Sunday, May 14, 2017


I had to get out of the Mother's Day Funk and Blues, it wasn't healthy... so it was time to begin the De-Funking Process.  Changing your Mind and Perspective is crucial to this Process to align with the right Attitude I wanted to have.

When you're Dealing with a host of things that aren't necessarily Positive daily then it can become toxic to your overall countenance and the direction your thoughts can wander.   Mine had wandered far afield lately and I knew it, time to get back to Center and on a more Positive Path.

Sequestered in the house, mostly involuntarily in Caregiver Mode, I've found that I can discover a host of Positive Affirmation and Inspiration on the Internet.  It's like Traveling almost anywhere but from the Comfort of Home... or Discomfort of Home, depending on how the day is unfolding.  *Winks*

The Man has been terribly Sick lately with Physical Health clearly failing again, so that's given me an avalanche of Concerns.   Thankfully he finally gets in to see his VA Doctor early next Month.  The delays for Veterans are still staggering to receive Care even for the most critical health issues.  But I'm not fixating upon that Negative on Purpose, remember, I'm De-Funking... which is kinda like Detoxing in so many ways!  *Smiles*

A bit of Retail Therapy always helps in the De-Funking Process so I bought myself a couple of inexpensive Frida Totes from our Antique Mall.   Do I Need more Totes... Hell No... but Fashion plus Function is always good to have on standby, No?   Will I have occasion to Need these particular Totes, of coarse, so I could Justify it.  *LOL*

It's now gotten back to being too Hot to work in the Hoarded Garages and continue with that Epic Culling of the possessions still in Storage... dammit!  I was on such a Roll too, the Progress I was making is staggering, if only the unseasonably Cool Weather had held one more Week!  *Le Sigh*

And tho' I certainly don't Need any more Projects, I have to Confess that these Chalkboard Painted round boxes made into a faux tiered Cake really Appealed to me, even tho' the price was in a word... Ridiculous!   I try not to be too Judgmental about pricing, since it's subjective... but sometimes I'm just so shocked I can't help myself when something is jacked into the stratosphere of unreasonable cost!

That said, mebbe I'm just insanely frugal and so paying too much for anything is just painful to me!  *Ha ha ha!!!*   Yes, there are things I Want or even Lust after, but if the price is too sky high, I can easily Pass so I don't have Buyer's Remorse or feel like a complete Sucka!

Of coarse anything is only actually Worth what someone is willing to pay for it... I've probably Ponied Up for some extravagances that other people would find Lunatic.   If you Truly LOVE something then by all means it might be worth whatever you Invested in it regardless of what anyone else thinks.

These Images are actually from my Thursday Outing, which had some twists and turns since I thought a particular Event was that Week and turns out it had been delayed to another Week entirely.  So it was disappointing to make a long pilgrimage for nothing, so I trawled the East Valley since, Hell, I was already way over there!  *Smiles*

So I bought some inexpensive Botanical Prints stained with Coffee... and the previously mentioned overpriced Soaps in Bergamot Patchouli Cedarwood Scent and Patchouli Hempseed Scent.   So Yes, I'm not Above overpaying, so long as it's not too outrageous for some things.  If it's a Hand-Made Indie item and the Aroma is Pure Divinity, well, you might have me on the Hook and can reel me in!  *Winks*

So, Yeah, those Spinster Sisters, whoever they are, reeled me right in with their Divine Soap Creations!  *LOL*   Hey, if you're a couple of Spinsters I guess you have to while your Time away doing something, since mebbe you aren't getting lai... oh, nevermind, I won't finish the word, but you know what I mean!!!   *Sorry... couldn't resist... Naughty Gramma, I can be so inappropriate!* 

Hell, what do I know, they might not even be Spinsters... or Sisters... and they might be Super Hot... they might be getting their Freak On all over the place... but the name of the Company just Amuses me... makes me wanna know the Back Story?  *Smiles*   Just because the very definition of Spinster makes me think of that little Old Lady that never got hitched and was past her Prime now to probably ever get hitched.  But mebbe she never wanted to be... you know?

But I digress... where was I?  Oh Yeah, Wandering the East Valley overpaying for Divinely Aromatic Soaps and such!  *Winks*   I'll at least Feel very Pampered and Spoiled Rotten when I wash with them Soaps!  *Ha ha ha*  Right now I have them sitting on a Table beside me here in the Library, just so I can Scent the Room with them!  Because I'm just that Weird and you can find almost anything displaced in any Room of Villa Boheme'!  I'm a real Rule Breaker that way about Decor.  *Ha ha ha*

And then I Wonder why my Children and The G-Kid Force have Trouble following The Rules... go figure!?!  *Smiles*  I probably wasn't the most Shining Example of Compliance, was I?  *Winks*   And speaking of Grands, Princess T has been Invited to spend the Night at a Friend's house Tonight!  Some Mother clearly wants to Torture herself for Mother's Day, God Bless her... she's taking one for the Team!  I'll light a Candle for her Tonight, she'll Need it!  *LOL*

Uh oh, just overheard the Girls talking in the next room with The Man and Princess T is reconsidering her Sleepover Option... dammit!   She spent the day over there Swimming at the Friend's house and just took a dive on her Skateboard on the way Home, so she's probably had all the Fun she can handle Today?!  *Le Sigh*  The Man is doing the Paramedic Doctoring thing of her trashed knee and her Brother is more worried about whether she damaged his Skateboard!?  Ah, the Joys of Parenting... can you Feel the Love?  We're clearly too Old for this shit!  *LOL*

