Monday, July 31, 2017

Birthday Pressy Fantasies...

I have a Birthday coming up soon... a Milestone one... and so I've been Eyeballing Visual Fantasies of what I might like as a pressy to Self Online?  Too bad I cannot read Japanese and figure out the Order Form not in English and with no translation.   Otherwise I'd already have ordered one of the Coveted Necklace Brooches from "Vicious Sabrina"... OMG I J'Adore that entire Line and have for years, I desperately want at least one!!!   However they've never responded to inquiries in English and perhaps the Line isn't even available anymore, or is only available to exclusive Clients, I dunno?   I know they NEVER come up for re-sale Online and cannot be acquired here in the U.S.!!!  *Le Sigh*   Might just have to add to other Collections, perhaps a Vintage M.P. Bag, I am just not sure yet...   For now, I just Dream On until next Month...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Happy Little Hoarder... Or Mebbe Not So Happy

As any of you who are similarly afflicted know, The Thrill Of The Hunt is rather an Addiction of sorts, an Obsession and Urge you can fight off, but often succumb to in times of extreme Stress particularly.   Retail Therapy is indeed my Go To Form of Coping sometimes, not necessarily buying New, but Scavenging for The Love Of Old or Unique... or The Deal.    The whole gamut being The Rush and often a brief Escape from my Caregiving Stresses when ever they threaten to consume me and slam me against The Wall.  Hitting the proverbial Wall in Caregiving is always an ever present Risk when you near Caregiver Burnout with no Replacement Staffing to give you Respite.  So it's much Cheaper than actual Therapy or Hiring someone to take your place to just go out and buy a few inexpensive things to preserve your Sanity and maintain your Calm!   Like this Sandstone Lotus Blossom Votive Holder, Sourced for a mere buck, which will go in the Meditation Room.

Which was sitting in close proximity to this Zen Votivo, also a few bucks, heading for said Meditation Room too.   I have yet to actually get around to Styling said Meditation Room since it requires Painting and emptying of contents to get it Decorated and I don't find any of those activities to be particularly Zen right now.  *Smiles*  But eventually, I'll have my Meditation Room and that catch all Room will not longer be dubbed The Juliet Room on account of it having the Balcony Of Death.  *Winks*  I've had numerous Blog Visitors ask me to do a tutorial on Creating Gypsy Curtains and I wouldn't even know how to Create a tutorial if you paid me to do it, I don't have a Clue and have never done one and have zero ambition to do one actually.  Best advice I can give is sew or tie Desired Materials or torn pieces of them together in a pleasing arrangement to your own Eye and Wallah, Gypsy Curtains or Rag Curtains, easy-peasy and requires no real Skill or tutorial.  Yeah, Teaching ain't my forte clearly, which is why The Force would never be Home Schooled!  Much to the chagrin of the Public School System that can't seem to be bothered trying to Teach the Special Needs Child either!  

Salt Crystal Votive Holder, found Goodwill Hunting brand new, still in it's Shrink Wrap with original price tags and Retail stickers.  I Love Salt Crystal Candle Holders or Lights, they give such a Warm Soothing Glow that I find to be Peaceful and Calming, I have several.   We Need things to be Peaceful and Calming around here because things can spiral all kinds of out of Control on the turn of a dime with this Crew and reach a level of Insanity akin to being in an Asylum!  In recent days the Maintaining of Calm has been strained since each of The Three has been having a tough time with either their Health, their Mental Health or both.   Suffice to say my visits to various Doctors and Specialists for them has escalated to an Insane itinerary lately again... and the Calendar has no White Space for Rest in between Appointments stacking up like Cordwood!!!  Therefore there has been a disturbance in the Force of my own Calm and some mild Retail Therapy was in order.

Just being on The Hunt for small Treasures can make the world of difference in my Coping skills at Home so I don't unravel like the rest of them!   So the Scoring of a Black Glass Skull Bottle for a buck is some good cheap Retail Therapy my Friends.   Keeps this Happy Little Hoarder from going Wheels Off The Rails and On Track... also helps the Great Edit and Purge Process since now for every one little Treasure coming IN, five must go OUT!   Yes, my accountability factor is still firmly in place so that The Hoard doesn't spiral out of control too much... and I'll keep plenty of Fresh Inventory in the Retail Spaces at the Antique Mall... killing of two Birds with one stone so to speak!  Double Problem Solving, hey, if it Works, I say Work It my Friends!!!  Whatever it takes... and I don't always Find anything on my Scavenging Hunts and that's Okay too.  Just GOING on them is better than Solitary Confinement trapped in Subdivision Hell sometimes, where the Silence is deafening and the Social Isolation is making me feel like I could go Mad!!!

