Friday, June 30, 2017

Activating The Laws Of Attraction

I've said it before, I'm a firm Believer in The Laws Of Attraction, I Activate them whenever I REALLY Need or Want something and I'm always quite Amazed, even after all these years of Witnessing powerful Testimonies that it Works, of how QUICKLY it Works for me personally!   After Celebrating The Son's 31st Birthday I didn't want to languish in Rush Hour Traffic on the long commute Home to the Far West Side from the Far East Side, so I took a detour to a Fav Antique Mall near his Home, MERCHANT SQUARE.

I wasn't looking for anything in particular, in fact I wasn't looking for anything at all, I was biding time until Rush Hour traffic subsided some and I wouldn't be gridlocked on a Freeway in 110 degree heat for hours.  But I did want to visit a couple of my Fav Vendors, one of which is a Friend of mine and always has The Good Stuff and Merchandised so Beautifully to Showcase it well, OFF THE DIRT ROAD.  Her Dear Hubby is also a Disabled Veteran and Creates many of the Architectural Salvage re-purposed into Cool Household Decor, such as the Fab Coat Racks Created from Salvaged Vintage Cupboard Doors and embellished with Victorian Ceiling Tin Hearts.

My Eyes were instantly drawn to that Sweet Vintage Suitcase on top with the thick Stripes and Alligator Trimming... it was a Bargain so it HAD to come Home with me to join my Vintage Striped Suitcase Collection.  *Smiles*   But I digress, The Laws Of Attraction had already been Activated just a day beforehand and would already be coming full circle quite soon, much to my Amazement and a few Booths over.   Culminating The Laws Of Attraction in a mere 24-48 hours is not at all Uncommon for me, but it still Amazes me since what I Want or Need can be so Specifically Random and highly Unusual!!!

So let us briefly rewind to the day before... when I picked up this set of Locker Basket Shelves with a trio of Locker Baskets each at 'Hobby Lobby' for 66% Off, making them ridiculously Cheap... and I can never resist ridiculously Cheap.  Don't Judge, I'm no Purist and Yes, sometimes I Find great Knock-Off stuff Cheap at the HL and am not above Scoring it, so there!  *LOL*  These were also light enuf for Yours Truly to schlep Upstairs to the Studio Loft for additional Storage.  For just over Forty bucks each, well, that's just slightly more than the Cost of one Vintage Locker Basket nowadays, which are in short supply and getting too spendy for my liking and Budget.  Luckily I already have a slew of Vintage Locker Baskets bought when you could get them well under Twenty bucks each.  However, these had no Locker Tags and I SO Wished they did... so I lamented and unconsciously murmured that out loud.  Too bad they don't have numerical Locker Tags, thus Activating The Laws Of Attraction even tho' I hadn't Intentionally meant to!!!

So there I am a day later wandering around 'The Square' and enter a Booth I like that always has Cool Salvaged Smalls I Enjoy rummaging thru... and what do I Find, much to my Amazement and Delight... Yep, Vintage Numerical Locker Tags... and Cheap!!!   Insert a little Happy Dance and fluttering of my Heart as my Pulse sped up in the Rush it often does whilst Junquing and accidentally stumbling upon something I Needed, Wanted and wasn't even Looking for at the time!!!   As the Heaven's Parted and Angelic Hosts descended I realized there was not just one... or even just the six I Needed for the HL Project... there was the Motherlode of them!!!

One random enormous one #157 and a Dozen of the size I Wanted and Needed with some Cool Numbers on them.   I am 'Into' Numerology so Yes, there are some Numbers Cooler than others or particularly significant to me.   I have a Showroom that is #114 so that was a Cool coincidental Locker Tag Number to Score... and I was particularly Jazzed to get a #111, #166 and #177 as well as a bunch of other numbers including a #7 in them, which is my Favorite Number.   And not a lot of other #4's since I don't like that Number and have an aversion to it, don't ask, I just do.   *Smiles*   As you can see I also picked up a couple of equally Cheap Old Skeleton Keys with Shapely Tops... Love me some Old Keys! 

