either and you get weary of trying to Train the seemingly untrainable... whose habits and behaviors do not change... and so my reaction to it somehow has to Mellow and embrace how they are with unconditional Love... easier said than done!

Kinda like the Losing Weight Thing... so a lot of really Cool Wardrobe just has to be Let Go of the delusion of ever wearing... and head from my Closet into the Showroom... like these awesome Vintage Italian Dolce & Gabbana Jeans that my fat ass is never getting into again except on the Canvas of my very fertile Imagination too!  *Le Sigh*   The likelihood is about as Real as the Three Stooges here at Home altering their ways Miraculously to be in compliance with helping me in Maintaining our Home!!!   They'll probably be serving ice water in Hell first I'd venture to Guess!?!

I shed a little tear, which is why the Image is a little blurry, every time I have to Let Go of Killer Wardrobe that I'll never squeeze into in this Lifetime again!  They just don't make Wardrobe in BMW Sizes that are this Trendy and Awesome and I Hate that, since I abhor being forced into wearing Wardrobe I don't Love... or sometimes even Like!  When I have to walk into the BMW Specialty Shops I almost gag at the selections, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing any of that hideous stuff!  *Shudder!!!*

Anyway... I did get the Showroom foofed completely, took me over seven hours last week but Sales increased dramatically so it was long overdue.   I got my Book Section all in one spot now, mostly Decor Books and Vintage Yearbooks from the 1920's thru 1960's, some being Local Schools or Colleges.  I have a total Book fetish and had to cull my personal stash recently while doing the Great Edit and Purge Project.

And Indulged in a bit of Retail Therapy to keep my head on straight by Negotiating a Killer Deal with my Friend Michael for this Vintage Statue, which is now residing in our Master Bathroom.   Don't worry, about 50 things went OUT as this came IN so my five to one Rule was greatly exceeded!  *Smiles*  BTW: This Fri-Sun our Antique Mall is having a 15% Sale off everything in the Store and Michael of "Scallywaggs Design" still has a wealth of Killer Inventory he just brought in for it!  He's got several Booths in the 800 Row Downstairs {#805 #806 #807} just straight down the Isle from my Showroom... and also Upstairs in some Loft Booths.

And to be sure it hasn't been all chaos, doom and gloom on the Home Front, I've actually made slight progress in small enclaves Decorating.  I recently re-framed the Antique Religious Print with an Antique Frame I Sourced that fits perfectly, so now it's finally hung up.   So many things have languished going on two years now waiting for me to Get Around To It since moving in to New Villa Boheme'!   So when I'm not flipping my shit about the mess the Family is leaving in their wake I'm actually using my Energy reserve in accomplishing some things that aren't a complete waste of Time and Energy!  *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Can You Relate?

 I had to take the Night off Work because my Eyes stayed dilated too long after my Eye Exam this Morning.  So with the bright intensity of the day I had an equally intense headache develop even with their nifty wrap around flimsy sunglasses!  I went straight to bed to sleep it off for a Rumpelstiltskin length Nap!  I never got rid of the headache, tho' the Exam went fantastically, the Lasik is holding up even after all these years and no damage or complications thus far from the Diabetes either!  *Whew*

The Doc said my Lasik had healed better than any he had ever seen in fact, usually there are scars that are evidence of the procedure, he could see none and wouldn't have known I even had it done.  This is why you hire the Best in the Business and pay a Premium, the results have held going on close to two decades now. 

The relief I felt having an excellent exam was immeasurable, especially after hearing the recent tragic News of my Younger Brother going blind from his complications.  We naturally share the same hereditary factors so there is always that dread of similar health complications as we Age befalling us.  Can you relate to that concern?

I recently bought this piece of Art for my Zen Spa Master Bathroom... I had been looking for some time for a piece to compliment the Mehndi Art shown in the Image above it, which I've had for many years and absolutely Adore.  I'm not as in Love with the plain background of this Art piece so I may have to Create a similar background that my Mehndi piece has. 

Sorry Valentina {the Artist}, it's just too stark a background, tho' I Love the actual Art, and I know it will bother me if I leave it this way!  *Smiles*   Can you relate to having to put your own 'stamp' on some things, otherwise it will drive you Crazy?  The Colors used in the Painting do match the Master Bathroom well tho', so for now it can be 'As Is' without too much Mental Torment to me.  Well, mebbe just a little because I'm just that OCD about shit that doesn't really matter and nobody else even notices! *Smiles*

On to the Front Courtyard, which is coming along nicely... ignore The Man's Medical equipment, which just HAS to be there for practicality to steady him when he takes a walk so he doesn't fall over.  I've gotten Over it bothering me as an Eyesore having Medical Equipment everywhere in my Decor... and concentrate instead on the Lush plantings... I'm going for a Tropical Look. 

