Wednesday, May 17, 2017

What Do You Lust After?

via: Matthew Mead, Collection of Cary Pryser Goodrich

A Friend had Shared the above Image on Facebook  and I just fell in Lust with such an Impressive Collection of Bird Eggs!  *Swooning*  Oh to have such a Collection as this in my own Cabinet Of Curiosities!  But I've never seen an entire Bird Egg Collection for Sale anywhere, so I wouldn't even know how or where to find adequate Specimens to Create such a Collection?!?  The last Natural Egg of something I found outside hatched while being displayed in the house and God knows what it was or where it went, so we're not doing THAT anymore!  *LOL*

In fact, I've been Lusting after a few things in Pinterest-Land lately, such as these Amazing Gypset Jacket Creations on Denim with Vintage Fabric and Trim Embellishments!   I actually have a Gypset Denim Jacket somewhat like this that I've had so many years it hasn't fit me in just as many years, but Hey!  *LOL*  To get one now in my size I'm afraid I'd just have to buy a Big Man's Denim Jacket and Create my own!   And if you've ever tried to hand sew on Denim or Tapestry, well, this would be the reason I haven't done it yet!  *Smiles*

But I do like them very much, these Gypset Jackets from Crux and Crow, which give me flashbacks of Beloved Styles I wore in the early 70's... including Maxi fringed Tapestry Coats, which you can't find a Vintage one anywhere anymore... so I Wonder, where did they all GO?!?  I cannot even find an Online Image like the ones we wore when I was living in England and which we'd buy from the Pakistani or East Indian Vendors at the Gypsy Flea Markets in the Town Square.  Perhaps they weren't widely Sold, I'm not even Sure, but I remember Adoring them... we called them Carpet Coats even tho' they were Created from Tapestry Material and not Carpets.

The nearest thing I could find for an online Image similar to the Tapestry fringed Maxi "Carpet" Coat of Yesteryear Hippie Days would be this, the Tapestry Material is very similar to the Coats we wore.  So, Imagine this would have been how the back looked... and it would have a Monk's Style Hood... and the front just opened and had no fasteners because you wore it Vest Style and always opened to reveal your ensemble under it.  I always had an affinity for the Maxi Coats and didn't much like the Midi Coats.  If I still had a Tapestry fringed Maxi "Carpet" Coat I'd wear it, even in the Desert, that's how much I Loved them!  *LOL*

Of coarse all of these Jackets are minuscule sizes, like the tiny little Models the size of Sprites, and there'd be poor Hopes of any being in BMW Real Women sizes.  *Le Sigh*   I Hate that Real Size Women are excluded from the Fashion Industry, as if the Average American Gal is actually a size 6!  *LMAO*  Have they looked around lately!?!   Christ on a Bike, it's hard to find an Average 5th Grader nowadays that is only a size 6!!!   The additives and hormones in the food is making even the Grade School aged Average American size Kiddo look like they're bulked up on steroids and full grown!!!

My Little slender string bean, Princess T, is an absolute Waif anomaly being so thin compared to most of her peers, tho' she's way taller than most of them, she weighs about half as much as the majority of them!!!  Of coarse her Mama, even after having borne five Children, is still a slender string bean herself, so it's apparently in the DNA.   Believe it or not I used to be Waif sized until the dreaded hysterectomy completely turned my metabolism upside down and sideways!   I've given up ever Hoping to get back to my pre-Menopause weight or size... ain't happening... so I'd probably have to Create my own Jackets again.

I'd like to Create one using a Fabric Screen Print of this Fav Jimi Hendrix Album Cover on the back of the Jacket and then Embellish it with Embroidery and other Hand Work.   How Awesome would that be?   A helluva lotta Hand Work and hours... but I think the end result would be Killer and well worth crippling up my hands further!  *Bwahahahahaha!!!*  In my head tho' I often Dream Up Creative Wardrobe I'd like to Hand stitch, if only I had the Luxury of Time... uninterrupted Time... which is probably as likely as me being a Size 6 again!  *Le Sigh*

But, that said, I sure did Enjoy just browsing the Internet to find Inspirational Jacket Creations similar to those Funky Styles we wore in the late 60's and early 70's... an Era I don't mind staying stuck in because it was Culturally so Rich and experimental with Style and being Authentic to Self in very bold ways.  Yes, it was probably Outsider Style that wasn't for everyone... as I discovered when we moved back to the States after our Tour in Europe and I looked like I'd just come from another Planet!  *Smiles*   The Arizona crowd were a lot more conservative than the Europeans when it came to Wardrobe and Fashion.  So I'm Glad I brought my Wardrobe back so I didn't have to make everything I wanted to wear in those days!  *Whew!*

So, what do YOU Lust after my Friends... from your Past, your Present or perhaps to procure in your Future?   I know there has to be SOMETHING... and your Secret is Safe with me... well, and whoever else happens to show up to the Post and engage in the discussion of coarse!  *Winks*   As Lou Reed would have said, Hey Babe, take a walk on the Wild Side...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I lust after late 1960's vintage empire waist mini dresses. Oh, how funny I would look in one now! lol But what a great dress. Nowadays, young women would wear them with leggings.

    1. Mini Dresses, I used to wear Hot Pants under mine so I wasn't accidentally showing off the Good China! *winks* Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. I think you should treat yourself to the jacket. I have my grandmothers old iron sewing machine and I am pretty sure it still works. I remember her using it for denim. Maybe you have one or can use one at the antique store?

    1. Well, I don't know how to sew with a machine, the Church Sewing Social tried to teach me once, I went back to my needle and thread, hand stitching is way more Zen! *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. This post was a fun read. I love your jacket ideas, and I would certainly go ahead and do it. And why not a Frieda jacket, maybe that would fit in more with the SW sensibilities, but then who cares---if you are 'out of the box', definitely more interesting out there anyway. Thanks for the visuals and inspiration, Sandi

    1. Ah yes, a Frida Jacket would look Divine! Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Hi Dawn, I can't believe how similar our tastes are! I've a terrible reputation for the wayout clothes I wear, especially as I live in a tiny village, where for the most part everyone is very 'proper'. They'll be getting a real shock next week, as on Saturday I'm having my waistlength grey and silver hair changed to lilac. I can't wait! giggle! Peace and blessings

  5. Yes, I wish so much the look from this era which I also loved would come back! I did all sorts of embroidery on my jeans and jean jackets, even blinging up a conservative cardigan sweater. And the maxi coats! Always loved the look of those and wish I'd kept all the fringey, maxi, bohemian stuff from back then. Even though I couldn't wear it now, it would be awesome to still have! And back then, if you dressed like this, you were thought to be one of the "artsy" ones. . .guess I was lucky to be in that environment.


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