Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017... Continued...

WARNING: Epic Long Post ahead!  *Winks*

So as Easter 2017 draws to a close and I immortalized it thru the Eye of my Lens, I must say it was quite a whirlwind with lots done On The Fly!

Usually on Holidays and Holy Days I've got my shit together, this year I most certainly did not!  Excuses aside, it turned out quite well in spite of the spontaneity of damned near everything we did!

Perhaps due to the spontaneity it rolled out with a fresh twist I wasn't quite used to... me who usually Plans Celebrations way in advance and covers all my bases early as a rule.

This year everything was done at the last possible Minute and in the 11th Hour, I could have done with not quite that much Excitement... or was it Panic?!?  *LOL*

With Princess T reminding me of what we HADN'T done yet I wasn't getting to Slide on anything, every Tradition and Ritual was going to happen and she was ensuring it would!  *Winks*

We met up with The Son and his Family at Dino's for a Greek Easter Dinner.   The Lambs were roasting on the spits Outside and the Aroma was simply Divine!  The Grandkids were giggling at the tinfoil stuffed up the Bums!  *LOL*

All three of their Girls came, but none was in the Mood to pose for Group Pathological Gramma Picture Taking, so I didn't insist and respected their Wishes.  *Pouting*  Teen Girls have to be "Just So" to allow a Photograph and the Youngest One is Shy in front of the Lens.

The Young Prince didn't join us since he was at an Easter Bar-B-Q with the Paternal Relatives and assisting with his Little Brother's Egg Hunt.  He was in a much more Agreeable Mood upon returning and allowed two pixs to be taken with his Easter Tub.   That's a Big Deal, he hates to be Photographed.


He got some new Easter Wardrobe from his Dad... he had all five Wooden and Metal Puzzles in his Tub I got him figured out in less than 15 Minutes once he got them opened at Home!   Look Gramma I'm Done already he Proudly boasted... now if it took him only that long to clean his rooms!  *Bwahaha!*

I'd picked up the Easter Basket for his Little Brother on the way TO pick Big Brother up!  Yes, this is just how much behind the 8-Ball I have been this Easter!

I don't like flying by the seat of my pants like this, but lately, that's just how it's been playing out.   Motivation has been my downfall, my Motivator needs Life Support and a Jump Start to even get going and come alive!

After the exhaustive Egg Hiding for The Hunt and Easter Tub Presentation, I sat around in my Jammies doing the initial Easter Blog Post and catching my breath while she Hunted for them all.   But what about Dying Eggs she wailed?!

We had a mere two hours before meeting up with The Son and Family for Easter Dinner in the City by the time I prepped for Egg Dying.  It was going to be a Marathon Egg Dye Project, lets see how FAST we can Dye two Dozen I says?

So I Showered and got dressed in Real Clothes while she rounded up the Supplies.   We decided we'd do a Dozen Traditional and a Dozen Non-Traditional Methods of Egg Dying.

She's really "Into" this Creative part so Rushing her was going to be an Extremely Creative Process on my part!  *Winks*   Look at the Concentration on her Face... and of coarse she's Meticulous and doesn't wanna get Dye on her hands, ensemble or soil her Manicure!  *LOL*

I, on the other hand, had Dye all over me... well, my hands anyway... willing to take one for the Team in the name of expedience and expediting this Project along.   The Dozen Traditional Eggs, took less than 10 Minutes... is that a World Record I Wonder?  *Ha ha*

I knew my Master Plan of doing Tie-Dye Eggs would go even quicker... Old Hippie in me convinced her this would be Cooler than Traditioinal and oh so Groovy Man!  *Winks*

Are you sure I'm doing it Right?  Trust and Believe, with Tie-Dye there's no way to do it Wrong baby and the Reveals will be so Unexpected and Unique you're totally gonna Dig it!

Ta-Da, yeah, she was totally Diggin' it!   She was also totally Diggin' the Tie-Dye of the Rags we were wrapping them with too, an Unexpected Bonus for her!

Gramma, we can dry these Rags afterwards and I can use them for my Dollhouse Bedroom Bedspreads or Carpets!!!  I think she was more Jazzed about the Groovy Rags than the Great results of the Groovy Eggs!?  *Smiles*

That's a Splendid Idea I says, because they really were turning out as Lovely as the Tie-Dye Eggs actually and we were having such Fun Creating it all.  I was having Hippie Era Flashbacks in fact!  *Bwahahahaha!*

Easy Peasy and Quick as Greased Lightening with almost no mess!  Soak a White Rag Swatch with Water, wrap around boiled Egg, take a Dropper and touch droplets of Egg Dye and let the Rag do it's Magic!  Then unwrap and let both Egg and Rag dry.

So within perhaps 15-20 minutes from Start to Finish we had Tie-Dye Rags drying out for her Dollhouse Hippie Pad Project.

And two dozen Dyed Eggs drying out in their cartons... neither takes that long to dry actually either and I met my Deadline for Marathon Egg Dying.

She was Delighted to Show Off a Dozen Non-Traditionally Dyed Eggs...

And a Dozen Traditionally Dyed Eggs...

The Young Prince was Delighted, once he got Home, to know we'd finished Two Dozen Hard Boiled Dyed Easter Eggs.   Because tho' he doesn't like to Dye them, he Loves to Eat them and Create Deviled Eggs from them!!!  *Smiles*

I think she did a Beautiful Job of it and the Kit we used this year had good quality Dyes that Took very well to the Eggshells and were Vivid hues.

I have to Confess that for an Easter I was ill prepared to properly Celebrate, it all came together quite Memorably anyway.

The Weather too was Glorious this Year, in the low 90's with a slight Breeze which made it very Comfortable and not feel too Hot.