Which is probably why I buy Religious Vintage Art alongside Black Glass Skulls, Pray for me!  *LOL*   No actually, I Like both types of Treasures because I was a Weirdo before being Stressed Out and filling our Home with them is Bliss to me even if nobody else Understands the dichotomy.   These I picked up for a mere two bucks each, they are the three dimensional Fabric Spiritual Art of about the 1940-1950 Era of The Blessed Mother and Sacred Heart Jesus.   My Heart fairly skipped a beat to Find them both in a Thrift Store Score and I quickly snatched them from in front of some startled Old Man standing in front of the rack of crappy Art they were forefront in!  No, he wasn't even looking at or going to buy them, I'm Sure, but I couldn't contain myself to wait 'til he moved out of the way!  So I made Eye contact, Politely Smiled and grabbed them before he could respond to what had made my Pulse fairly race.  Coz lemme tell ya something I've Found on Hunts, if you show an Interest in something then even people who don't have an Interest in it will suddenly develop one!   It's a Mysterious Fact and I don't understand it at all since if I have zero Interest in something, you having one won't sway me one iota!  *LOL*

Yep, suddenly random Old Man is now gazing at and taking an Interest in Lord Jesus as if he's seeing Him for the very first time, perhaps he was, who knows?  I'm convinced I made the right move since there were two of them and snatching both before someone uninterested suddenly now has an unfathomable interest would have been risky.  My reflexes are after all slowing down at this Season of Life, I can't therefore take chances!  *Smiles*   I certainly wasn't taking chances with this Pair of Spiritual Vintage Art pieces since they're very Well done and in great condition for their age... and did I mention Cheap, only two bucks apiece... SCORE!!!   No, they will not be leaving Villa Boheme', I have a Collection of such Fabric Spiritual Art already and in a Grouping or Altar Creation they look particularly Awesome and Holy.  I Need to be reminded that I should remain Holy and in the Fruits of the Spirit, because sometimes my Christian Witness is Tested to an Extreme lately.  Apparently The Devil never rests and knows just where I'm showing signs of Weakness!

Will being surrounded by some Lovely Old Spiritual Art prevent me from going Postal and Bat Shit Crazy when all my buttons are pressed and saturation point is attained again?   Well, it can't hurt is all I can say to that, I haven't gone off the deep end into utter Madness and Insanity yet.  Tho' some days I seem to be precariously close to The Edge and one little push could send me over into the Abyss!?!   Pretty Tomb is coming along just Fine and I almost feel like a Pharaoh building up Villa Boheme' like The Great Pyramids of Egypt.   After all, it has been said we now Live in BFE by many of our Friends and Family that find this distance to be like traveling to remote parts of Egypt to visit us... thus, we rarely get Visitors anymore, it's too damned far out in nowhereland!   Note to Self: If I flip this joint eventually DO NOT go looking in remote portions of the Valley for the best Value per square foot... look for Civilization instead, it's worth overpaying for.   I Hate overpaying tho', my Achilles Heel I suppose... and the Old Banker in me is loathe to overpay for Real Estate especially!

Does the Fortune Teller in me suspect I'll go thru the Ordeal of Moving again, since the last Move was so brutal, expensive, long and difficult?   I suspect I Want to and wrestle with not wanting the Ordeal of going thru it again tho'.  Besides, all my crap looks mighty nice in this Gorgeous Tomb I'm constructing here at New Villa Boheme', this is the best damned Luxurious joint I've ever owned!!   I ain't gonna lie, LOVE the Home, it's absolutely Idyllic, even if the Environment and Community {I used that description loosely} is in a Word... Boring!!!   I used to say I'd never been Bored a day in my Life, and I meant it... now I can no longer say this... what a freakin' Boring and Lonely place Subdivision Hell is!  It feels more like Existing than actual Living!  Makes one Wonder if Actual Hell could possible be Pretty and yet still Hell nonetheless?  I do so Hate to seem Ungrateful tho' for living in Luxury, it seems like a Guilty Indulgence to complain when surrounded by Luxurious surroundings and abundant Blessings of any kind.   But can I tell you I've been Poor and in lack... I've lived in some really crappy conditions for many, many, many years... and yet not felt this restless and misfit in a place before... so it's rather a Weird sensation that makes little sense and I didn't expect at all!!!