 We're probably going to have to replace the nice Wooden Bench that came with the house, weather has taken it's toll on how structurally sound it is and I don't need a Project.   I'll probably opt for an ornate poured cement smaller Bench... and a Water Feature opposite it eventually.  Likely a flat Pedestal Wall Fountain... the ones I like of coarse are Grandiose and spendy, so another thing to Save Up for!  *LOL*  Can you relate to always liking the spendier shit?  I have Champagne Taste, what can I say!?  Right now I'm just buying relatively inexpensive plants we Need. 

And I'm very OCD and anal about what I Want... I won't Settle... so very often I have to wait a long while to get exactly what I have on the Canvas of my Imagination.  But anything worth having is worth waiting for, I'm Patient, even Tenacious, about Holding Out and getting what I Want.  Which is also why the Tomato Crop is sitting in the Front Courtyard instead of planted in the Victory Garden Space at the side of the house... which remains unfinished again this Season!  The Herb Garden too, unfinished, so all the Herbs are also Front Courtyard housed again this Season.  They're all flourishing so I can't complain about locale not being what I prefer and have in Mind eventually... whenever that will be???!!  Can you relate to that as well... the not knowing when things will fall into place? 

I had thought about refinishing the Front Courtyard floor with an Acid Wash Treatment of Color rather than the roll-on Latex Paint the previous Owner had used and which is now peeling like an old sunburn.   But it would have been expensive and something to wait an indefinite amount of time to do without finishing off or using the Courtyard.  I opted for finishing off and using the Courtyard and doing something Creatively Artistic on the floor later on... whenever that will be too???!??!   I'm not opposed to a worn look on floors... lets just call it Patina shall we?  *Winks*

Besides, I'm not Obsessing about what isn't getting done around here, it would drive me Crazy too!  We're not quite two years in and I know a lot of this stuff is just going to take Time... our Rome is not going to be built in a Tuscan Day!  Having a bountiful Harvest on the Tomato Plants is distracting me pleasantly from the fact I can't seem to keep our Home clean.  Can you relate to a Home that won't stay clean my Friends and just seems to remain in perpetual Messy Mode due to the Family?  I'm blaming them, but Truth be told, I've got my own piles of Mess laying about too, it happens... what can I say?  No, it's not very Editorial, I Wonder really how many Homes really do remain Editorial in Real Life?  You know, if they actually LIVE there?  *Smiles*

I've got two types of Tomatoes I'm growing this year, Heirloom {previous pix} and Cherry {above pix}.  Both plants are going berserk with production, we will be eating a lot of Tomatoes!  *Smiles*  That's good for my Diabetic Diet Plan, which I'm sticking to quite well actually.  You know, now that I know I CAN have my Coke Zero on occasion, and I'm opting to only drink it sparingly by choice now, which is ever so much easier than thinking I can't have it at all!  Can you relate to that too, refraining from what you know you CAN have but should have sparingly... opposed to Obsessing about what you CAN'T have and then Crave it to the point of near Insanity?!?

The new transplanted Vines in the Courtyard are in full Bloom and thriving, they seem Happy in their new Glazed Pots.  I even found the Tuscan Style Pots I WAS seeking and couldn't find before, so I bought one.  It was a great price too, Wish they'd had them previously, they all would have been that Style.  But the Family actually likes the Glazed ones better, and they go well with the Tuscan one, so it's all Good, I don't Feel like I Settled for less.  I even found my elusive Queen's Wreath Vine at an Amazing Plant Nursery on the East Side that even had an Antique Store and Historic Home on the premises!  Trifecta, I was in Heaven!   They discounted it's price since it was Small and frail, it's already doubled in size, it Loves it's new Courtyard Location clearly!

