Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Asian Panel Trio Off To The Showroom

I spent the Morning cleaning a trio of Asian Wall Panels I'd recently Sourced for my Showroom at BRASS ARMADILLO WEST.

They had clearly been in storage a long time and were filthy from neglect, it was Magical seeing them come back to life with a light washing.

As years of dirt and grime washed away the Beauty of the pieces became more apparent.

The black lacquered background began to shine and the details of the Carvings were more evident.

It's very hard not to want to Keep pieces like these, I could envision them in my Meditation Room... Sure!  *Smiles*

Especially when I researched similar Art I could have waffled and was even more Tempted to Keep them since in Retail settings they are expensive!

But I've made a Vow to myself to not only be more Editorial at Home, but also to upgrade my Showroom and carry better quality Inventory.

I will certainly still carry the less expensive Smalls, since that is the Bread and Butter at a large Antique Mall.  But I want to also have the Statement pieces available for those who are seeking more than a Tchotchke.

In fact, to get my Retail Space where I envision it, to be more authentic to Self in the Inventory carried and sourced, I simply have to upgrade it considerably.

I have to begin bringing in those pieces I'm Mad about and have a strong Temptation and Urge to WANT to Keep. Then I know I've got the Showroom where I always wanted it to be Inventory and Aesthetic wise!

It is difficult for us Human Magpies to do that you know... to Let Go of the Killer Finds and not Squirrel it away in our lairs!  *Smiles*

To find an Awesome Treasure we Love and to know we won't be Keeping can be a struggle.  It is however less traumatic than it used to be for me, I'm less Attached to the Things of Life.

I can detach more easily now and realize the sensible, not to mention profitable, thing to do is to have it looking Fab in my Showroom rather than in our Home.

And so the Asian Panel Trio will be off to Showroom #114 this Afternoon when I leave for my Shift Tonight.


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Good for you! Hopefully they will sell soon and encourage you to continue taking good stuff in.

  2. You certainly have great taste, Dawn! I love these too.


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