Monday, April 10, 2017

Let The Filling Begin

I got Easter covered now... yep, put the final touches on the Easter Altar, which included my recent Easter pressie to myself from our Antique Mall, an Antique German Easter Egg Candy Mold.  I have always wanted to build up a small Collection of these to Display for Easter.  But usually they're so spendy and Rare, this one was a Bargain... and every Collection begins with the first one, right?  *Smiles*

Yes, you can buy the more Modern Candy Molds but they're not as sturdy and well made as the Antique European ones.  This is a Quartet of Easter Egg Boat Anchor in weight lemme tell ya!  And you know what they say, if it's heavy it's usually Expensive... ha ha ha.   This Vendor actually had another one that was four Chicks, but it wasn't such a Bargain as this one and I don't know Why, Rarity of Subject Matter perhaps?

So, with the Easter Altar completed now I turned my attention to this, the filling of the Easter Eggs with Candies and the Galvanized Tubs with Easter Basket Goodness for The G-Kid Force.   So my Boudoir floor looked something like this all Morning while The Force was in School.   Mondays are a shortened day of School for both of them so Time was of the essence to get busy with it!

I sequestered myself in there and tried to keep The Man out since he is a notorious Candy Thief!  *LOL*   He came wandering in anyway with any excuse he could find so he could snatch a Candy or two before they were Egg bound!  So, where's MY Easter Basket he says quite seriously... so I'm guessing he expects one and I'm not then quite as covered for Easter as I thought I was this Morning!  Oh well, I have Fun with it so it's all Good.

Besides, last thing I need is the Easter Candies Wars where one is swiping Candies out of another's stash!   This has happened in the past and it could trigger WWIII and become an epic battle to the death.  In fact fighting over Food is not uncommon in this household believe it or not!  One would think we had survived Starvation or something and didn't know where our next meal was coming from by how they can fuss and fight over freakin' Food!!!  *Le Sigh*

The irony being that when it comes to Candies, The G-Kid Force really doesn't have much of a Sweet Tooth and their stashes, especially Princess T's stash, could linger uneaten for a very long time.   This practically drives The Man absolutely Nuts to see Candy sitting there, uneaten and taunting him!  Aren't they going to eat it he will ask incessantly?   Probably not I says, but the moment you do it's going to be 'On', so don't you dare unless you have their express permission okay!!?  *LOL*

He usually thinks they won't miss what bits he swipes anyway, so he usually does hit the stashes regardless of my Warnings he will Trigger them!   I swear they count their Cache, especially her... and the shrill wails when she discovers The Count is off can be heard for miles!   It's not that she wants it really, it's that she enjoys the Power and leverage it gives her to ration it out to those coveting her Cache of Goodies!  It becomes her Currency and she becomes The Easter Banker!!!  Much in the way a Mob Loan Shark would operate!  *Bwahahahaha!*

The Young Prince is more stingy, he will want his, just because he won't want anyone else to have it mostly... because, well, it's HIS and he's very Territorial about his Stuff.   Even the Stuff he's not even ever bothering with or eating all that much, once he's got Possession, it's way more than nine tenths of The Law for him!   He's outgrown or lost interest in things that he keeps around just so he can tell everyone else they can't use or have it... yeah, he's like THAT!  *Ha ha ha*

But, I'll have like a gazillion plastic and metal Eggs to hide because we usually have more of the local Grandkids over for Easter and The Hunt will be the Spoils for all of them to divvy up.   The ones that don't live with us can fight over their own Caches of Candy at Home and drive The Son and his Lovely Lady Crazy instead.  *Smiles*  In fact, I'm fairly certain that The Son inherited his Dad's predisposition to raiding the Kid's stashes and reeking havoc at their house too!  *LOL*   When he comes Home here he becomes my 'Baby' all over again, hitting the Candy and Snack stashes and making a bead on them!  *Winks*  BTW: This Tub is from 1996 so it's seen a couple generations of Egg Hunts!

I can be pretty OCD about Easter Egg filling... some of the Candies I even Color Coordinated with the Egg they would go in!!!  Yes, Clearly I'm not a Well Woman!  *LMAO*   I couldn't help myself, not that anyone will actually notice, so it doesn't matter at all that I took the extra time to do that... but it's part of the Fun for me Creating the Experience.  Who am I kidding, I don't even know WHY I do some of the Crazy shit like that I do!!!?????!?  *Bwahahahaha!!!*

But I got them all filled before The Man swiped too much of the Candies and since he knows that now I will make him up an Easter Basket, he's likely to stay away from The Forbidden part of our Boudoir it WAS all HIDDEN in.    That is a past tense statement becoz even tho' The Force rarely, if ever, comes into our Bedroom, wouldn't you know they both found a reason to Today!  Dammit, I swear they have Secret Stash Radar built in!!!

