Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Pity Party Is Over About Abstinence

Day three of abstinence from Diet Soda and just about all Carbs isn't as intense as the initial Withdrawal, so I'm not as bitchy and the Pity Party is officially over.  *Smiles*   Yes, it was rough to give up so much all at once and especially during some personal stressful times, but I knew I couldn't gradually do it... I'm an all or nothing kinda Gal!  So I immersed myself in Gardening, specifically in the front Courtyard.  Which also required some Demo, so The Man was Game for that... Men Love Demolition Projects!  *LOL*

We had hunted high and low for just the right selection of large Tuscan Style Pottery to hold our Fauna.   Who knew large Pottery was so spendy and heavy... but I lucked out and Lowe's had a Special on a Trio of matching graduating sizes for just the price you'd normally pay for the largest one... so I bought two sets.  They are in a Beautiful Coppery Gold and Teal Glaze and weren't so heavy we couldn't wrangle them out of the Truck once we got Home and place them in the Courtyard ourselves.

You have to consider that as you Age, it's harder to do a lot of things without enlisting Minions to Help.  We had no Minions this particular day since the Kiddos were still in School so we couldn't utilize The Young Prince's budding muscles to Wrangle Pots.   Though he did get Home in time to assist Grandpa with the Demo Project of a Wooden Planter Box the previous owners had built and I wasn't crazy about, so I wanted it gone!   Demo goes fast so the Guys were all in on that one!  *Winks*

And Yes, The Young Prince has gotten thru the entire short Week of School and actually earned some Special recognition from one of his Teachers in Math, since he aided him in Tutoring another Student!!!   This Teacher wants to get him recommended for their College Credits Program, so we're Jazzed about that!  Hallelujah and can I get an Amen!!!?!??!   Color me less Anxious and Guardedly Optimistic!   I don't wanna Jinx it by saying all is Well, since with a Seriously Mentally Ill Child things can and often do turn on a dime and everything is subject to change without notice.  The only thing predictable is how unpredictable his Mental State can be from day to day and thus his performance.   He doesn't always live up to his Potential or show the Genius of that Beautiful Mind he has.

The one on one attention the Teachers give the Students at this Charter School is really paying dividends for The Young Prince early on though.  He said he can tell they really Care about helping him to Succeed and not just feeding me a line of bullshit that they Care, like all the other Schools he was enrolled in, where they said one thing to me and did quite another in the Classroom with him.  It really irked him that Adults would often lie to other Adults, assuming they'd always be Believed over a Child contradicting what they said they'd do and didn't follow thru with.   So he's Connecting better than in Public School, where he was fully convinced they didn't really give a damn, but pretended to during his IEP's.  So as to pacify me and give the illusion of compliance with Disability Laws so that I wasn't always on the Warpath and bringing in the Cavalry of Caseworkers or complaining to a School Superintendent.

Just having him be excited over his Education for a change because they're being Creative about how to Teach him and Reach him, so he isn't always Failing, even tho' he always Tested excellently, is a huge Positive in the right direction!   He's never been a Student that hated Learning or didn't want to go to School, unless he was having a Mental Health Day beyond his Control.  He was always one of the first Students on Campus and one of the last to leave, involved in every extracurricular Activity he could excel in and join.  Since he always Tested extremely Well, he would Tutor his Friends that didn't, so that they could get impressive Test Scores.  So it was always Heart wrenching that at the end of the day he Failed almost every Class anyway, because his performance between Tests and with Homework was dismal. {Poor Pygmy Date Palm enduring a whole Year in it's Nursery Pot awaiting transplant so it got some singed edges, but otherwise looks healthy.}

So after I picked him up Today and got the Great News he Shared about an early recommendation for advanced College Level Classes to get Credits in, I was a flurry of Positive Energy in the Courtyard once we got Home!  *Smiles*  Those seemingly empty Colorful Talavera Pots in the foreground actually hold Seedlings of various Herbs I planted from Seed... Sweet Basil, Dill and Oregano.   I haven't had as much Luck with Herbs at New Villa Boheme' as I always Enjoyed at the Old Historic Homestead and I'm not entirely sure Why yet?  But I'm not giving up, I Love to always have a Fresh Herb Garden to Harvest for the preparation of meals.

I'm sure my Sago Palm is happier now it's FINALLY gotten it's permanent Home, I bought it last Spring and never got it transplanted from it's Nursery Pot.  I thought it might die off but it's none the worse for wear and actually seemed to have growth spurts even in horrible conditions last year.   I had heard they were poisonous to Pets but Miss Priss ignores all our landscaping, she'd rather eat anything that moves that she can Hunt or her kibbles.  Being she was a semi-feral Working Cat that Adopted us and had lived out in Nature all her Life, she is One with her Outdoor environment here in the Desert.  But if you have a Fur Baby or Human Child that chews on your plants, this would be one to avoid.