So Yes, I was very Greedy and because they were so Cheap I bought every Numerical Vintage Locker Tag I could find in the Booth's Stash of Delightful Smalls and Hoarded them all up!  *Winks*   I know I have some Vintage Lockers missing their Tags too so that will now be remedied.  With some left over for any other Projects to complete Vintage Wire Basket Tagging in the Future.   And of coarse now completing the HL Locker basket half dozen also being labeled with Tags so Color me Happy and in Awe of The Laws Of Attraction Working so Quickly once again on my behalf!!!   Thank You Universe for sending me what I Want and Need so efficiently and generously!

I also found a Dozen Gift Bags with Old Timey Catalog Graphics for less than Two bucks!   Gift Bags always come in handy and these are unisex and so Cute, just my Style and an Ideal size for presenting mid-sized Gifts to Family and Friends!   Sometimes we utilize Graphics like this for Christmas too if we have a Salvage Style Christmas Tree festooned with Old Treasures we've Salvaged over the Years.   And of coarse Sepia is my absolute Fav Neutral Non-Color... my Home has many of the shades of Aged Hues reminiscent of Old Photographs, it creates a very Soothing Atmosphere.

So ya wanna take a peek inside my new Vintage Suitcase?   A Lovely Shade of Slate Grey Satin and in remarkable condition and no musty smells.   The Alligator Leather handle is still very sturdy and tho' the Suitcase has clearly been well Traveled, it is in very Good Shape for it's Age.   It too was very Cheap because it's little clasps that shut it don't always Hold securely on one side.  No problem since it will be in a Storage Tower of Old Suitcases, so it won't matter because it will be lying flat all the time now and will serve it's Purpose of Storing Treasures out of sight... Stylishly and Cheaply... Booyah! 

I had a very Enjoyable time, after Scoring my random Treasures, just browsing the Mall and especially the Booths of the people I know, who always have the best stuff.  I know, I'm totally biased that way but it's True, my Friends are Kindred Spirits and so Naturally I think they have the best stuff!  *Smiles*  The gravitational pull to those with a similar Aesthetic is just strong that way, I know you understand because I'm quite certain you Feel it too?!?  My Friends always Source the same types of Treasures that make my own Pulse race when I'm out Junquing.   So I know if I can't find it, they probably will, it's a Win-Win!

I'm really in a Galvanized Tin Phase right now, I've always Owned some since it's so Utilitarian, Sturdy and lasts Forever, but for Decorating lately I'm finding many more Uses for it than ever before.   I have more Vintage European Olive Buckets in various sizes than any Sane Woman outside of an Olive Orchard producing Commercial Olive Oil should probably Own!  *Winks*   Along with a few Knock-Off versions of Olive Buckets that were Sweet, unusual sizes and Cheap... and Yes from the HL too.   But a lot of little Boutiques are now carrying mass produced versions of Cool Vintage items, so if you can't Score any of The Real Deal or it's outside of your Budget, well, at least you now have Options.

This was a little over the top, but I like the Idea behind covering a beat up Dress Form with Old Laces and Trims.   The more Modern Dress Forms don't look nearly so Attractive to me when they're beat up from Use than the Vintage or Antique ones with the Glorious Patina of Age and just a different Look when they've seen a lot of wear and tear.   It's funny how that is, but some things look better with wear and tear or Age, while others just don't IMO.  It's totally subjective I know... and I'd of done the Form differently if I'd been embellishing it with Vintage Fabrics, Trims and Lace, but I could Appreciate the Idea of it.

So anyway, by the time traffic had subsided I'd had a relaxing time browsing the Antique Mall and then I also did a bit of real Junquing of my own.   Which turned up a wealth of Old Crystal Chandie parts, a Vintage Globe and an 11" Vintage 1960's Vinyl Egee Baby Doll wearing a diaper, but not much else in the way of Inventory for the Showrooms.  Tho' I did Score big on getting Princess T's favorite Designer Label Clothing and a Backpack of the same Label, which was WAY Cheaper than paying Retail for it all at the 'Justice' Shops!  *Smiles*   Oh, and a Nurse Barbie with two Babies in their Neonatal Beds still in it's Box, never opened, for only Four bucks.  Which was all given as 'payment' to her for Babysitting Grandpa while I took her Uncle out for his Birthday.   Yes, she assumes she's in Charge during my absence and the Guys are under her Dominion and Iron Fist Rule. *Smiles*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Birthday My Son!

