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Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats ~ The Boutique

So the Pilgrimage this Month was the 'Sweet Retreats' Theme at SWEET SALVAGE and I had the rare opportunity to attend two days in a row since The Young Prince didn't have School.  *Happy Dance!*  Didn't have to leave early to rush to pick him up from School, could self-indulge... and I did!  *Winks*  Including buying two of my Friend Anne's new DOS FANNIES Spring Line of Vintage adjustable Cigar Ring Bands and Art Deco Dress Clips made into Statement Rings!   Though I Loved the Top Ring it had Sold, so I got the two just below it.

They Sold Out quickly so I'm Glad I made a beeline for the Boutique as soon as I was able to get thru the doors and to her Vignettes in time!  *Whew!*  I had seen the lead Image on the FB Page and knew that was my Mission Statement for this Show... get at least one of these Creations by Anne!    As it was I spent an inordinate amount of time in the Boutique so this first Post of the Event is entirely devoted to the Boutique Experience!  *LOL*  So here's my two Rings Happily at Home!  *Winks*

So my Friend Cyndie of VINTAGE ENVY had some new Antique Reliquary Necklace Creations, which I heard by Friday had also Sold Out.   I am fortunate to have two already from previous Events, but they always blow me away and if money were no object, well... you know... I'd have the Expanded Collection!  *LOL* 

  I've never yet had a 'favorite' since they're ALL swoon worthy and honestly I J'Adore each one I've beheld and wouldn't mind owning any of them... or all of them!!!  *Smiles*

Hard to get an Ideal Close-Up without glare reflecting from the overhead lights, but I think you can see enough of the interiors of the Antique Reliquaries to fully Appreciate their Amazing Beauty!  

 And I've added some of Cyndie's Images from the FB Page so you can see each without so much reflective glare.  The Meerschaum Carvings and various other Religious Icons within each Reliquary are absolutely Stunning!

And I'm going to totally overdose you now on these Exquisite Creations by showing you several that Cyndie has Photographed... and Sorry, they've all since Sold... but... she's constantly Creating more so you could get your OOAK Creation during other Events.

I am partial to the Religious Creations, though she has numerous Lines other than the Reliquaries, to suit every taste in da Bling.   I could probably live without a lot of my Interior Decor at Home, but I could never, ever, live without my Bling... I am mos def my Mother's Child that way!   Mom always said you could never have too much Bling, she was right!  *Winks*

There are some that got away that I Wish I'd had the Resources for when they came up for Sale, such as this particular Meerschaum piece... alas, it went Home with someone else.  I particularly liked the Carving and how much detailing it had with the Holy Mother and Child with Angelic Hosts.

There have been several of Our Lady of Lourdes which is a very popular Iconic Image for Antique Reliquaries.

And of coarse the Sacred Heart Reliquaries of Mary and Jesus are also extremely popular Antique Reliquary Images as well.  I have a Sacred Heart Jesus one of the Meerschaum Reliquary.

Madonna and Child, also very popular...

And so as not to show complete partiality to the Reliquary Line, here is one of the Mermaid Line Cyndie Created which was Stunning as well and perfect for the beginning of Summer.

I really got quite stuck in the Boutique casually Admiring all of the Creations... so I'm afraid I concentrated most of my initial Photography efforts right there doing Close-Ups.   I think I should probably stick to Close-Ups since they tend to turn out best anyway!   You can clearly tell where my Passions lie when I download the Images and see which have turned out best!!!  *Ha ha ha*

It's probably because I'm taking my time and lingering there in utter Admiration of da Bling whilst Photographing it all... and not rushing around like I tend to do when Photographing everything else before it's gone!  *LOL*

It really is Magical and Enchanting to browse so much Creativity all in one spot so it's hard for me to tear myself away to even look at Decor.   Like I said, I have enough Decor for a Lifetime... and then some... but da Bling, never enough!  *Ha ha ha*

The Vintage Coin Purse's turned into embellished Necklaces are so Cute...  I don't have one yet, but one day...

I don't know about you, but I always display my Bling around the Home when I'm not wearing it, I don't hide it away unseen in Jewelry Boxes etc... since it's a shame to only see it occasionally.

My Friend Minnie's VINTAGE MINNIE Bedding, Wardrobe and Accessory Lines are very Soothing for Spring and Summer... a very Chill Palette.  I particularly like the Grey with Sepia... tho' I don't think The Man would like a lot of Grey in the Boudoir so I haven't gone in that direction.  For him he needs a Color Palette that couldn't potentially be associated with morose or depressing associations... Grey could 'go there'.

Sweet Minnie is as Adorable as her Creations!!!

She has Created some Sweet Summer Totes in Rustic Vintage Fabrics...

My Adorable Friend Heidi of PARIS MONTANA was also in da house for this Event.  I hadn't seen her in a while since she's been super busy with her Retail Venue in Red Lodge, Montana.   She brought Creative Couture to the Valley during this trip... with her Louis BuffaloBag Line, which totally Rock!

Authentic Louis Vuitton bags combined with expert leather craftsmanship and design.   The Customers were Delighted with this Upscale Chic Creativity as only Heidi can do it, she's a Creative Genius!!!

I particularly Loved the Gypsy Embellishments on several of the bags, they were detachable so that you could go Funky or Refined.   It's a very Classy Wild West look.

I tried to photograph a few of the bags and the variety of Styles so you could... well... drool... *winks*    And be sure to come back for another installment Post of the Event... after we make it out of the Boutique Area... *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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