There are solid reasons why Women my Age don't still breed... to all you other Custodial Grandparent(s) out there, I'm sure I'm hearing a hearty Amen!  So, Grandmothers Mothering... kinda a Mother's Day two-fer actually since you're raising, or have raised, not one, but two Generations now!  I should therefore get double the Pressies and Pampering, just sayin'!  Subliminally it's probably what Primed me to overpay for indulgent Soaps, I dunno?  *Ha ha ha*

And now I've got the other people's Kid wanting to spend the Night here instead... Hell to the NO... I may be Old but I'm not that far gone yet that it sounds remotely like a Good Idea the Night before Mother's Day!  Besides, their Kid is way more of a handful than our Little Darlings... and I didn't think that to be Possible!   Last time she spent the Night she 'forgot' to bring or even take her Meds!  I didn't even know the Kid was ON Meds... but I suspected after about an hour of fairly intense interaction where she was into literally... EVERYTHING!  *LOL*

They are Upstairs as we speak probably dismantling Princess T's personal Spaces... I hear The Young Prince threatening to take pictures on his Phone to show Gramma... not a good Sign!  *Bwahahahaha!*  If it's worse than his personal Spaces up there, to the point he feels it Needs Evidence to prove it, it's a very bad Sign in fact!  *LOL*  No, I won't be going up there, why have a Heart Attack or Stroke the Evening before Mother's Day, right?

Besides, I can use the carnage for Leverage later, which I'm prone to doing... I'm not above Blackmail or Extortion when it comes to The Children because they show no Mercy nor Pity just becoz we're Elderly Guardians... so Touche', I play The Game better... more Experience, less Conscience... I'm Old and Tired! My Child Nurturing days waned a long time ago!  And I'm looking at the Nursing Home Option brochures they're sending us in the Mail now like I'm potentially booking a Future Vacay!  *Winks* 

And you won't have to see the Room after the other Kid leaves... so don't Judge!!  *Winks*  That Kid has worse chronic disorganization Issues than even my Little Darlings do... either that or their Home must be a freakin' disaster in the Housekeeping Dept. and what Passes for: "Did you Clean Up first?"... before you allow them to leave!?   I should wield my Maternal Super Powers and make them all Clean the entire freakin' house, just so I won't have to... but that seems unduly Wicked and cruel and unusual Punishment!  *LOL*

Yes, I have allowed things to slide in the Housekeeping Arena... so what's New?  I've never professed to be a domestic goddess, in fact, I Need Staff... or to emigrate to somewhere like India where the Hired Help is reasonable for the Middle Class to employ!   I know they SAY that Housekeeping is therapeutic and one should Enjoy it... I think they must be Mad, whoever they are!  *LOL*  On my Laundry List of things I'd rather be doing, Housekeeping isn't even on The List!

But Blogging IS, since it IS therapeutic and Enjoyable... so you're much more likely to find me doing this voluntarily than Housekeeping involuntarily.  I'm the Mom/Gramma that will only do laundry once you say you've run out of clean clothes to wear... and then only if you refuse to wear whatever you happen to be wearing as you tell me this, for another day!  *Bwahahahaha!*

But again, don't Judge, this lazy bunch would still be wearing the ensembles straight out of the Clean laundry basket if I didn't assist them in the hanging it up in the Closets after I do the laundry!  Tho' I draw the line in schlepping it all Upstairs, that is what Sherpa Children are for, it builds strong muscles and endurance, they'll Need that later in life, right?  Forget that the full laundry basket probably weighs more than she does... she's stronger than she looks!

Besides, in De-Funking Mode I avoid such things as Housework at all costs... otherwise it could completely derail the whole De-Funking Process!  Instead I would rather peruse my Photo Archives to derive a Post such as this one and Wonder, why didn't I buy that Book?!?  I mean just the Title, right?!  *LOL*   So, Yeah, of coarse I couldn't resist and did my Evelyn Wood Speed Reading... well, looking at the pictures... some of which were probably Scandalous for their Era!

At least Miss Yee has a Fab pix immortalizing that she once looked like this back in da day... I shouldda, wouldda, couldda... dammit!  *Winks*  I'm now Wondering, didn't I have an ensemble kinda like this when I wanted to look Sexy all the time?   Of coarse I'll never Tell now... no damaging or incriminating Evidence to the contrary... my Secret would be forever Safe!  *Bwahahahahaha!* 

Well, I'm sufficiently De-Funked now, Mission Accomplished... we've covered a lot of ground in this Post in fact, including what I might... or might not have worn back in da day???!??!?!!!  *Winks*  Happy Mother's Day my Friends!  Whether you're Enjoying an Empty Nest now, or still slogging away at Motherhood in the trenches!?   And at the end of your Mother's Day Celebration, or lack thereof, you could always don your Miss Yee Style ensemble and Entertain your Old Man!  Now that would be a Date Night to Remember! *Winks*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Mother's Day is only one day then it's over! On to new things and thoughts!

    1. Absolutely... and it's not that it's a terrible day, it's just bittersweet this year with Mom passing so tough to get thru this year. Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Ah, sleepovers. . .great if it's at someone else's house :)


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