Friday, May 26, 2017

A Grand's Graduation 2017

Last Night was the Graduation Ceremony of yet another Grandchild!

They all grow up so very fast and we're so Proud of all of their accomplishments.

This very Smart, Talented and Beautiful Grand-Daughter has earned a full Scholarship to ASU in the Fall!

She is a Senior with numerous Awards in her Graduating Class of 2017 at her High School.

It was a lovely Celebration and a Beautiful Evening to hold it outside in the Football Field.  We were fortunate to get very good seats.

She has made the entire Family so very Proud and it was an Emotional Moment for her Mom during the Ceremony.  She too had Graduated from this very same High School and this is her Oldest Graduating!

The Son was so Proud he had Moonbeams shooting out of his head... or was that his Mom's inability to Frame a Shot correctly with bright Stadium lighting in the background?  You decide?!?  *Winks*

The Youngest Practiced how wearing a Graduation Cap and holding a Diploma would look so she borrowed Big Sister's.   After all, she'd just Graduated to 4th Grade and we were very Proud of that too!

The Family Photo.

The Maternal Family Photo with Solina's Dear Parents and Handsome Brother.

With just some of the Cousins... Yes, it's a very big Family... I think we took up half the bleachers on our side!  *LOL*

Getting that many Kiddos to stand still for a Photo Op was no easy feat!  *Smiles*

These Milestone Events are those most Precious Moments and Memories we Cherish forever...

ASU watch out... an Exceptional Student is coming your way in the Fall and she's determined to make all her Dreams come True!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert from a Proud Gramma... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Smart and beautiful, your granddaughter is the whole package. Congratulations and best of luck to her in college.


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