Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy Easter

NOTE: I wrote and pre-scheduled this Post and then decided to just Post it early since Easter Morning is likely to be busy... and from now 'til Easter Morning I'll be busy and might forget to Post it at all otherwise?!  *Winks*


Happy Easter my Friends!  You might be hiding Eggs this Morning, we'll likely do it Inside this year.  Since the Scorpion situation in Spring, here in the Boonies, can make it dicey to have Grandkids sticking their hands anywhere Outside that could be a good Egg hiding place, I don't wanna risk it.  Spending Easter in the ER would probably wreck all our Plans for the Holy Day!  *Smiles*

Besides, we don't have Acreage like we did at the Old Historic Homestead, so the bigger area here is Inside the house to hide Eggs successfully.  It's a transition we've adapted to unemotionally, the Grands don't seem to mind and neither do I.   Do I miss not having Acreage?  Not when it comes to the amount of Maintenance Work on the Property, this is far easier on me now and Just Enough Landscaping to Maintain by myself.

But do I miss the lushness of Landscape I Enjoyed on a Century Old Property for so many Years, absolutely.  Things there were established in a way that will take quite a bit longer out here in this much newer build.  I am Thankful tho' that the previous owner was Landscape conscious and did an excellent job.  She must have put in Landscape much earlier than most of the Neighbors so ours are some of the most mature and established plantings in the Subdivision.  This area is less than a decade old so it is reaching some semblance of Maturity now.

And speaking of Eggs, I was Eyeballing my cache of Ostrich Eggs and Wondering would they be Too Much to add to the Easter Altar?  You know how I am about adding stuff... I tend to go overboard adding... and adding... and adding some more... until it can be Too Much and not Just Enough!  *LOL* 

 My Muchness is not so much under Control as it is slowly being Restrained as I work on monitoring my proclivity to Excess.  I'm trying to have an Editing Eye, well, my version of an Editing Eye anyway, which will always have remnants of Muchness I'm sure!?  *Winks*

So in an attempt not to make it look like an Ostrich lives at the Altar and is Nesting there, I scattered some of my hoard of Ostrich Eggs around Villa Boheme'.  *Smiles*   Where is that damned Bird is something The Man says often, I'm going to shoot it and eat it so it will quit laying Eggs all over the house!!!  *Bwahahahaha!*   Ostrich is tasty tho', Yes, I've had it, I'll eat anything once, more than twice if I like it!

So, Yes, I've got Easter gone Large with Ostrich Eggs plonked around the house strategically.  For me it's all rather subtle since the Decorating for this occasion is actually Restrained for me.   And see that totally EMPTY Cabinet in the background?!  *Gasp!*  Yep, almost two years out and I've yet to fill up some spaces, since I'm still in a massive Purge and will Curate and Edit severely what will be Displayed or Kept anymore!  *Double Gasp!!!* 

Ah, I see that Spirit Orb showed up to see what was going on during this Photo Shoot.  I think I have a Hambone Spirit that Delights on being captured during my Photo Shoots, since it will often show up in at least one or more frames.  I like to Imagine it's one of my Dearly Departed Relatives coming for the Holidays, which they would always be Welcome to, even from beyond the Veil.

Sometimes I'll Photoshop an Image to Zoom in on the anomaly to see what is within the luminosity of it and see if it's anything distinctive.  What do you see my Friends?   Perhaps it's mere matrixing but there are times I see features, this one appears to have Eyes and seems to be Smiling with a big toothy grin, which made me Smile too.  Looking at Close-Ups of Spirit Orbs is akin to looking at Clouds in the Sky for me, Imagining what I see forming?

Okay, so if that was too Creepy or unsettling for you, back to the Tablescape. *LOL*  This is the backside and the only reason that Skully is there is because I haven't got a permanent Display site for it yet figured out.   This is the Formal Dining Room anyway so it's not like it matters how much Decor I've got on this Tablescape anyway.   I use this Room purely as my Imagination Station of Decorating and Displaying actually, it's thus one of my Favorite, yet rarely used Rooms.  It's often one of the Favorite of Guests too and I like it because it stays Tidy, Editorial and in Order!  *Smiles*

Unlike most of the rest of the Home which is used and therefore I may or may not be able to Share it at any given time without profuse apology.  *LMAO*  In fact I went on an epic rampage the other day, not at all in the Fruits of the Spirit, about the Upstairs being destroyed by The Force and their Friends! *Le Sigh* So there has been much Pre-Easter Damage Control being run before we have Guests and Family over for the Holidays.  Right now all I can think about when I see this Image is... What is breaking out of the Emu Egg in such Radiance of Optical Illusion?!  *LOL*  And... NEED MORE Emu Eggs!

So, here is my Egg laden Easter Altar, Too Much, right?  *Bwahahahaha!*  Honey, do you think you have enough Eggs on the Altar now The Man was asking!?!   *LOL*  That damned bird, I heard him muttering under his breath.  I know that I Amuse him with my Peculiar Quirks... him or the G-Kid Force Explaining it to Guests is something that Amuses me.   *Smiles*

So... do we have Eggs for Easter... Yes indeed we do!  There is an Eggsplosion of sorts around Villa Boheme' now!   But at least now I Feel very much in the Easter Spirit and not like the Holy Day just rushed up on me caught unawares and not contemplating the Significance of this Important Holy Day and it's True Meaning and Relevance for us Believers.

I will be looking forward to getting together with The Son and his Family for our Easter Dinner at Dino's.  The Fire Roasted Lamb and fixings and joining in with the Greek Orthodox Guests in Celebrating Easter Dinner with their Custom is something we all Enjoy very much.  

