Sunday, April 16, 2017

Making It Harder

Make it harder to find them this year she says!  The Man and I didn't realizing making it harder would work up such a sweat!  *Smiles* 

 Does it mean we're REALLY out of shape when hiding Easter Eggs Indoors for The Hunt makes us break the same sweat as a Workout at the Gym used to?!  *Bwahahaha!*

Of coarse there were like a gazillion of them... and the Photo Ops serve double duty and made hiding them more time consuming but worth it.  

Both as Blog fodder for the next few Posts AND to remember where we hid a great many of them!  You know, just in case we DID manage to make it harder and she couldn't find them all!?  *Smiles*

 Enough so that she'll give up, lose interest and we'll be finding them for years to come... filled with stale Chocolate and such!?   Yeah, we've had that happen in the Past!  *LOL*  

I did the usual secondary search with her afterwards, to find the few she missed.  Like this one... Yes, I was a tad bit OCD about matching Egg Color with Hiding Place to camouflage some better!  *Winks*

And of coarse with the layers of Decor I have, lets face it, the Eye can miss something hiding in plain sight amongst it all!   Nowhere for the Eye to Rest is what the Young Prince calls it!  *Ha ha ha*

She didn't find this one, ironic since she found all the others I pathologically hid within Santos Crowns!  *LOL*

Of coarse it was one of the more effective blendy camouflage ones.  Frankly she did an excellent job and only missed about 7... 5 of which I hid and 2 that Grandpa hid.

Yes, Grandpa reluctantly got Recruited as my Assistant, since she was getting antsy sequestered Upstairs until we could finish.  We had decided to only hide them Downstairs this year.

Listen peeps, I ain't gonna lie, the older I get the less 'Into' hiding Eggs I'm getting, tho' she isn't getting less 'Into' finding and the Thrill Of The Hunt.

I forgot to count them this year too... oops... that's usually a Clue as to how many didn't get found!

In all fairness I worked a double shift yesterday in order to get Easter off, so I was dragging Today!  And we STILL have to Dye the Real Eggs! *Le Sigh*

I ran out and bought a couple dozen White Eggs for the Project, usually we eat Brown, they don't Dye as well.  She's still very much "Into" it all, I suppose I'll Miss when she isn't?

I wasn't as prepared for everything as I'd Imagined I was so Today is rather becoming a blur of Activities!

The Young Prince got Invited to spend Easter Weekend with his Dad and Family, Thank You Baby Jesus!  Yes, I was Glad, he's been particularly Difficult and Unlovely this Week and he and I have gone Rounds and we've not had any Peace with him around lately!

 There is no Household Harmony with him right now!  I won't go into the Insane Details in this Post.  Suffice to say he thinks he'll be Man enough in August, when he turns 17, to move out, drop out of School and head East across the Country in a hair-brain Teen Delusional Adventure!

Ah Yes, the days when he was this Sweet Little Angel are long gone my Friends!  Must be a Guy Thing, can't begin to tell you how many Guys of my Generation have now told me they did similar Bye Felicia move-outs at 17!

Some, like The Man, joined the Military at 17 and went off to War as Teens and got Married and had Kids very Young.   Youthful exuberance knows no bounds at lacking in Common Sense with absence of Fear.

Every Guy I speak to says if he insists on doing it, Let Go with Grace and allow him to make his own mistakes, since he won't listen to Reason anyway.  True that, he's argued his Plan like a Defense Attorney defending a Client!

Maintaining my Calm thru it all has been an impossible Challenge, since to me it's a Bad Idea for a myriad of valid reasons.   About as Bad as jumping into the jaws of an Alligator just so you can say, see I can do it without harm regardless what anybody says!

I have spent numerous decades now raising Children and Grandchildren and one thing I know is that your Heart must be Strong!

And you better have Stamina for the long haul... because it will be a long haul!  You don't quit worrying about them even once they're Grown.

There is no Expiration Date on Loving those you've Raised from Birth!  That Maternal Instinct is so Strong that you always want to offer as much Protection as is Humanly possible!

And many times this means also having the Spiritual Wisdom to turn them over to The Lord when you've done all that you can do in the Human Parenting Realm.

Happy Easter from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Happy Easter to you and yours, Dawn. I love all of your eggs and hiding places.

    1. Happy Easter to you too my Friend! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Great job with the color coordinating hiding!

  3. Looks like you had a fun Easter. Wonderful images, as usual. I sympathize with your worries.

  4. LOL, that's funny. Plain sight is always the hardest. We had umbrellas hanging from the trees and arbors here, and all three of the girls missed them, one even ducked to walk by----like---? umbrellas always hang in our trees...LOL. Hope you had a Happy Day, Sandi


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