Today was my Son's Birthday and we had Lunch at a great Restaurant called Bobby Q near their Home in the East Valley.   Loved the Food, the Service and the Ambiance, the Decor was just my Style!    Happy Birthday my Son, it was so nice to spend this Special Day with you... Mwah!!!   Love Mom


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Seriously Guys

So the Plumber finally arrives Today for the re-scheduled appointment, that had been kicked back another three hours Today, and the house actually stayed tidy and clean since Monday Morning, imagine that!  *Gasp!*  Having said that, why is it that as someone arrives, especially someone you've never seen before in your Life, everything seems to break loose into pandemonium when you are a Caregiver!?!  So now the constant distractions begin by those you're Caring for, because they know you're trying to handle something else that is important?!?   I should know this by now but I always hold out Hope that things will remain Serene and The G-Kid Force along with The Man will not make it appear like we live in a Lunatic Asylum and I'll be able to Focus upon handling what it is I Need to?!  *Winks*

So...The Grandchildren Of The Corn here suddenly decide to take the opportunity, as I'm tied up with showing the Plumber around to everything that has water running to it, to torment each other and start a Wrestling match Upstairs!   Thump-Thump, Bang-Bang, Crashing, Tears and Drama suddenly erupt.  Okay, so am I gonna have to go Mental on them in front of this Guy?  Said Guy is staring up at the Ceiling, probably wondering WHAT Beasts I've got up there making all that ruckus?!  I saunter up there, give them The Look, which they know all too well, that I'm not Playing... Cease and Desist IMMEDIATELY... because, Seriously Guys... this is NOT the time to Test me!  *Winks*

Oh, and The Man, whose been Moody, cantankerous and argumentative for some unfathomable reason all Morning, well, suddenly he's sequestered himself in our Bedroom.  Stubbornly refusing to come out and even talk to Plumber Guy and sitting in a Chair in there looking totally annoyed at the World.   Guess I'm handling this one Solo, Splendid.   I explain to Plumber Guy that my Husband has Brain Damage, after he unsuccessfully tries to offer a Friendly Greeting to The Man on his way into our Master Bathroom to check the Plumbing in there.  The Man doesn't answer, he just glares at both of us angrily... ah, we're clearly NOT having a Good or Sociable Day are we?  *Le Sigh*  So I give The Man the Stern Stink-Eye too as a strong hint to... Lighten Up!  

Reluctantly he ventures out of the Bedroom in a more Agreeable Mood, clearly my Countenance was now such that he realized he and the Kiddos were on thin ice, since I'm already Dealing with some bad news Plumbing Issues in a New Home I've owned just two years!?  *Le Sigh*   Why is it that they build New Homes like crap, even the Luxury Homes, don't they even know how to build anything to last a minute nowadays?  I didn't have this many replacement Plumbing Issues in our Historic Home that was over a Century Old for Heavens Sake!!!   It's probably the Hard Water out here the Plumber sympathizes, it's some of the worst in the Country. 

 He's probably right, the Old House had one of the deeper Wells they dug back at the turn of the Century so the Water WAS much better than the heavy mineral deposits the Water out here has in New Subdivision Hell!   You should eventually install a Water Softener he suggests... another major expense... Well, not Today buddy... this is already costing me more than I expected!  As we're replacing things in two Toilets that keep running and have jacked up the water bill, so can't be jury rigged anymore!  

 The Man used to be able to do most minor Home Repairs and Replacements like that, in the Past he was very DIY, but with TBI, he can't anymore.  So it is what it is and I'm not a Home Repairs Guru Gramma either... it's not my particular Skill set, so now we gotta Hire the Help.  Hiring Help is always spendy, but I Negotiated my ass off with Plumber Guy... that IS a Skill Set of mine... good intensive Gypsy Haggling!  *Winks*   So I got the Estimate cut in half in order to afford it Today, at the end of the Month when you're most broke... I was tenacious. 

