Monday, May 15, 2017

Random Musings Of An Exhausted Brain

Either I'm actually becoming a better Editor... or I'm just becoming more malcontent with my Photography in general... I'm really not sure?  I just know I'm ditching about 75% of the Images I take anymore and they get Cut because they're just not up to par so they don't make the Cut!  And all those wasted Images kinda bothers me, the small percentile that make the Grade seems dismal compared to what I'm trashing!


I do know that when I QC my downloads now I'm just not happy with most of the outcome from a day of Photographing things anymore.  So either I'm taking crappier Images or I'm refining my Editorial Eye?  *LOL*  I do know I'm Jonesin' for a Professional Grade Camera now, but not a complicated one since I'm an Amateur.

I wanna be able to take the Quality of those killer shots I am so Impressed by on the Blogs where the Blogger has Mad Photography Skills!  I know, that's probably unrealistic of me, but when I Dream, I tend to Dream Big like that!  *Winks*   Yes, I can get Lusty to have similar outcome to my Photography and some of those Awesome techniques I'd Love to replicate in my Images!

It's high time I Invested in a really good Quality Camera since I Enjoy the Art of Photography so much now that it would be well worth Investing in.  But I know squat about Cameras or what I should be looking for?  I could ask my Brother, the Professional Photographer, what is the best Quality Camera for an Amateur Photographer like me?  I'm sure they have Quality Cameras now for dumb ass Amateurs where you just point and click with sure fire results?

The pity is that my Smart Phone, and most Smart Phones actually... take the best damned Photographs ever... so I want an actual Camera that can rival that!  Something that actually compensates for my lack of skills and just automatically takes excellent Photos regardless of whose behind the lens!  *LOL*

Then I can take all the Credit while the Camera actually figures everything out for me and does all the work!  *Winks*   Then I can pretend I'm this Amazing Photographer and ponce around merrily, confidently snapping off frames that will always turn out Spectacular!  And I will feel so freakin' Accomplished!!!  *Ha ha ha*

Which will then improve the Quality of my Blog Posts because I wouldn't even really need a good Story line if the Photography totally Rocks and holds it's own in a Post!   Because sometimes lately I've had Bloggers Block when it comes to Content of what I am going to Write about... complete Blank!  So I want to Blog, but I have nothing really to Say!  *Gasp!  Yeah, I know, shocked me too... ME at a loss for Words!*

Usually Writing is easy for me, effortless even, I don't even have to flesh out a topic, I just begin Writing and the Story unfolds spontaneously and randomly.   Lately my spontaneity is absent... left the building... and I'm not used to that condition of my inner Writer going AWOL!  If I actually have to THINK about what I'm going to Write then I'm dead in the water because I never Write that way!

In fact, if I have to THINK about anything I'm going to actually do then it takes the luster off even doing it, so usually then I don't!   When I'm Creating anything... a Story, Art, Decorating or Styling Rooms... it has to be with absolute Spontaneity and develops a Life of it's own with me just being the Instrument and Vessel it flows thru.   I don't use Drafts, Notes, Patterns, Mock-Ups, Sketches, etc. when I'm Creating... I just Create on The Fly... it's the only way I know to do it!

You see, I usually have an exhausted Brain, so I just don't have the Energy to Think too hard about anything I'm Creating and do a lot of Prep Work, since the Creative Process is what I utilize to NOT have to Think or make it seem like Work!  Creating is what I do to Relax, so there can't be a lot of Work involved in preparing to Relax or it's simply not Relaxation!  And so when the Flow just isn't there, then I can't Relax... because I have to Think about what I'm going to do... and I HATE when that happens!

So if I'm AWOL from Posting for a while just know that I've actually gone seeking my AWOL Spontaneity, where ever it has disappeared to... and drag it back so I can Use it!  *Winks*   And for every Image you see... know that I Edited a shitload that didn't make it off the Cutting floor and into a Blog Post... so for now, lets just Pretend it's because I'm becoming a better Editor, Okay?  *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Kind of in Blah Land
    myself right now!

    1. So sorry to hear that Marlynne... I Hope you are able to De-Funk successfully... Virtual Hugs... Dawn... The Bohemian


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