Monday, April 17, 2017

Over The Top

As some of you might know I've had an exceedingly tough couple of Weeks, some that moving thru from a place of Calm was an absolute impossibility!  Home should be a Refuge from the World, I strive for a Harmonious Home.  But often it isn't if there is personal turmoil and illness disturbing The Force.   And by The Force you know who I mean specifically!  *Winks*   So I suppose I went Over The Top at Easter because a Holiday tossed into Chaos, well, it just tops things off doesn't it?!   

I was rather close to The Edge for many days leading up to Easter and so the Distraction OF Easter was rather Welcome actually.   Thus my overkill on Coverage of it as well here in The Land Of Blog, with the two Epic long Posts!  Which I'll move past hastily since I can Lose myself in my Photography and Blogging, sometimes I NEED that Escape from my Reality!  It got me back to Center, having a hectic and yet comforting Escape into Traditions and Rituals  that keep us Grounded and Centered on what is Important and should be a Priority.

Family always IS a Priority for me, but not so much for some of the rest of them I suspect.  Getting over that can be a hurdle for me then and cause some pain. Especially with some of the Isolation that Caregiving creates, the Loneliness can be a great Poverty and oftentimes Holidays just intensify that feeling.  It is not that I am Alone here, Caregiving for three Loved Ones means I'm sparse on Alone Time actually.  But being Alone and being Lonely are two entirely different things.   Quality Time is different than just Doing Time alongside anyone as well.

I had The Man go out and pick some Wild Sunflowers with me to put into a Vintage Enamelware Body Pitcher I bought recently when I NEEDED some Retail Therapy to Cope.  I've been trying to find things we can do together that he can handle.  Since the Traumatic Brain Injury has severely limited what he can handle or do and he often retreats into his Shell and Routine for much too long otherwise.  I do Miss the Quality Time with him, when he was Present of sound Mind.   You sometimes have to Grieve what was or can never be, I do that with them all when I need to.

I Cope with some Retail Therapy and Sideline Hobbies when I need to as well, within reason, if I have the discretionary cash Saved up to indulge.  I still had my Yard Sale $$$ Stash that I hadn't touched, Selling Off stuff has paid for a lot of indulgences.  I had Saved it for Easter expenses, the Meal out with Family, Easter Gift Baskets for the Grandchildren and The Man... and a few pressies for myself.  This inexpensive Santos Crown being one such pressie, fifteen bucks... booyah!

And this... a Taxidermy Snapping Turtle.   Everyone else thought it to be Creepy, I just Loved it... and of coarse after it's Photo Shoot it went into the Cabinet Of Curiosities.   I was able to Negotiate my Best Deal with the Vendor who was Selling it, so he gave me a deep discount and accepted my Modest Offer... otherwise it wouldn't have come Home with me.   But I Wanted it with a Passion, so I put my Mojo all over that tentative Offer!  *Smiles*

Well, how many other Customers would even HAVE a Wanting of it with a Passion... The Young Prince deadpans!?!  *LOL*   Yeah, he's been more than a bit of a Sarcastic Jerk lately with all the Teen Drama he's thrown at me with hair brain Future Plans he wants me to Bless... and well... I just CAN'T!!! 

  At least for now he's no longer Fixated about the Forbidden Topic, the one I don't want to talk about any more lest I implode and go right off the deep end into the abyss of Insanity!!!   He doesn't want Gramma flipping out, so he's been Nicer and more Respectful since Easter, tho' that could be subject to change without notice if he goes on another Psychotic Bender again!?  I Miss him being able to take his Psyche Meds... I really do!

I got some back Issues of Beautiful Magazines too... to Escape into when I Need to... Losing myself amongst the Pages of Sublime Styling and Decor.   The ice maker on the fridge decided to go on the fritz, just when I NEED to drink more Ice Water... have you ever sometimes Wondered if the Universe is plotting against you sometimes, just to Test you and see what you're Made of?  *Winks*  Keeping Up by Faith... knowing it WILL Hold!   May yours Hold too my Friends!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I do sometimes think that if we have the misfortune of getting the Universe's attention it is then a long time before she is done with us and moves on to the next person.

    1. I am in complete Agreement with that assessment! Sometimes I try to fly under the radar for that very reason! Don't need anything conspiring against me! *Ha ha ha* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. You have learned how to cope beyond what most people could do, I'm sure! Bless You! Your wildflowers and cloth are lovely!

    1. The Flowers are setting Seed now and I'm excited that I can now plant some Seed in my Flowerboxes in the back Garden and grow my own! Coping is something I've had to learn to do effectively... or go Insane! *Winks*
      Dawn... The Bohemian


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