 Given his meeting with those I am Caregiver of, I think a certain amount of Sympathies were also extended.  Apparently Plumber Guy's Elderly Mom is helping raise some of her Grandkids too, EIGHT of them {Yikes and God Bless her!}... and Plumber Guy is a Single Parent for the past Decade of two Kiddos about the exact Ages of my Grands I'm raising... Quelle Chance!!!   I Love when Happy Coincidences happen to grant me Favor!   So now the two Downstairs Toilets are fixed, the Maintenance Check for everything else went Fine and the Hot Water Heater is flushed and Fine too... Whew, guess it couldda been worse news, right?!!

The G-Kid Force, now they don't have an Audience, have settled down... having anyone New in the Home tends to wind them up tighter than a couple of seven day Clocks!  Since Plumber Guy is also raising a Prepubescent Girl and a Teen Boy we did trade some Parenting Stories about the best leverage tactics to gain the Upper Hand in Single Parenting!  *Smiles*   I've done the Single Parenting thing off and on for numerous Years, before I Married The Man and then again after Marrying him, during his numerous Military deployments while you hold things down and keep it together while they're away Serving our Country.

  And of coarse now that The Man has the Traumatic Brain Injury I shall have to get The G-Kid Force raised as if I'm a Single Parent... and had to Adopt them as a Single Parent, since he was ineligible for being an Adoptive Parent due to his extent of Disability.  So I had Sympathies for Single Parent Plumber Guy too... it's a tough job Single Parenting, even if your Kiddos are Normal and Healthy.  

And I know this is going to sound totally Sexist, and I don't mean to Offend anyone, but I would Imagine a Single Dad might be more Clueless about Parenting without a Woman's Touch and Influence involved in the Home, especially with raising Daughters?   This Young Man has done it for a Decade already, I could tell it meant something to him to Share his Experience with me and have someone Understand the particular Challenges, props to him for being a Good Dad and rising to the Challenge! 

With the abundance of Deadbeat Dads out there in Life, it's very refreshing to find a Young Dad taking his Role very seriously and taking total responsibility for his Children, even if it means having to Raise them alone.  He was quite a Handsome Young Man, so I suspect he could easily find a Girlfriend, but I suspect, after talking with him, that his Kiddos are his Priority and he puts them first.   He talked of his Mother-In-Law helping out a lot with expenses and Child Care, I didn't ask, but I got the sense the Mother of the Children isn't around at all anymore, perhaps she died or is a Deadbeat Mom, I dunno.   But it's Wonderful he has an Excellent Maternal Gramma willing to help out, since his own Mom is helping with Raising Eight of her Grands already so I'm sure he doesn't want to dump more on that Poor Woman!?!

When people voluntarily Share their very Personal, and often Touching Stories with me, off the cuff, I do feel very Honored that they feel comfortable enough divulging it, especially if I'm a complete Stranger to them.  I've just always been the type of person people Open Up to and I don't know why?   But I also suspect so many folks don't have a wealth of Inner Circle Network to Share their Struggles and Challenges with too... and that makes me Sad.   Too many people are enduring and sometimes even suffering in Silence and nobody much knows... or worse, nobody much Cares or gets Involved.

Yeah, some might Know Of that individual who is struggling with a Life Issue such as Single Parenting, Caregiving, Chronic Illness, Disability, Aging, Death in the Family, Unemployment or whatever other obstacles Life throws at them... but few get Invested or Involved, like in the Old Days, when folks looked out for each other and had closer Community ties.   So I always try at least to be an Encouragement for anyone who maybe doesn't Feel Heard and may be Silently struggling, otherwise, and Needs to Share their Experience with someone who will Listen and Hear them, even if with a complete Stranger like me.

So yeah, Plumber Guy showed up as a Complete Stranger, and left as someone I knew way more about than I expected to... and that Connection was very Nice I think for us both for a Moment in Time.   And he did a good job and cut me a really appreciated break so I could afford to fix some of the problems we're having at the end of the Month, when finances are the most stretched to capacity.   That's when shit happens to need fixing, right, when you can least afford the outlay?!  *Le Sigh*

And Yes, while we had the brief interlude of Instructions not to use the Water or the Toilets while he was making repairs, EVERYONE in the household suddenly Needed to use the Bathroom Urgently!   Seriously Guys... you can't hold it just a little while, as he gets this done?!?   Coz that's when those kinds of things happen too, right, when you have to tell them they can't do something so now they desperately think they suddenly Need to!?!   *Winks*   But nobody couldn't REALLY wait, so it was all Good... ha ha ha.

