Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sweet Salvage ~ Sweet Retreats ~ An Impaired Eye

An impaired Eye, that's what I seem to have lately when I'm Photographing things and it's driving me crazy because I don't quite know why?  The volume of frames that have been crappy lately is disheartening to say the least.  I think it's time for a new Camera so I won't lose interest in a Hobby I had begun to really Enjoy tremendously.

When you see a thing of Beauty with the Naked Eye and then try to capture it Ideally thru the Eye of the Lens, sometimes it works... and sometimes it's a dismal failure.   When it works there's nothing quite like it and it makes for great Coverage and Excellent Blog fodder.  When it fails, well... it's like trying to make something good out of something second rate and the OCD in me gets disturbed!  *LOL*

This was part of an Outstanding Vignette in Real Life, bringing a Rush of Nostalgia of my Pad in the early 70's and a definite Connection... so I Photographed the Hell out of it.  This lackluster Image was the only semi-presentable Outcome of several frames.  *Le Sigh*  It's one of several dismal failures of this particular day's Photography Shoot... actually TWO days worth!  So much for Second Chances and getting it right the 2nd time!  *Double Sigh!*

I take too many Images on Purpose, to get the best possible Outcome... and most of the time it works by the law of averages.   Lately it hasn't been working and it's been frustrating since I have Enjoyed The Process, but not the Outcome at all.  You want to get better at something, not worse... and my impaired Eye is self evident so I'm trying to figure it all out.

I don't want to have to borrow the Photography of others to Cover anything, I'd much rather take my own because that's the Fun part.   Well, usually it is if you can get some decent Images out of it... but lately, I haven't been getting decent results of any Photography I'm doing... and it's just Strange... why not?  Editing hasn't been difficult since 99.9% of what I've Photographed hasn't turned out and I don't like it.

So I do believe I'll be seeking a new Camera in earnest to see if that will help at all?   I don't want to just give up doing something I've been Enjoying, I had been improving and then... tanked!   I don't know if this is common or not, I just know when I download lately it's been rather dismal and lean pickins.

And I apologize for that here in The Land Of Blog where the Sharing goes on.  Crappy Photography isn't something I particularly have a high tolerance for.  Great Photography is something I thoroughly Enjoy beholding and so I want for mine to be at least decent.   This shot I liked... it's not Ideal but at least it Showcased the Vignette and content adequately.

I was getting doubts that I'd have enough decent pixs to even Create the Finale' Post actually?   And it was a really good Show with tons of Fantastic Inventory, Lovely Vignettes to Display it and plenty of Inspiration for Decorating.  My Coverage of it didn't do it Justice and that's unfortunate because Experiencing it was Enjoyable, so I did so want to Share that and capture it thru the Eye of my Lens.

It was almost as if some Vignettes didn't want to be Photographed by me... really... several frames of them... all crap and elusively not cooperating in front of my Lens!  *LOL*   Others were much easier, like this one... this one worked out... but Why?  Photography can be a very Strange Art Form like that actually... some days you're 'On' and others you are totally 'Off'... and yet it doesn't Feel any different in the Doing of it!

It was a more relaxed Event this time around so I wasn't even Rushing and the Crowds were quite manageable.   I could frame my shots and not worry about getting people in frame accidentally... so what exactly went awry?  I can't say... I thought I was gonna have some really good Images to Share... disappointing that so many were really bad.

But such is Life, I'm not giving up... but I am going to Save up for that new Camera next Month, it's high on the List of indulgences.  I'll feel a lot more confident that with a Quality Camera it can compensate for my shortcomings? *Winks*   Well, that's my Solution to the Problem, so we'll have to see how that plays out?  *Smiles*

And that's also why I haven't felt much like Blogging lately... few Images to Create a decent Post with and tho' I don't mind a Wordless Post, I am Bored to death with a Pictureless one!  *LOL*  It's True, there might be Fascinating Blogs out there that only tell a Story but the Post has no Images and so I can't even read them to find out if the Story was worth sticking around for.   I don't know why, that's just how I'm apparently hard wired!

Something has to hold my interest and nothing does that quite like Fab Imagery since I'm a very Visual Person.   I can spend hours reading or looking at Blogs that have good Photography going on.   The exception would be the humorous Blogs where the Writer's wit and Writing Style can hold my attention and I want to read more, voraciously.  

I think my attention span is still impaired even after all these years of trying to discipline myself to having a better one?   One that can last more than a nanosecond before my Mind begins to wander, lose interest and flit from subject to subject.  Photography has been the one thing I can actually be attentive with when I'm doing it, so it's slowed the speed of my thoughts way down, which is a good thing.

If you've never had racing thoughts, impulsivity and an attention deficit then you probably can't relate, if you have then you know exactly what I'm conveying.  I was actually going to purchase this faux Lemonade set and I don't even know why since I had no use nor place for it and so I put it back.   I'm getting better at reigning in impulsive decision making... now... if only I can get back to getting better at Photography I'll be Golden my Friends!  *Smiles*

But in the meantime you might have to endure some less than stellar Photography as I muddle thru this impaired Eye thing that seems to be going on all of a sudden and plaguing me.   Because I don't want to quit Blogging any more than I want to quit Photography... I just want to keep improving at both... which is sometimes easier said than done...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. It was so nice to finally meet you in person, Dawn! Your such a great blogger and I think your images are just fine! But I know what you mean, sometimes items just do not want a clear picture taken. Makes you wonder. xxxx Rhonda


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