Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Sharing Today just a few of the Amazing Photographs of my Brother Sydney Martin's coverage of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Cali is bittersweet because it will likely be his last one due to the serious health issues he's battling.

One would never know by the enduring Quality of his Photography that he is going blind and the rapid deterioration of his eyesight is already quite extensive.  After all, a blind Professional Photographer is not common, but his Photography Skills are so uncommon he's been taking Amazing Professional Grade Photography while going blind!

So it is with great Pride and great Sorrow that I beheld his coverage of this particular Festival, his last one.   I know how much he Enjoyed his lengthy Career as a Professional Photographer and especially the various Events he's covered over the years.

Everybody Loves him and he's been exceedingly Generous with his Craft, in recent years, while he's been battling catastrophic health issues, he provides this Service to his Friends gratis.   The Joy he derives from Photography, even tho' he's been Retired from doing it as a Paid Career due to his failing health for quite some time, has been enough for him.

Capturing the very Essence of whatever or whoever he is Photographing has been his Gift for not only who he has done it for or of... but also for the rest of us he's so Generously Shared it with for many years.   Photography IS Art... capturing thru the Eye of his Lens the perspective he has of the World around him has always been his Natural Talent for as long as I can remember.

Even when we were Young it was not at all unusual for my Brother to be wearing one or more Quality Cameras slung across his shoulders and chest like a Bandolier!   He could make anyone look Good and feel like a Movie Star when they were in front of his Lens... because the Outcome would always be Exceptional.

And if your Image and that Moment is going to be Captured on Film and Preserved over Time, well, who doesn't want to look Magnificent and absolutely Fabulous!?!  Who doesn't want that Moment in Time to be Frozen in the best possible way that will evoke the Fondest of Memories when looked back upon later!?!

My Brother's Skills, especially with the Art of the Close-Up, have always Inspired me and taught me a lot about what a Good Photograph should look like.  His attention to details is flawless when he's about to Photograph anything... he considers so many things that wouldn't even cross my Mind when I have my Camera in hand!!!

If you've got an Amazing Feature he will Showcase it in the best possible way... and if you have a Shortcoming he will minimize it to the best of his ability... and he has a lot of that so it normally won't be easily apparent that you have any flaws.   He has made Women of all Ages, all Sizes, all ways of Looking simply Blossom in front of his Lens, which is why he was always in high demand from Models and Celebs, to ordinary Gals.

He always Celebrated the Natural Beauty of every Woman and Girl... and it always came forth in the Images he captured of them.   He didn't just Specialize in Female Photography... he Excelled in all Photography of anyone or anything.  I remember the years he insisted on doing Black and White Photography long after others had quit taking B&W Photographs.  I remember the years he spent hours upon hours in a Darkroom back in the Old School years of Photography.

He never begrudged the Modern Advancements in his Craft, he Celebrated them, especially since it made it so that many of us Amateurs could also Enjoy considerable Success in something he'd had a burning Passion for and Loved so much!!!

It is of coarse my Hope that once again he will defy the grim prognosis and expiration dates Medical Professionals have given him... on seeing... on his ailing Heart enduring and beating on.  Yes, it is indeed Bittersweet for both he and I when he Shared this last installment of Ren Faire Imagery.  I was Glad that his Photographer Friends got him in front of the Lens a few times as well, to capture the Moments.

I Love you Bro'... and I'll be continuing to hold you up in Prayer and stand with you in Agreement that you will continue to Live your Life as fully as you always have... maximizing every Moment and Sharing it with others so Generously with your big Ole Heart and incredible sense of Humor!   Mwah from Big Sis!!!


Blessings and Love, as well as a few Tears shed Today from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. His work is amazing...just amazing.

  2. We take sight so much for granted yet, it can be taken away. I am having some problems with seeing myself and feel great empathy for your very talented brother.

  3. Great portraits. Your brother clearly loves photography, and has quite a talent. Very sorry to hear of his sight loss, Dawn. What a loving sister you are to pay tribute to him this way.

  4. He is quite talented. I loved these portraits.


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