Because I swear to God, if anyone had crapped or pissed their pants during that brief interlude of not being able to be using the Toilets, I might have gone just a bit Mental... a teensy bit perhaps?!?   *LMAO*   And now it's time to Feed them, since they're all acting as if waiting until past 3:00 p.m. when the Plumber finally left, for a belated Lunch, would somehow cause them all to fall faint and starve nearly to Death!!!   *Smiles*   Yeah, I really Need this belated Vacay to Cali that I keep having to re-save up for again and again in between Crisis that wipe out my Vacay Fund... dammit!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Monday, June 26, 2017

False Alarm

So it started out the Plumber was coming to do the annual maintenance check on the plumbing and flush the hot water heater... and then at the last possible second of the five hour vague time span they designated for his potential arrival, they cancelled and re-scheduled!  Well, at least we'd gotten the whole house cleaned and tidied up, so I couldn't say it was a completely wasted day staying in waiting on him for nothing!   So I couldn't even get upset, even after the Epic Cleaning Frenzy that almost made me lose my Mind, because at least I had a clean and organized Home for a change, Yay!  Even if nobody else would Witness it after all.

Yes, I'd "Used" the Plumber coming as my excuse to rally The G-Kid Force and The Man into helping me to get the house finally in Order and presentable.  So mebbe it was a good thing the Plumbing Co. waited 'til the end of the five hour window of when he should have shown up to cancel and say he wasn't coming out Today after all?  *Winks*  Oh, hey guys, false alarm, but now you gotta KEEP everything tidy and clean until the re-scheduled five hour time span on Wednesday!   So, it gives me the tidy Home I want for almost three whole days!  *Contented and Yes, Delusional, Sigh*

I Love when my Home is in Order, Tidy and presentably Clean... I don't function well in Chaos or visually distressing environments.  One would think I would have learned to tolerate the capacity for a mess and absolute Chaos with having raised two generations of Children, especially four having been Special Needs Children, I have not.   It is distressing to me when the house is a mess and the rest of them wander around it like Zombies seemingly oblivious to it all.  It's like being in one of those Horror Movies where you're the only Civilized and Sane one left in your World!   Well, mebbe that's exaggerated, but not by much!

Now rather than appearing post apocalyptic our Home actually looks as it should be.   I would actually Love for it to look this way all of the time, but I'm not completely delusional, it won't... it might not last even thru the Wednesday deadline?   If the Plumber feels Guilty about the Cancellation Today and shows up closer to the 8:00 am than the 1:00 pm portion of the vague arrival time frame on Wednesday, well, the Fam may not see much point in restraint so that the house doesn't get messy all over again that very day? 

"Do I have to stay 'dressed' or can I now get back into my Sweats and take my Shirt off?, promptly says The Man directly after the cancellation call!   "Stay dressed since I'm dragging you and Princess T along on some belated errands now that I know the Guy isn't coming.", I respond.   Geez, just keeping them dressed and not wandering around all day half dressed or in mismatched lounging clothes, undershirts or Jammies is a big deal during the Summer!  Okay, I Confess that after the errands I got back into my Jammies too... if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  *Smiles*

I think The Young Prince's ensemble all day has been Cat In The Hat fuzzy flannel Jammie Pants with a Heavy Metal Tank Top with Ouija Graphics and un-brushed hair that looks like he just Invented something... clearly he won't be Modeling for GQ anytime soon.  *LOL*   He had absolutely no Shame that the floor of his rooms Upstairs were littered with worn underpants, how does that work, do they just fall off or fly off his ass and land everywhere, sometimes even on top of furniture, I don't get it?!?   Mine have just never done that... EVER... and he was Clueless as to why I was having a Fit up there this Morning about the bowels of Hell his Living Spaces had become!!!

