Sunday, April 2, 2017

Curious Nature

Yesterday the G-Kid Force were dropped off to spend the weekend with extended Family, so The Man and I had the Rare Luxury of a day to ourselves.  And since we were already Downtown, we had to stop in at one of my Favorite Shops of Oddities and Curiosities, CURIOUS NATURE.  Since I had neglected to bring my Camera I'm cribbing some Images off their Facebook Page to give you a recent peek inside.   This day they were Hosting a Bird Taxidermy Class, one day I've got to sign The Young Prince and I up for one of those to do together.  There would be noting quite like adding our very first Taxidermy Specimens to Gramma's Taxidermy Collection!  The Bird Class, since they were doing Blackbirds, would have been Ideal had I known in time and saved up for it!  *Le Sigh*   Actually I'd like to begin taking Taxidermy Classes on a regular basis to learn the Craft and so would he.  Do you know that one of my Mom's Favorite Memory Stories about me, was finding me dissecting worms and bugs on her back Porch at the tender age of Two, when we lived in France!  While surrounded by eager Neighborhood Students, all much older than me, as I told them all about the anatomy of said insects!  *LOL*   Yes, I was a Creepy and Unusual little Kid even way back then!  I'm sure she didn't know if I'd become a Surgeon or a Serial Killer?!  *LMAO*  I don't doubt the Stories she regaled everyone with, of even those years I don't recall, in the very early years of my own Curious Nature and Oddity Obsessions!  *Smiles*   She also told the Stories of some reclusive Adult Souls, horribly disfigured during WWII, who lived nearby the Village we lived in when in France.  They became some of my favorite Local people who came for visits she said, since with the innocence of a Child, who was not the least bit phased by even the Macabre, I looked past their appearance and Connected with their Personalities and Souls.  We also often Welcomed the French Gypsy Fortune Tellers and Algerian Peddlers into our Home.  I remember vaguely the Handsome Algerian Men always wanted to take Mom to the Casbah, they were very taken with her Beauty and didn't care she was a Married Woman with Kiddos at her skirts!  *LOL*   I do know that I've always been drawn with Compassion to those marginalized or shunned by Society and often befriended them, I still do in fact.  Mom used to call it the Gift of Acceptance, which is sadly lacking in most Societies unfortunately.  Thus it must be a Gift in short supply, tho' I don't know Why?  Since it is one you can Give freely, it costs nothing, and is Priceless to many who will Receive it and benefit from it!   I Miss you terribly Mom and Dad, every day... and all those Wonderful Stories you always regaled us with, of your Life and ours.  I never tired of hearing them... you both were the most Excellent Storytellers of Life!

Mom, as she looked during The French Years, Passport Image of a Bohemian Beauty...

Dad, as he looked during The French Years, Handsome Native American GI...

Me, "The Dissector" during The French Years... that Innocent Sweet Face and prissy ensemble belying the Mad Medical Examiner of Bugs that I apparently was!!!   Clearly I've always Cleaned Up well!!!  *Winks*  Makes me think of the Hannibal Lecter quote of "I ate his Liver with some Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti!"  *Bwahahahaha!* 


With Love and Acceptance from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. What a cool shop! I followed the link to their F/B page. . .I'd love to have one of those giant beetles.


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