 Last year was the first time that the Daughter-In-Law had ever eaten Lamb, it is not in Cambodian cuisine, she Loved it and I was Glad to introduce her to it.   My Mom's Culture Lamb is a staple, so I couldn't Imagine never having eaten it.  I grew up eating it often, with Fresh Mint Sauce harvested from Mom's Garden Mint and tiny New Potatoes.

I decided the big Basket of Ostrich Eggs was indeed Too Much for the Altar so I replace it with The Man's Easter Pressie.  Rather than a Basket I decided to make his an Easter Lazy Susan Carousel filled with Goodies he likes.  They had this nice Galvanized Tin and Wood spinning Lazy Susan at Wal-Mart which I can utilize later for Serving Fresh Fruits or Veggies... or Treats like this.

So, he was totally Happy now that he has his own Treats and trying to keep The Force and their Friends out of it.  They were circling it like Vultures over a Kill since they didn't have their Baskets given to them early.   He got his earlier because then the filled plastic Eggs would be safe from him Raiding them from our Boudoir where they're stashed until we hide them!  *LOL*

And as for me I'm still eating healthy shit like this, which actually tastes Good, but would go down so much smoother with a Coke Zero!   I ain't gonna lie, I'm still fixating on giving those up since the alternatives SUCK so I'm thirsty all the time now!  *Le Sigh*   This is a Baby Spinach and Kale Salad with a few Fresh Strawberries, Goat Cheese crumbles, Walnuts, Strawberry Poppy Seed drizzle of Dressing and a Hard Boiled Egg sprinkled with Nature's Seasoning by Morton.  Nom-Nom but you're hungry like an Hour later!

So, what Easter Customs do you fondly recall?  What Easter Traditions and Rituals do you hold onto and pass down thru the Generations now?   Those are the things that often we have the fondest Memories of partaking in... the Beloved Customs, Rituals and Traditions that we Cherish and perpetuate or Adopt and hand down Generation to Generation.

The Daughter-In-Law and her Family are Christian Cambodians, so I intend to ask her which Cambodian Christian Customs, Traditions and Rituals would she like to Share and have us all Adopt as part of our extended Family Tradition?  I have no problem borrowing and Adopting any Custom, Tradition or Ritual and include it in our own, that enriches any Celebration that we have.

Many Years ago, back in the very early 70's, I Adopted the Custom of Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating {Pysanky} and Collecting them.  I used to marvel at the local Ukrainian Artisans that used to Decorate them at the Valley Bank Center back in da day and give Tutorials.  I even once bought a Kit, never used it, and finally Sold it 30+ years later because it was just easier to buy mine than Create them!  *LOL*

via: Pinterest

Now I pick them up whenever I can find them, I have a preference for the Wooden ones since they aren't as Fragile.   The Artistry of them blows me away and the Designs are as endless as the Imagination of the Artists Creating them.  I'd like to find some Museum Quality specimens to add to my Collection tho', like the ones picture above that I cribbed from Pinterest.  Tiny Masterpieces each and every one.   Yes, we will Dye Eggs, but we won't get this elaborate or I might lose my Mind!  *LOL*

We tend to keep our Egg Dying simple since The Force loses Interest really quickly so to get enough Dyed Easter Eggs for eating, we have to keep it within their range of Focus, which is minuscule!   And my range of Patience, also minuscule nowadays!  *Smiles*  Not to mention, no matter how many we hard boil, they will be eaten so fast that how fancy they are, or aren't, barely matters!  *Winks*

We'll probably make Deviled Eggs too, which will go even faster.  The Young Prince has perfected his own Recipe for Deviled Eggs so he's become the Deviled Egg Jedi of the Family and I'll delegate that task to him.  

 He's in his Culinary Fantasy Mode after watching endless hours of The Food Network, so he's all about Cooking right now and Imagining he's the next Iron Chef or newcomer on the scene to beat Bobby Flay.  *Winks*  I'm taking full advantage of that current Obsession, no telling how long it will last!?! 


Easter Blessings to you and yours my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh my dear lady.......I don't think I have ever seen so many eggs gathered in one spot during my lifetime You go girl! LOL


    1. Well I do try to make it Epic Jo! *Winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. The ostrich eggs are awesome. And I love the pysanky eggs. So beautiful! You know, we used to always do the Easter egg hiding indoors when I was a kid---we lived in an apartment building and there just weren't too many good places to hide them outside. But at least we don't have scorpions here in Oregon! Well, we do, but they are tiny and usually in the forest and you hardly ever see them :)

    Happy Easter!

    1. I don't even remember that we did Egg Hunts as a Child, so I think I began it as my own Family Tradition starting with my Children... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Happy Easter to You and yours too!

    1. Happy Easter to you and your Family too Marlynne... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Beautiful! Love all of the eggs, especially the Ostrich ones, which I would LOVE to have at least one of. I just put out all of the pysanky eggs that I have, and the colored ones that I bought years ago from "Eggshell Land", which was an annual trip for me to take my sons. The Manolio family of Lyndhurst decorated their lawn every year with images that consisted of hundreds of blown-out eggs which they spent an entire year coloring and planning what the display would be. Sadly, the gentleman who started this passed a few years ago and the family decided to not continue the tradition. It was a part of our local history, and you could easily Google it. Happy Easter, Dawn!

    1. I just googled Eggshell Land, OMG, what a Labor of Love and Artistic Genius that Tradition was! I can only imagine the man hours it took to coordinate such a display! Happy Easter... Dawn... The Bohemian


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