In spite of all the Activities we crammed in On The Fly I'm Pleased and Relieved to announce that New Villa Boheme' is not a wreck!  *Whew!*

And neither am I... since my Doctor and Life Coach Follow-Up on Friday went quite Well actually and I CAN have my Coke Zero!  Which, now that I know I CAN have it, I don't really Crave it at all now... go figure!!!

So I mostly still drink Ice Water, tho' the Ice Maker on the Fridge suddenly decided to go on the fritz wouldn't ya know so gotta get that looked at next week!  *Le Sigh*

Thankfully it should still be under our Home Warranty, which I also want to see if we can get that extended with a Renewal or not since it's about to expire in June!

Modern Appliances, they might look all Improved and Fancy, but they sure don't make 'em like they used to!   I recall having Major Appliances that lasted Decades and you'd tire of them and upgrade before they ever gave out!

Disposable Society that we have become now tho', I have to get used to these shortened Lifespans of really Expensive necessities like Appliances, Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, so on and so forth ad nauseum!

Our Neighbors across the Street are Seasonal Visitors and only spend a couple Weekends a Year in their enormous Luxury Home that is fully Upgraded.  They rolled in this Weekend for Easter from Cali with a car full of Groceries at Midnight only to discover their fridge had gone on the fritz!!!

So I should be Thankful it was just our Ice-Maker and not the whole freakin' fridge like that unfortunate Young Couple!   Ironic tho' that we both had fridge issues on the exact same Holiday Weekend only a day apart, when our Appliances are less than a Decade Old!!!

At the Old Homestead the fridge I left behind and Sold with the Property was a Kitchenaide we'd had over 20 Years and it was still going strong and had never had any Maintenance Issues!

The Water Heaters and Stoves were from before the early 1940's and still going strong there too!!!   Now I'm told such things, if Modern, are Lucky if they last 7-10 years before needing replacement or extensive repairs!!!

Yep, the Times they are a changin'... much more Complex and the Simplicity is gone.   So the Comfort of time worn continuity of Traditions and Rituals is all the more Appreciated and Grounding.

We can Create some Adaptations and Adoptions if we so choose... or we can keep everything exactly the same... our Choice.

We typically choose a little of each... some Old Faithfuls and some New Explorations in the Adoption of something different.

Blended together and constantly Evolving and yet, in many ways, still very much the Same as we always Remembered and Fondly Recalled.

I do Hope that your Easter Memories for 2017 were Special my Friends?  That you fit in everything Meaningful to you or to the Children that they look forward to with Anticipation?

I don't measure by how much we did, but how much we were able to do TOGETHER, to Create the Memories that have Meaning for each of us.

We're very flexible in how we Celebrate and with a blended Family structure that Works Well for us all.

We may not ALL be able to be Together in one spot for the entire Holiday or Holy Day... or sometimes only for a certain amount of time... but we Work around that obstacle.

So for those Friends and Family that didn't get to be a part of this Year's Celebration with us in person, we Miss you and are Glad for any Contact we could make this day!!!

I will look back Fondly at Easter 2017 in spite of any particular Challenges we faced with the various Issues of Life.

It was significant in so many ways and I reflected upon many things I'm Thankful and Grateful to the Lord for.

It is a Perfectly Imperfect Life we have and I'm Maintaining my Joy thru the Journey of it and I Hope you will be able to also my Friends?

With Spring Blossoming all around us in Nature each day that I go out in it, I am reminded of the Glory of all Creation.  And at Easter time of the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

It really does put Fresh Starts into Motion for me each Spring... and I can already feel some Motivation being Resurrected and returning!!!

Perhaps not all at once, but slowly and surely, which is Okay, I don't do much Quickly anymore anyway, even when I want to!  *Smiles*

I've got a List started of all that I Hope to Accomplish within these Fresh Spring Months and before the Heat of Summer is upon us.

And I'll Post about each Project as it is coming together and nearing completion.  I don't want to do too many premature Reveals right now since some Changes are Conditional so we'll have to just wait and see...

There are some Opportunities that have arose that I'm tentatively Exploring at the Moment.

As some Doors Close there are those that Open Up as Life goes on...  so I feel a bit like Monty Hall on Lets Make A Deal and seeing what's behind Doors No. One, Two or Three right now!!?!?!  *Winks*

And this is the Close of my Easter Post... I didn't have it in me to do more than two, which is why this one became rather Epic and Long!  *Smiles*

So... Kudos to you all who stuck it out clear thru til The End!!!  *Smiles*

As for me I think I'm calling it a Night... 


Happy Easter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Love you dying eggs the morning of, lol. I cheated, gave hubby the option of dying eggs or deviled eggs. I never even got to take a picture of the whole plate full as they were snatched up so fast. Grins, looks like a wonderful day, Sandi

  2. Beautiful photos. You were really busy! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  3. Hi Dawn! Looks like you pulled it all off beautifully even in the final hour lol! I was very much like that this year too. I was up on Easter and everyone was sleeping in and I realized at 10 in the morning I still had not put out any easter baskets lol! For some reason this year I was very "whatever" this year lol! I think it is because we are trying to get ready to downsize and I am preoccupied with other stuff I guess. But I hear ya about the appliances! My last refrig that we sold with the house was over 20 years old and had never had a repair and had even been dropped during a move! In the 15 years we have lived here I have had two new refrigerators, two water heaters, two stoves, and THREE dishwashers! There is no quality anymore. I have a very old washing machine from the 1990s and my repair guy told me to hold onto it and just repair it when it very rarely needs it because he said the new ones need repaired all the time and the old ones are worth holding onto, I think it has only been repaired twice in its lifetime. I love your tie dye eggs! Do a picture in a post if those lovely dyed rags end up in the doll house....which is such a cute idea! Happy Easter sweetie!


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