Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My Brother's Coverage Of LA WonderCon 2017

My very Talented younger Brother, Syd Martin, covered the 2017 LA WonderCon, perhaps for the last time.  These are just a small sampling of the Amazing Images he captured thru the Eye of his lens at this Convention in Cali.  They are nothing short of Miraculous since he is already experiencing blind spots and his recent surgeries have not been successful in slowing down the progression of the disease he's valiantly battling now, on top of all of the other serious health issues he's endured for so long.  He has a degenerative disease destroying his eyesight rapidly which may lead to blindness very soon.  Please hold him up in Prayer, this was devastating news since he has been a Professional Photographer for many, many years.  So losing his sight will mean losing his ability for performing his abiding Passion and Love for the Art of Photography, which he does so well.  He's developed a considerable reputation in the Industry and all who know him are deeply saddened by this disturbing news the Doctors have given him, that he may only have 6-18 months before he could be totally blind.  He is packing in as much as he can while he can still see and take photos.   So it with a heavy Heart that I Share today some of the most Incredible Imagery taken over the past two days as he covered the event.  Even tho' he can no longer see well enough to know how Fantastic they turned out and was shooting mostly by Instinct of the Art, rather than by actual Sight.  We Love you Syd and are Praying fervently on your behalf. 

Image by CJ3

Image by CJ3

 And I can barely see thru my own tears as I'm still quite numb from the news you Shared today of the grim prognosis.  Mwah... your Big Sis...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Those are great photos, and the creativity of the subjects is amazing.

  2. Oh How Sad! He must find something else he can do with as much passion! Prayers for that!


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