As he Calmly says... and I Quote, "Gramma, mebbe you should just leave before you have a Heart Attack, I don't even know why you're so upset and venting your anger at me?"  I think I stopped mid-Rant with that one and assessing the level and magnitude of empty food wrappers, beverage containers, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, wet towels, video games, toys and other Chaos that looked like it had exploded all around his four rooms up there... I had a vivid Mental flashback of a particularly horrendous Hoarders episode and how the Client had reacted to the condition of their Home, obvious to everyone but them!   OMG, say it ain't so!!!

I took a deep breath and logically attempted to breach the divide between the Planet he is on and Earth as we know it.  Do you suppose, when the Guy comes to check out your Plumbing in the Bathroom, that he will want to walk the entire way thru your four rooms across dirty Chonies and the minefield of Garbage you have in here?   He blankly stares at me, as he does when there is that disconnect in a conversation between a Sane person and one with Serious Mental Illness.  Finally I realize it's futile, so... lets not dwell on me explaining my logic of the situation shall we, just clean this shit up before I go Mental Okay?  That got through... and he complied... as me going Mental is never Pretty and needs no further explanation!  *Winks*

As it is I'm trying to keep Grandpa dressed Downstairs so he's not wandering around again without a shirt and in ratty Sweat Shorts!  *LOL*   Those with TBI like their Routine and The Man's was definitely being interrupted by the possibility of a Plumber showing up and having to break his Routine for a few hours of the day to help Clean and Tidy Up, so he was getting Anxious and agitated!   In hindsight, I was never so Glad that the Guy didn't show up, mebbe I'll be Calmer on Wednesday?  Mebbe I won't be having an out of Body experience and feel like I left my Body and was hovering around the room over the Surreal scenes unfolding and surveying the Asylum gone Mad that the day was handing me!!!?

Princess T walks up behind me, and assessing her Brother's carnage tritely says, "Well, I got my Bathroom and Hallway Cleaned, and all my Stuff from Downstairs cleaned up too... but if you think this is Bad, mebbe you shouldn't go into MY Room.  The Guy won't need to go into my Room will he?"   It really was too early to have a drink to take the edge off at that time and Mercifully, No, the Guy won't need to go into her Room, Thanks be to God!   How long does it take for Special Needs Kiddos to Grow Up and Move Out... that was the Question bouncing around in my Skull at about that time, I don't know how many more Years I have left in me for all this?!

But the Home, she is Clean and Tidy now... and I managed not to have a complete nervous breakdown in the process of rallying the Troops together while we still thought a complete Stranger would be coming in.  Why is it when our Dear Friends or Family come in we aren't as Anxious about it looking post-apocalyptic, but Strangers... well... mebbe they're likely to call the Authorities?  *And I'm only half kidding about that!*  Despite Caregiving for three people with various disabling factors full time with no Staff, the expectations of how your Home should look can get totally skewed.

 Okay, so perhaps my hyper vigilance and skewed perspective as to what IS Clean and Tidy enough is due to almost 16 Years of having various Social Agencies scrutinizing my every move and breath during Kinship Placement of The G-Kid Force with us since their Birth, I dunno?  With the laundry list of requirements even thru their Adoption, it just made me OCD about conditions of the Home being The Ideal to be in total Compliance with any Caseworker, no matter how fussy and critical they might be or how many different ones came.   All kidding aside, I'm sure it has given me lingering PTSD of some kind!

Besides, you never, ever, know what to expect from this Trio... or what you might walk into after your back has been turned for a nanosecond!?!  If you have never been the Caregiver of a higher maintenance person, or especially multiple persons of that ilk, you might not have a point of reference as to how far Left things can go in a Heartbeat or on the turn of a Dime.   But when things do happen to work to your advantage, as things managed to this day, well, you luxuriate in them for as long as it Holds... even if briefly.   Because it will be back to Insanity before you know it, that you can count on and take to the Bank!


Coming to you Today from the Arizona Desert and a Tidy Home... for now... Dawn... The Bohemian
A life touched by God always ends in touching others. - Erwin McManus

I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. - Og Mandino (1923-1996)

For creativity to flourish one should try to look at everything as though it were being seen for the first or the last time. - Quote from "A Thousand Paths To Creativity" by David Baird

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