They had Exotic Birds in the Greenhouse too... talk about the whole package!  No, he's not hanging by a chain, that's his Toy hanging from it in front of him. Hard to get a decent shot thru the Cage wire... and he was also Camera Shy and I think cursing me out in Bird Language for pathologically trying to get a good shot of him!?  *LOL*  He kept hiding his head and then peeking around to see if I was still there trying to Photograph him?  It was comical really... and kind of a Game of Hide and Seek going on between us.  I think this was his way of showing me his ass and displeasure of being Photographed at all, since he kept shaking his tail feathers at me!?  *Winks*

I'm like, Listen, I'm not going away until I get some good shots of you Okay?  So he turned around... and the damned cage wire got into the foreground but I rolled with it, I think this is him laughing at me?!  No, I don't THINK it was, he actually could audibly laugh like a Person and was laughing... this is why I don't own a Bird, they can be so Snarky!  *LOL*   I Enjoyed the Bird sounds, other than the Laughing, that were more Natural, gave the Greenhouse a very nice Tropical Vibe.  I wasn't buying Greenhouse plants that day, but I so do Love a nice Greenhouse or Conservatory... always wanted one, never had one.

And then would I go Over the Top, as I'm prone to do, and Want Birds too in my Greenhouse or Conservatory, even tho' I find the Exotics to be Snarky little Creatures with an Attitude sometimes?  This whole Group was very Snarky, just look at the Attitude and how they all turned their backs when I tried to Photograph them and give me The Look of Bird Stink-Eye!   When I was finally leaving they all squawked loudly, clearly Happy I had left the building!  Good riddance picture taking nuisance Lady intruder... disturbing our Peace and Tranquility here in the Greenhouse Paradise we occupy while merely tolerating you pesky Humans... barely!  *LOL*

In case you were Wondering this is WHITFILL NURSERY on East Glendale Avenue, I'd never been here before and I don't even know Why since it's Sublime!  They even have Old Vehicles on Display surrounded by the Plant Vignettes... Fabulous!   If I had a lot of Acreage... and Staff... I'd Love to be able to Vignette a Garden like this, how about you?  Can you relate to having extreme Visions and delusions of Grandeur about what you WOULD do... if only... *Winks*

Inside the Historic Adobe Home on the premises {which was Ahhhhmazing and all original} was Antiques and Decor, who knew?   Every room was Styled Beautifully with the Inventory... some Antique, some Vintage, some New and Trendy, all very Appealing and total Eye Candy!  They also had a Candle Line that gave off a Divine aroma scenting the building!

Loved this Botanical Wall and Vignette... I'm very Into all things Botanical and have been for years, so I'm Glad to see Botanical Style Trending so I can find better selections of Favorite Decor I like to Style with.

Outside of the Historic Home was a huge covered Workshop area, also filled with Decor and a lot of Architectural Salvage beautifully Displayed.  Sublime Architectural Salvage, I could do a lot of damage to my Wallet here!

Case in point this Antique Door which I desperately NEED for my Zen Meditation Room!  *Swoonfest!*  Tho' I have no Idea how I'd ever schlep it Upstairs to the Juliet Room and I know that The Man would shit Kittens if he knew how much I'd spent on it if I got it!  *LOL*   Yes, it is spendy... of coarse it would be... this would take a lot of Saving Up for... I'd have to Cull and Sell Off a shitload of possessions to Fund this one!   I'd do it tho', in a Heartbeat!

Because some things, I mean, Seriously... are worth Ponying Up for... they just are... this would be one of those Instances for me.   That Room I'm now Fantasizing about, well, it would Complete it now wouldn't it?

Because see over there on the Left, they have Antique Ornate Exotic Doors like this... so... since this is my Inspiration Room... replicating some of the Vibe, or as much of it as I can Fund, well... it's Necessary, right?  *Winks*

So, I was putting my Mojo all over said Door and trying to get some really good shots of it... which wasn't easy because...

Holy Orbs!!!!!!!! There was a shitload of Spirit Orb activity and Attachments to this particular piece!  Which isn't so unusual given it's Age and unknown History and back story.  They were visible thru the Lens and swirling around like iridescent bubbles!   Quite Beautiful and nothing seemed malevolent, quite benign, so I didn't get any bad Vibes off it and would still Want it.

In fact, if a Historic Homestead of this significance and Style, plus Location, had been available when I was looking for Homes, I'd want one like this one.   Look at the size of that Original Stone Fireplace, almost big enough to walk into!  Sadly, many of this Quality of Historic Grand Haciendas bit the dust when Urban encroachment entered the once Rural areas since they weren't protected by Historic Neighborhood designations and stood alone.  So greedy developers just razed almost all of them and only a tiny handful remain, usually as Retail or Commercial Real Estate now.