I'm still Dealing with it daily and some days I prevail and other days I just want to pack up and leave... Escape to what is Familiar and Fits... where I have Friends and Socialization!    I suppose I'm too Social an individual to Enjoy this Solitary Lonesome Existence, tho' The Man is quite Comfortable with it, he's quite the Loner and Loves remote Living, this isn't remote enough for him actually!  *LOL*  He'd live in the actual Wilderness without another Soul within hundreds of miles and be quite Content... we certainly are Yin and Yang that way, so healthy compromise can be difficult in where we hang our hats.  I actually don't Care if we live in a dump, so long as Contentment lies there!  I've lived in Dumps before... substandard conditions and been perfectly Content so long as the sense of Community was strong and we had Friends or Family nearby!   The absence of Friends and Family nearby is a difficult hurdle for me to come to terms with no matter how Pretty and Luxurious the surroundings appear.

 He knows if he were to insist we live more remote I would actually go completely Mad and then he'd have to Deal with that!  Which wouldn't be pretty nor easy... my current state of Madness is about all he can handle I think!?!  *Winks*  The current state of Madness surrounding me is about all I can handle I think.   I Need to be close enough to the City, Sociable People and LIFE that I can attain a semblance of one every once in a while when I can Escape here briefly!!!   The G-Kid Force and I find we linger while in the City, not really Wanting to go Home... they joke, couldn't we just Live in the Truck and stay here in the City?   Yeah, it's been kinda like that for all three of us and thus I feel Bad that I dragged them away from what they knew and to Here, since they had no Choice in the matter and had to leave all their Real Friends behind.  I thought Kids at least would just make New Friends and adapt to the New Environment... I Moved dozens of times in my Childhood, that's the way it Used to Work... apparently it doesn't anymore.  They tried, for two years now they've tried and now they tell me it's just too much Work to keep trying to make Real Friends here... so they gave up already.

Just take us back every chance we can get to where our Old Real Friends are so we can spend time with them is their usual request now.   I do the same... and the Homesickness has not subsided... I still Miss my Old Homestead with a Passion and since there's no Going Back really I second guess every Logical reason why we had to Move.   Even tho' Logically it was the Right thing and the Only thing to do and I know that in my Head... but my Heart still struggles with that Reality... a LOT... since I can't seem to get my Heart on board to Move In and Reside here in the Pretty Tomb, which Looks Amazing so it would be quite Easy to fall in Love with.   And why I did fall in Love with it when I Found it and decided to Buy it... because you can never really know a place and how suitable or unsuitable it is for YOU until you're actually Living there day to day.  I still hold out Hope that the City will move close enough for Convenience and Activities... and Sociable people will eventually frequent the area enough we can make at least a few Friends by finding Kindred Spirits.  I mean, they HAVE to be here hidden somewhere, right?  But shit, they're harder to locate than a Found Treasure of the inanimate variety... dammit!!!!   *Le Sigh*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Turning A Lemons Day Into a Lemonade Day

The day did not begin well, I had one down sick... since Princess T has apparently had one of those adverse reactions to all the Immunizations she had to have before School begins and it gave her a mild dose of the Flu... The Man was struggling with his Mood regulation and was in a Blue Funk... and The Young Prince was having a Mental Health Day!!!   Yep, the Trifecta of Misery befell them all at Home, so since The Princess wanted to sleep hers off... Grandpa didn't mind being left alone to babysit her because he didn't want to be around people or do anything anyway... I opted to take The Young Prince out to Cheer him up while the other two rested at Home.  We headed for the Zoo nearby... that annual Pass has already deemed itself to be Priceless!

Even if you're not in a Good Head Space, being around Nature has a way of Uplifting you and bringing you back to Center.   Though there are loads of animals at the Zoo, my Grandson's Favorites are the Marine Life and Birds so we spent almost all of our time there viewing what he likes to visit with.   Many of the Flamingo Eggs from our last visit had hatched and fuzzy White Baby Flamingos were everywhere mingling with the Adults.  It is always nice to see all of the new Babies at the Zoo, this has been a prolific Spring and early Summer for all of the Wildlife there.   This West side Zoo is known to be a Successful Breeding Zoo so they always have a lot of Babies and it's quite an attraction to see so many Young of the Zoo's Residents.

