Saturday, May 27, 2017

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...

Some things come Full Circle if you wait long enough... and put your Mojo all over them.  Yes, Good things come to those who wait... and this was an Epic wait with some Divine unexpected Serendipity thrown in for good measure.  You see, years ago... like way back in 2011... in my Friend Wendy's Shop there was this unframed Antique Still Life Painting with Cabbage Roses that I was having a serious Love Affair with.  But for a long time it was a Display/Prop Item and not for Sale.

Eventually it was put up for Sale but I couldn't afford it, so I'd just come and have Visitation with it at the Shop and Lust after it.   This went on for a couple of years, this Secret Love Affair with something I couldn't have and desperately Wanted.   You know when you have that intense Longing for an Object, well, it was like THAT between me and this Old Painting, it Wanted to be MINE, I just knew it!   I felt if I held out long enough, perhaps... it could be one day and we'd go Home together like a Fairy Tale Love Story with a Happy Ending?!?   *Winks*

So fast forward to about 2013 and Wendy put a lot of items that had been in the Shop a while up for a Clearance Sale.   This Painting, having been a Display/Prop long before it was ever going to be offered for Sale was one such item in the vast array of Treasures being offered up at a serious Discount... this is it the day of that Sale!   Alas, I got to it just a shade too late and a couple of my Friends had beat me to it and one of them bought it JUST ahead of me snapping it up!!!  *Gasp!*   I was distraught... I mean, these were Friends, but... you know, it was MY Painting that I'd JUST missed out FINALLY being able to procure!  *Oh the Lamentations... the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth!!!*

Well, I was Crestfallen and never quite got Over It, you know how it is when those certain things are the ones that Get Away and Shouldda, Couldda, Wouldda been... but weren't?!?   You never Forget about THOSE things, they're the ones lodged in your Memory Bank like a Major Regret you can't Shake and constantly Remember just to Torture yourself endlessly!!!   And I mean this is a long time to carry around that kinda lodged Memory you cannot Shake that has Regret linked to it about a Special something that Got Away!   A Serious long time, I mean, LOOK how freakin' little Princess T was standing in front of said Painting!!!

I can't even Remember her being this little and yet I sure could Remember that damned Old Painting that Got Away, every friggin' detail of it, dammit!  I mean, I wouldn't mind Remembering every detail of her being this little and Sweet... but a piece of Art that I missed out on plus how and why... not so much, it was rather a Torment actually!!!

This is The Young Prince and how little even he was during this time of The Painting Getting Away... it seemed rather like a Lifetime ago... and yet so Freshly seared into my Memory Banks that I'd forgotten just how long it was.   Until I began searching thru the Photo Archives to Recall, exactly when was it?!?!??!   Damn, that IS a long time ago and yet I just couldn't Let It

Sure, I'd gotten great pieces that rivaled said Painting from Wendy's Shop during that same time frame... like my Awesome Hollywood Regency Style Antique Mantle that The Son made possible.   But the Memory of NOT getting that Painting still Haunted me to this very day actually, I ain't gonna lie!  I still Wanted it with a Passion I tell ya!!!  If only... I'd arrived just a Shade earlier that day... it would have been MINE and not my Friend's!   I knew she was Happy to get it, apparently she'd Lusted after it too... but I couldn't really Rejoice for her, though I should have, it would have been the Right thing to do... but, Sorry, it's True, I'd not felt that way... I'd Wanted it too badly! 

So, Imagine my complete Shock when I walks into an Antique Shop Yesterday that had relocated to a brand new location after being Closed down a while... and see THE PAINTING!!!  The Heavens parted and Angelic Hosts descended, I just knew it was THE exact same Painting I'd missed out on so many years ago!!!  *Gasp!!!*  I mean, what are the Odds my Friends?!?   I was there to cover this Shop for an upcoming Blog Post {which will be in the not too distant Future} and not intending to Find anything in particular, especially not this!!!!! 

And, it wasn't much more than it had been on Sale years ago... so it was still a Deal... and the Rush I felt was a definite High because I almost couldn't Believe my Eyes and my Good Fortune!!!  I couldn't get it down from their Wall and up on my own Wall fast enough!!!   I told the Shop Owner the back Story to why I was so Jazzed about it.   Who knew my Mojo would remain intact after so many years and bring The Painting back to me Full Circle?!?   Yes, I fully Believe in The Laws Of Attraction, some things once Claimed are just Meant to Be Yours... even if it takes the long road to arrive in your Possession!

This mos def HAD to be one of those Instances!   Yes, a Simple thing that to some might seem really a Trifle and insignificant, but to me, validated that when you really, really Desire something and that abides, somehow things tend to Work Out in the most Mysterious of ways!   I have absolutely no idea why my Friend would have let go of this piece... and it wasn't her who was the Vendor, I asked... I don't even recognize who the Vendor was so probably don't know them.

And apparently they had JUST brought it in that very day... just before I JUST happened to show up... so just calculate the Law Of Averages on those astronomical Odds my Friends!?!??!?   Divine Coincidence?  Mojo working overtime?   Happenstance?  It matters not to me HOW it happened... it just Amazes me that it did happen and in the way that was a complete and utter Surprise!  Because I had been thinking about this Painting the other day when I was hanging up other Art!!!   WOW, yeah, it was on my Mind again JUST before I was to actually Find it and we'd meet again and I'd be able to buy it this time!!!  *Tingles*

Are you SURE it's the exact same Painting Gramma, The G-Kid Force queried?  So we dug deep into the Archives of Photos and downloaded the 2011 and 2013 Images of it to compare side by side.   Yep, it's THAT Painting we unanimously agreed... that's kinda Eerie and Surreal huh?   Could two or more Exist?  Well, I suppose, but it seems highly unlikely... unless my Friend happens to read this Post and say she's still got hers... well, regardless, it doesn't make the Story any less likely to give me Goosbumps when I think upon it!  *LOL*  And I certainly won't be less Delighted to FINALLY have The Old Painting I fell in Lust with so long ago and couldn't have... 'til NOW! 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Happy Dance! Wonderful Wonderful News!!

  2. And HOW you can appreciate it just that much more with all that back stoty. What a tale!
    Xo Jazzy Jack


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