Sunday, April 9, 2017

Easter And The Big Bad Wolf

Approaching Easter is like walking thru the Forest as Little Red Riding Hood and trying to evade The Big Bad Wolf as far as Foods that might be disguised as healthy and might still kill me.  Not being able to eat like a Normal Person is weighing on me heavily and dominating my thoughts lately, so I don't like the preoccupation I need to have with choosing right foods!

The Rare Vintage Big Bad Wolf Toy is on his way to the Showroom Tonight when I leave for Work, easy to banish him from the house, not so easy to banish all foods I shouldn't eat.  You wanna know why?  'Cause I have a Family and they're all still eating like Normal People.  I won't punish all of them by forcing them to eat what I have to eat, it's punishment enough for myself!

And with Easter coming up we always meet as a Family at a Favorite Greek Restaurant that does the whole Fabulous Roasted Lamb Greek Easter Dinner.  I've already made the Reservations, made them before my Medical Crisis, I have decided I'm still risking eating my Easter Dinner and go light on the portions of it all.  Grace might go something like 'Lord Jesus help me not go into a Coma at the Easter Celebration Dinner Table' this year at Dino's.  Amen.

You might think I'd be more concerned about all the Easter Treats I've bought for The G-Kid Force and will soon be making up Easter Tubs with?  You'd be Wrong, I don't have a Sweet Tooth, never have... can't eat Chocolate and rarely, if ever, eat other types of Candy.   So absolutely no Temptations there, I suppose Diabetics with a Sweet Tooth feel really doomed and screwed?!?  No, avoiding Sweets and Fried Foods isn't my particular Challenge, not a Fan of either.

Nope, my Challenge would be sitting with the extended Family at the Easter Table watching them eat Roasted Lamb with fabulous fixings and me sitting there with a Lame Baked piece of Chicken or Fish and a Salad... Ugh!   Completely Snapping and not acting the least bit Christian, since I'd surely blow my entire Witness right there and then on an Important Holy Day no less!!!  Yeah, Jesus would likely Forgive me for Losing It and making a spectacle of myself, but I probably would never be Welcome at Dino's again!?!  *LOL*

And since I've been really slack about Holiday Decorating, due to my Head not being in the Game, and inordinately preoccupied with getting this dreadful Dietary Changes right instead, Easter is rushing up on me.  So Today before Work I tried to do Easter Decor Recon around New Villa Boheme' to locate some of what I could Create a hasty Holy Day Altar with?!?  Sorry Jesus for a Slacker Altar thrown together in five minutes, Forgive me!

The Man Smiled... he knows how I get when my Styling for any Holiday gets behind the Eight Ball!   I'm still in my Pajamas just hours away from leaving for Work, furiously locating Easter Decor and Creating an impromptu Easter Altar.  We were just as spontaneous the other day stealthily tossing Easter Tub Goodies into our Shopping Cart for The G-Kid Force's Easter 'Baskets' I'll make up!  This year Gramma decided instead of throw away rattan Baskets I was buying big Galvanized Tin Tubs that we could re-use later for other things.

The Man is like... those small bags of Easter Crinkle Grass aren't gonna fill those big Tubs Honey!   I know, I'm filling them with all their crap... um, I mean Easter Goodness, and then tucking bits of Crinkle Grass around them to give the Illusion of not being an On The Fly Creation, I responds. Besides, wadded up Garbage Bags on the bottom will work just Fine, it's not like they'll Care, right?!?  *Winks*  Final pixs of On The Fly Created Easter Tubs forthcoming, I ain't gotten around to THAT yet!  I may even put The Stylist Organizer busy Creating her own and the one for her Brother, I'm better at Delegating lately and she's claiming Boredom.  *Smiles*

But, back at the Altar this Afternoon, things were coming together quickly and I rather liked the end results in spite of it being thrown together so hastily and haphazardly.  I was also Photographing as it was being Created so I'll give you a glimpse of Final Reveal and in my Easter Post it'll probably be the In Process Pixs of it being Created, all ass backwards, but, Oh Well.  Think of it like how they Created the Star Wars Movies, in reverse Order, which always confused the Hell out of me!  *LOL*

Ta Da... Finished in Five Minutes or Less!   Is it Wrong that my Easter Altar Candle chosen has the Zig Zag Man on it, I dunno?  *Bwahahahahahaha!!!*  Mebbe some Colorado Brownies would take the Edge off of the Anxiety and Angst I'm Feeling lately about all these Changes... but then I thought, Nope, can't eat Chocolate and it would only give me the Munchies and defeat the Purpose, right?!?  *LMAO*   Well, Hope your preparations for the Easter Celebration are going more smoothly than Moi my Friends?!?


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The Easter Altar looks pretty darned good for having been thrown together in five minutes! I don't even bother with the Easter decorations around here anymore. I've got my eggs in the bookcase all year round, and maybe I'll throw some baby's breath around on the buffet and that'll be it for me.

    It sucks you have to watch the foods you eat now. I know I should pay more attention to better nutrition too, because one day my lousy eating habits will bite me in the ass, I'm sure ... she says, stuffing another handful of S&V chips into her mouth. ;)

    1. You are hilarious, I have a mental pix now of you tossing baby's breath around the house whilst stuffing chips into your mouth! *LOL* Yes, years of lousy habits have indeed bitten me in the ass and expanded it as well! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. We have to do what we have to do. Enjoy the foods you can and be grateful that you have no desire to bite off those chocolate bunny ears.

    1. Yes, not having a craving for sweets it one thing to indeed be grateful for. It's ironic really that of all the things I should give up, the only one REALLY bothering me is the abstinence of Coke Zero, who knew? *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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