We timed it just right Today to feed the Lorry Birds, very Beautiful and Friendly Birds that are quite Sociable so long as the Humans are bearing Fresh Apples!  *Smiles*   There were some of the Species with Bright Red Heads but the ones that came to Feed from The Young Prince were the Lovely Violet Head Variety.  Some people weren't as patient and the Birds tended to gravitate to the Humans that weren't trying too hard, so they flocked to my Grandson, who allowed them to initiate contact and stayed Calmer while they interacted with him.   I could tell it had put him in a much Cheerier Mood to be around the Wildlife, they really do have a Calming Effect upon you and reminds you why the Simple things in Life are so Great to Experience and surprisingly Therapeutic.  

Our Quiet Times Together and Walking around the Zoo are perfect opportunities to just Talk as well... and just discuss everything and anything.   We discussed Issues Deep and those superficially just Fun.   He is a virtual encyclopedia of Wildlife and Marine Trivia... I don't know how he knows so much about various Species!?!   He absorbs knowledge like a sponge if he's engaged with the Topic and Interested in it.   He has always had a fascination with Zoology and Marine Biology, I wouldn't be surprised if he pursued them into Adulthood.   They have Volunteers at the Zoo and I'd like to see at what age they allow you to Volunteer and see if he might be interested in that since it's so close to Home?

Look at these Sweet and Beautiful little Guys with their chops filled with Apple!  *Smiles*   The layers of Color of their Feathers is Magnificent and each Bird seemed to have slight variations that made them distinctive as individuals.   My Dad used to breed Exotic Birds and Exotic Fish as a Hobby, and Sold them to Pet Shops, so I grew up around the Raising of them and learned a lot from him over the years.  Sometimes I'm astounded at how much I still remember about the various Species Dad had Raised and Cared for over the years!!!  He had excellent Success with some Species that were notoriously difficult to Breed in captivity.

We knew there were likely to be Monsoon Storms later in the day so we only spent part of the early Afternoon at the Zoo.   I needed to stop by the Antique Mall and drop off the Dress Form I was Selling Off.  The Young Prince had been invited to a Sleepover at a Friend's Home in the Old Neighborhood and I'll pick him up Tomorrow Night after my Shift at the Antique Mall.   We had Lunch and Dinner while out... I always look forward to visiting our Favorite Haunts in the Old Neighborhood and running into Old Friends everywhere and visiting with them.

One of the Combo Plates at Raul & Theresa's is always way more food than I can consume, so there were plenty of delish leftovers to bring Home for another whole meal.   This one has the Cheese Enchiladas, Pork Tamale, Shredded Beef Street Taco, Spanish Rice, Chips, Salsa and spiced Whole Beans.  The Man and Princess T told me what they wanted for Take-Out from their Fav Restaurants in the Old Hood... so as it was storming we sat Home Tonight just enjoying a great knosh!  Nom-Nom!!!  *Smiles*

I picked up this Sweet Little Edison Bulb Mini Chandie at our Antique Mall... this Vendor Upcycles Old Lamp and Retro Kitchen Parts and Creates Interesting Chandies from them.   New Villa Boheme' is bathed in tons of Natural Light during the daytime.   But being a large spacious Home with very high Cathedral Ceilings, at Night I need more Ambient Lighting to be suspended from several rooms to light it up to the degree I prefer.  So I've been accumulating Lighting and Shades I Love so that we can Group them in varying heights from ceilings of various rooms eventually.

We also picked up some inexpensive Titanium Aura Geode Specimens from the Rock Guy's Booth.   We've been Rock Hounds from as far back as I can recall and always add to our Display Collections any Rocks we either Find or Buy that we think are particularly Beautiful or Interesting.   I utilize many Stones and Crystals in my Meditation Spaces or to wear as Jewelry.

I still Love the Antique Sewing Drawers this Vendor has, but it's the whole complete Machine and Cabinet and I don't need anything that large just for a Display piece that wouldn't have any real Function.   But I sure would Love to have all the drawers... so if the Vendor cannot Sell it complete and decides to part it out and Sell it for the sum of it's parts, I'm Down for the Drawers!  I have found that parting out certain larger pieces like Antique Sewing Machines and their Cabinets is more profitable and practical actually.  People can then Display Modest sized items from it, use practical items from it and re-purpose other parts for Creating Interesting Stands for Tables etc. from the Wrought Iron Base.    Complete, tho' Rare to find them that way in Good condition, is a tough Sell from my own Observation and Experience and waiting for that Buyer can take a mighty long time.