I'm taking my Afternoon Nap when I hears her waltzing in, a slight but audible gasp, and then her waking me up telling me she DIDN'T SEE the Easter Baskets, but she KINDA saw the Eggs out of the corner of her Eye!!!  Say What!!?!  Yeah, right, she's got Eyes like a Rat that Kid, she didn't miss taking a good long gawk as she traipsed in!   Then promptly forgot why she was even in there waking me up... so I'm imagining that Kids can smell Candy in much the same way that a Shark can smell a drop of Blood in the Ocean???!??!


There is much giggling as she left the room and closed the door, then in loud stage whispers I hear her telling both Grandpa and her Brother that she ACCIDENTALLY saw the Easter Baskets hidden in our room, but don't tell Gramma, Okay?   Becoz she {ie: ME} thinks I didn't look!   She {ie: Me} is listening in on all this, what, do they think I'm dead in there and thus can't hear?

I hear her regaling them with how much she didn't see... in great detail.  It's Amazing how much she didn't see in fact, down to the Colors of her Easter Crinkle Grass!  *LMAO*   Oh, and you should see {or NOT SEE} what's in YOUR Basket, she taunts her Brother!!  Natch, she can't help herself, torturing and tormenting him is a Sport for her and he falls for it every time, you'd think she was the much Older one!!!  *Smiles*

You know what's gonna happen next don't you?   I did... I was waiting for it... Yep, on Cue he saunters in now, on the pretense of waking me back up to ask if I want him to cook Dinner for all of us?   Why not exploit him, I'm as Evil as his Little Sister that way.   Sure I says groggily, that would be nice since Gramma isn't feeling that Well Today {Truth that}... and hey, if I can get someone else to Cook I'm all over that when I have a willing Victim... um, Volunteer!  Besides, that will assuage his Guilt for not being able to resist taking a Forbidden Peek as well!  *Winks*

Though I didn't roll over to look at him I'm sure he's talking TO me but looking in the opposite direction at this... which is his Easter Tub filled with Goodies!  *LOL*    It's silly really, since he picked his own Toy so he already knew what he was getting.  She's easy to Surprise and buy Secret Stuff for, him not so much at his Age, he's specific about what he wants so I just let him pick it out.  He picked out a Genius Puzzle Set, he Loves things he has to figure out.

Not that it takes him more than a nanosecond to figure out even the hardest ones.  I've given them to very Intelligent Grown Men who couldn't figure them out or took a very long time to... yet I know when I give one to Rain Man here he'll have it done so fast it wasn't any kind of challenge at all.  But he likes repetition so he'll do the same ones over and over again to try to see how many times he can figure it out in a minute and try to beat his own records!

When I bought this Set I also bought him a singular one that was supposed to be super hard to unlock the puzzle of it.  I thought perhaps it would keep him a little preoccupied in the vehicle while we drove Home.  I hadn't even turned on the ignition yet and he had it apart already!!!   I think it took him longer to get it out of the freakin' box actually!  *LOL*   But, it did preoccupy him in that then he was seeing how many times he could unlock it in a minute.  When we got to our destination he gave it to some of my Friends, some of them I.T. Nerds, to figure out, they couldn't without his help and clues!

So anyway, these are the Easter Basket Tubs that they both DIDN'T SEE.  I think they turned out Okay and I ditched the Idea of filler with Garbage Bags and used a Vintage Pillow to fill the bottoms up instead.   The one small bag of Easter Crinkle Grass was sparingly scattered effectively too... see, I tells The Man, I told you it would be enough... he doubts my Skills and Super Powers sometimes... Silly Man!  *Winks*


Happy Easter, Happy Spring from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. LOL, this reminds me of the year I put the candy stash in the dryer. One of the boys came home threw his wet jeans in the dryer and turned it on. I think it took a half-dozen washes to to get the marshmallow gunk off the pants not to mention the mess in the dryer. Too funny---tip: don't hide candy in the dryer. Happy Easter! Sandi

    1. Oh, that's hilarious! Tho' at the time I suspect you weren't laughing heartily?! *winks* I've hidden things so well in the past that I found them again years later! We had Egg hunts in the past where the Adult Men in the family hid the plastic Eggs so well we couldn't find some until many years later, Thank God it wasn't REAL Eggs or what a stench we would have had! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Wow! These baskets look awesome, and I am sure your grands appreciate the lengths you go to to make this a special Easter. I'm jealous, because my kids are grown and don't want baskets, and the granddaughter gets SPOILED by her parents. . .although, I have bought her a few pretty dresses for Spring, so that's satisfying, but I do love planning and creating Easter baskets and Christmas stockings.

    1. Oh me too, it's so Fun to Create Gifts Baskets of any kind isn't it? The G-Kid Force haven't asked for fancy wardrobe for Easter in a long while, when they get to a certain age they really don't like being dressed up. *Pouting* Dawn... The Bohemian


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