It is said you never forget how to ride a Bike, that is False... I forgot... thus my Vintage Trike has become a Courtyard Ornament to hold more Potted Plants, some Bronze Wind Chimes and my Watering Bottle!  *Le Sigh*   Yes, I did have Grandiose Visions of me riding it all over the place for daily Exercise... now after several Years of realizing I'd be a menace on the road attempting to remember how to ride it... or fall and break a hip... it's been Retired to being Vintage Garden Art.  The tires are rotten and flat by now anyways, the Desert isn't kind to rubber or fabrics, they barely last a Season.  *Smiles*

I thought about Selling it Off when I was Purging to the Pickers before completely Moving Out of the Old Historic Homestead.   I even got some Offers on it that were Tempting, but I just couldn't bring myself to Let it Go.  It's too hard to find them and I've always liked the way the Adult Trikes look.  And in Truth I couldn't find the damned Key that had it chained to my Old Gazebo when the various Pickers that wanted to buy it were around... I took that as a Sign it wasn't meant to be Sold!?  *Winks*  Not to mention, if you try to buy a New or even a Used one now, they're exceedingly spendy.  Well, they never were Cheap, but now I wouldn't pay what I'm seeing them go for, so might as well hold onto this one and have no regrets about having Sold it.

In fact, there were a few items that were for Sale and then I withdrew them from being hawked, because I realized I'd have Seller's Remorse.  That doesn't happen too often anymore since I'm falling out of Love with things easily now and Letting Go is much less emotional.  But I am Glad that I have decided a few things were actually Keepers and thus took them off the Market.  I have found I can get carried away with the Selling part, since I kinda Love the Profits from the Sales almost as much as the Stuff.   Besides, us Junquers know we can always get our Rush from the Thrill Of The Hunt if we have us some discretionary funds from Selling off our abundance of shit, um I mean Priceless Found Treasures, right?!?  *Winks*

I've always made Money when I've re-sold what I've Collected, Rescued and Salvaged, so it's all Good and actually has better margins than most Retirement Funds nowadays.   I'm appalled at the ridiculous rates Banks now pay for Investments and Savings... so I'd rather have my spare change tied up in The Good Stuff I can double to quadruple, or more, my initial Investment on.  It's better than Money in the Bank in my humble opinion... and I'm a Retired Banker so it actually pains me to say that is True nowadays!!!   I used to Invest in the regular Investment vehicles, but except for some long held Stock, I just don't anymore... so much of it is too risky and unstable nowadays or pays a pittance in Interest earnings.   I wouldn't live long enough now to see a return on that kind of Investment vehicle, so I'd rather go Junquing and have the Thrill of the Hunt ta boot!  *Smiles*

I decided to Create another Bistro Seating area in this Front Courtyard, since I like to sit out here with a good Book, glass of Iced Tea or eat Breakfast and Lunch alfresco.  My Friends Kathye and Ken gave me that Lovely Stone topped Table when they closed out their Booth at our Antique Mall.   That Potted Plant in the corner was a Rescue Plant from many, many Years ago.  When a Neighbor moved away in the Summertime and just left it behind to perish on the Porch of a Home that stayed Vacant so long, I had to finally just go Rescue it!  It has now been thru three Moves over the course of many Moons, very slow growing but hardy.  I have been known to have the Lazarus Effect on dying or near dead Plants and resurrect them, then Enjoy them for many Years. 

In fact, since we moved in almost two Years ago now, all of the Landscape Plants are thriving and growing like Weeds!   This Bougainvillea was so tiny and now it's huge and in constant Bloom all year long, I just Love the burst of vivid color of this species of Plant.  It does very well in the Desert and looks particularly Charming when planted near Tuscan or Spanish Architecture.   I let mine get rangy, I know some peeps like to shape theirs into geometric forms, but I like the Natural way they grow opposed to having harshly pruned cubes or balls of Bougainvillea.  Okay, so I'm a Lazy Gardener and it would just be too much freakin' Work and expense to keep anything up under such regimented and unnatural Styling!  I'm sure my Plants are Happier too growing Wild and not forced into Submission!?!  *Smiles*

See... see the Happy out of control Bougainvillea that's now encroaching into part of the side Garage Space and has split the huge Ceramic Pot the previous owner planted it into the ground inside of?!?   I think they did that to try to control it and make it Bonsai or something?!??!??!   That sucka said No Way and busted thru, shattering that freakin' confine of the Pot, gotta Love it, Nature in Rebellion of Man's confines... Touche'!!!  *Bwahahahaha!!*  And that Glorious sight, and things like it, makes me not even think about the fact I haven't had a Diet Soda in 3 days now and am thus far successful in Abstaining!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Congratulations to you on both counts: Gardening and Abstaining! So happy to see what all your doing inside and out at The New Villa!

  2. Your nooks are a boheme dream. Iv'e always wanted a bike like yours, still wishing for one l.o.l. Have a great weekend.


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