Love this Old Metal Medical Cabinet but it's as heavy as a Boat Anchor and thus I'd never get it Upstairs where I'd want for it to be used.  *Le Sigh*  I'd want it to Display Cabinet Of Curiosities Collections in the Meditation Room Upstairs.   I've thought about springing for it, but don't know who or how I'd find a way to get it where it needed to end up here at New Villa Boheme'?   It is not a one Old Woman job so I've hesitated on purchasing something that I wouldn't be able to wrangle on my own effectively and safely.   That said, we turned a Lemons kinda day into a Lemonade kinda day and it all worked out quite Well in the end. 


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Replacements ~ Dress Form Upgrades

Since I'm constantly seeking to Upgrade my Favorite Collections it sometimes doesn't take long before The Replacements come in.  Tonight was such a Night, as my Friend Ken at Work unexpectedly brought in a Killer Vintage Dress Form that will immediately replace a more Modern one I recently purchased.

He and I struck a Deal and Home she came with me and the newer Model will be Showroom bound Tomorrow Morning and Sold Off.  Yeah, I'm just that fickle aren't I, like the Rich Old Dude who replaces the Starter Wife with a Newer Model!   Only I opt for Replacing with the Older Models because they have more Character and History.  *LOL*

Besides, this Old Gal has a Brass Ornate Stand and Skirt, is more slender, taller and has a Fab Ombre effect from the way she Aged.  So she goes from a Nice Black to an Interesting muted Grey with a tinge of Redness to it that really looks Cool!!!   Yes, I did notice the Spirit Orb that showed up in this pix, guess she was well Loved in the Past or has a new Admirer in the Present?  *LOL*

So it's unusual to find one with a Brass Stand and Skirt, which really Appealed to me... and her adjustment is thru a nifty hole in the back near her Cage and she adjusts to an Amazonian Height.   Which was great for Displaying her in a Grouping with other Antique Dress Forms for Interest.

So I much prefer how she looks in the Grouping... rather than her more Modern Predecessor that she will be immediately Replacing...

Who didn't have a very long Run at New Villa Boheme', but I'm confident she'll find a nice new Home.  And the Sale of her will completely Fund the Replacement, so color me Happy!!!  I don't usually have any Attachment to the Newer Models anyway and typically keep them only briefly to Fund Upgrades that will probably be the Keepers.

I'm usually certain which ones will be my Keepers, this one will be among them, I'm totally diggin' her whole Look and Vibe.  I really like any that have the Caged Skirts and a very Nice Stand... and most importantly, have the Patina of Age upon them that I prefer.

Besides Displaying what I drape them with that are my other Collectibles or Favorite Objects.   With her Height she could Display quite a lot of things Beautifully, right now she's going Simple and just Modeling a few Antique Rosaries from my vast Collection of them.  I can hardly Believe what an Antique Rosary is fetching nowadays... Booyah and Cha-Ching!!!

I recently dug out quite a Stash of my Antique Rosary Collection from Storage and rather than have them Stored away unseen anywhere else, I've decided I want to drape as many of them as possible around the Home to Enjoy them more.   I have Sold Off a lot of Rosaries to Fund other Desires, since the Value has risen so drastically in recent years from what I'd paid in the Past, but have Kept my Favs.  I have a LOT of Favs so it wasn't too Painful to part with so many and make some Bank.  *Smiles*

And I'll surely make some Bank and a Great Profit Margin on this Gal heading for the Showroom... so she served her Purpose nicely.   I like how in this Image, as she patiently awaits being loaded into the Truck, it looks as tho' Lil Dik Dik's Head is mounted on her rather than upon the Wall behind her!  *Ha ha ha*

Optical Illusion that is hilarious, dontcha think?!   And it got me to Thinking... wouldn't it be Killer to actually mount a Taxidermy Head to one of my Dress Forms?!?   Or mebbe a Pimped Out Steer Skull all Gypsy blinged out!?!   Because that's just how I THINK!   *LMAO*   I happen to like the Animal Human Dysmorphic Art.

And why not... one of my Grand-Daughter's in Mexico just Shared that she'd morphed into a Cat!  *Smiles*  Isn't she Adorable even morphed into Cat-Gal?   This is one of the Younger Sisters of The G-Kid Force, who is a year younger than Princess T.   So she's only Ten years old, but already Blossoming into quite a Beauty and clearly Loves Voguing for the Camera as much as her Big Sister Princess T... 

and their Mama always did before them!  *Winks*   This is their Mama when she wasn't much older than her Son, The Young Prince, Voguing for the Camera at her Nanna's house... my how Time flies!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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