I remember seeing the very last of them on the far West Side be demolished and replaced with Subdivision Hells and the like.   So I was very Happy to see this one Preserved as an Impressive Commercial Space that lends itself well to Displaying the Inventory being Sold there.

Those of us who have a distinct Love Of Old can fully Appreciate the Inventory, the Historic Home and Barns they may be housed in... and have the Full Experience when it's all together.  Big Box Stores just don't have that, nor do regular Retail Shops.   Those Fortunate enough to be housed in a Historic Property just have that added layer to enhance the whole Experience and be the Ideal Backdrop for their wares!

I also Appreciated the level of Whimsy incorporated into a lot of the Styling, that's just My Style as well!   It's Fun when Styling isn't taken too Seriously and you just have a Good Time with Displaying and Presenting it!

I have a total Infatuation with Old Barnlike Structures!  Old Warehouses, Work Shops, Barns, Tool Sheds and the like bring me back to some Fond Childhood Memories I Cherish of some of the Special places I recall best and just always Connected strongly to the Ambiance of.

Here's another Fab Old Elaborately Exotic Door, this one a double framed one, a very Grandiose Entrance!   I can only Imagine the Fabulous original structure it once Graced!!!

Because many of these are Architectural Salvaged pieces it is bittersweet for me because tho' I Love the opportunity to own a piece of History like this... knowing something Historic likely had to be destroyed to get it, grieves me terribly too!

But the whole Experience was very Joyful coming here and I thoroughly Enjoyed it and having the Serendipity of just needing a Plant and unexpectedly stumbling upon a Honeyhole like this really was Exciting!

In the background is a portion of the Historic Home... which was Adobe and Classic Hacienda Pueblo but had distinctive Art Deco lines to much of the Architecture too.  So I'm Guessing it was probably Circa 1920's when those Styles melded and Influences of Art Deco predominated a lot of Classic Buildings of the Era.  In this case it was a very Good Meld and inside every room had rounded corners, softened wall lines from top to bottom, Niches and recessed lighting inside of Sculptural Adobe Tres ceilings.

I Enjoyed my Visit very much and will definitely be back, whether or not I Need Plants!  *Smiles*  Though I will probably Need something from here no doubt!  *Winks*

I didn't have The G-Kid Force in tow with me that day... so because Princess T had a four day Weekend and wanted a Girl's Day Out on Monday, I obliged.  We were quite windblown from having the windows rolled down in the Truck since it was a Glorious day with no need for air conditioning.   My hair is a mess she complained when I wanted to capture her doing Magic Tricks with her Silverware at IHOP... a Mysteriously Magnetized Knife can Delight a Child for hours!  Or in the case of the Hyper Child like her, Minutes... *LOL*

This is not the first Magnetized Silverware we've Experienced at an IHOP, for some reason a few of their Knives seem to have Magnetic abilities in the handles!??!   Curious indeed!

And then it was off to the City Park to feed the Sky Rats... she wasn't sure whether to be thrilled or terrified!  It was like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds!  *Bwahahahahahahaha!!!*   No, she's not levitating... she's climbing ever higher up the bridge's railing saying, Gramma, they're TOUCHING me!!!

A Blast from the late 80's Past when we were at the very same Park when her Mommy and Uncle were little kids!  I remember the Kids being as terrified of the Geese at the Park, which is understandable, City Geese are fierce Creatures!  And if you run out of kibbles... watch out!!!  *LOL*  Princess T opted NOT to feed the Geese and stick with the more benign and Polite Sky Rats and Ducks!  *Smiles*   I like Sky Rats, they are so NOT Snarky and are Grateful for the few of us Humans that don't consider them nuisance animals... well, unless they are Nesting and shitting all over your house.  *winks*

Her Mom sent me a recent pix from Mexico... I'm trying to get used to her with shorter and darker hair.  Tho' like her Son, she's prone to experimenting with Hair Color frequently so it's always subject to change without notice... he probably got that from her?  *Smiles*  She's been struggling with the SMI condition just like her Son, so I'm always Glad to have some Contact when she feels like she can handle having a relationship with anyone and isn't aboard the Crazy Train going wheels off the rails.  If you have a Loved One with SMI then you Understand the depths of the difficulty of relationship Maintenance with someone tormented by the disease.

Well, that's it for Today... just one more pix of her seemingly levitating over Sky Rats!  *winks*  It's been a very full calendar of Events... and I'm actually savoring some Down Time even if it is with not Feeling 100% right now.


Blessings and Love from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian
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I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

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