Monday, July 10, 2017

118 Degrees Of Stranded

So, we've been having record breaking temps day after day... with most being about in the 118 range on the worst days, with a high of 121 one day and 'Cooling Off' to around 108 by Evening.  And ONLY in Arizona can they say THAT is COOLING OFF Seriously and with a straight face on the Weather Forecast!  *Bwahahahahaha!*

So of coarse with extreme stress things are breaking down, right, left and center... especially vehicles, as everything is taxed incredibly and I'm not certain any Vehicle was built with these extremes in Mind!?!   I think I once heard that the average Vehicle is built with the intention the air conditioner will run only a small number of days out of every year.   In Arizona it's pretty much a constant for most of the year, unless you want to slowly Cook while in your Vehicle?!

So of coarse recently, on a 118 Degree day I got 118 Degrees of Stranded when The Truck wouldn't start!   Uh oh, I panicked more than a little bit, I was far from Home, had to be at Work in an Hour and didn't have anyone I could call.  The Son's vehicle had crapped out the day before and my Mind went blank about who else I might call in an extreme Emergency who could respond immediately!?!   Note to Self: Buy freakin' Roadside Assistance... that's now at the top of my To Do List!

It is not as if I can call The Man anymore to come to my Rescue... with TBI it leaves him Helpless to Help and he can no longer drive.   Second Note to Self: Teach The Young Prince To Drive and buy some hooptie secondhand vehicle just for Emergencies and back-up!   You think about such things when you're suddenly stranded and faced with your Realities.   Mine being, if something comes up I can't Fix myself, I'm more than a little bit screwed and completely on my own sometimes with no back-up or Plan of Action!  It's a very sobering and humbling realization that I don't like to dwell on too much, except in Extreme Emergencies!

So I'm too far from Work to walk in that kinda heat without risking a Stroke or extreme dehydration, so I call Work just to tell them the situation and ask if any Co-Workers might be available to pick me up so I can at least get there?   Nobody is available... splendid... and I'm standing there soaking in that dilemma when Divine Intervention shows up in the way of a Fellow Vendor Friend from the Antique Mall... John, you were my Savior that fateful day my Friend... Hallelujah!!! 

  So... I got to Work... one problem Solved just in the nick of time!  But, all thru my Shift I'm now Wondering and distracted by, how the Hell do I get Home... and then back into the City the next Morning to figure out what to do with my stranded Vehicle and get it repaired!?!  I also don't relish leaving it for an Evening unattended in The Hood even tho' it had crapped out under good Lighting and a busy thoroughfare to hopefully alleviate Risk factors of Theft or Vandalism! 

 And then it, my Racing Thoughts... jumps to the long fought for VA Hospital Appointments that The Man has coming up soon, and which we've already waited Months for... so I have to be able to have a reliable Vehicle stat!!!   And forget about the Vacay we'd Hoped to have before the end of the Month if we're having Vehicle problems and repairs!  And... now we Live in the Boondocks and not near a damned thing!  Oy Vey!  My Head was spinning and jumping from Racing Thought to Thought way too far ahead!!! 

One of the Wonderful Young Men at Work Volunteers to drive me back to my Vehicle after our Shift to retrieve whatever I have in there.  Then say he will drive way out of his way to get me Home!   God Bless you Cole, my 2nd Savior of the Evening... I tell him I'll see if, after Dark and "Cooling Off" to 108, it might just turn over?  *Ha ha ha... hey, I Dream Big, what can I say?!*  Plus, I didn't want him to have to drive all the way out to the Boondocks so late at Night and then onwards to where he lives.  Since he has an older Vehicle and his Safety was a concern to me, he's the Age of some of my own Grandkids and so Adorable in every way!

 I was trying hard to SLOW down my Racing Neg Thoughts of all potential problems and focus instead on what might improve the situation and be Answer to much Prayers that I'd been sending up incessantly all Evening!!!  Dear Lord... it would Help immensely if You could just... {You know the Drill of the Frantic Prayer!}   Miraculously it did turn over... and then again in the Morning to get me to the Dealership!  *Whew!*  Where I spent an outrageous amount of money having every conceivable Preventative Maintenance done to it, including New Tires!  {Needed it all anyway, so what the Hell!  In for a Penny, in for a Pound as my European Nanna would say!  LOL}

Besides, as much as the Desert Regions can be a Beautiful environment, just getting stranded once in it during the Summer Months is enough to give you instant Paranoia!  You begin having those involuntary unsettling thoughts of having nowhere to go and nobody to rescue you in an Extreme weather situation!   Much like those in Cold Climates probably do thinking about begin stranded during a Blizzard White Out!   Being broke down at the side of the road anywhere doesn't appeal to me in even Ideal conditions, let alone Extreme ones!  So Overkill was the order of the day and now I had a Peace about my Vehicle being reliable again!  *LOL*

And worrying about The Man and the Kiddos was also on my Mind if I found it Impossible to get back Home in a reasonable time frame!   They would be frantic, but I did have to make The Call I dreaded to The Man to inform him of my predicament as it was unfolding, just in case things didn't play out Ideally!  Not that he could offer words of Comfort or Encouragement, I think he actually felt awful he could do nothing and was a bit Anxious in case I couldn't find someone who could!?   Future Note To Self: Wait til worse possible scenario is a sure thing before making any Calls Home in the Future case of an Emergency!  Either that or be prepared for The Man's 'Inside Voice' to disappear completely as he Stresses the Hell out on his end of said Call!!!

Yeah, I couldn't exactly Feel The Love on the other end of that conversation!  It was more that prickly kinda Love where the other person is kinda Freakin' Out and now you're Stranded AND trying to Calm a nearly Hysterical person down!  Okay, I'm hanging up now... just know I got a lotta shit to figure out on The Fly, Okay?  *Understatement of the Century!*  Traumatic Brain Injury has made it so that The Man doesn't handle nor cope with Bad News very well, so it's almost a better Idea to just not give him any... but what to do if you aren't even sure you can get back Home?!?   It was like a Catch-22 situation playing out in Real Time! 

Luckily I handle Crisis and Emergencies rather Calmly from the Outside anyway, even if I kinda feel nauseous on the Inside when faced with them.   So, I'm glad I kept and even Maintained my Calm... and everything worked out in the end.  After half a day in the Dealership my Truck is in tip-top Shape... and even Clean since they Complimentary Washed and Detailed it, why not, I spent a fortune!  *LOL*   And actually, the New Nissan Dealership fairly close to our Villa in the Boondocks is very well run and I'll definitely use them for all of my preventative Maintenance and repairs in the Future, I was impressed.  I also got to watch a Marathon of Episodes on the Food Channel Network of Guy's Grocery Games!  *LOL*

And ya want some more Divine Intervention... well, the Dealership Shuttle Driver just happened to be a Retired Social Worker who has Fostered and Adopted NINE profoundly Special Needs Children!!!  What are the Odds?!?  So we had some Deep talks about Caregiving, The System and Services on the way to and fro' from the Dealership!   He Shared advice about Services I should be receiving and am not and told me to look into it!  Yeah, The System doesn't 'Volunteer' much info about what you should be receiving so you have to find out completely by Accident or Divine Interventions most times!!!   I Plan to Seriously look into it and it was Wonderful having such Positive reinforcement and affirmation by a fellow Caregiver with as much Experience and Knowledge as this Dear Elderly Man has!

So yeah, even in a series of Unfortunate Circumstances some Good can come out of it all... and therefore all things Worked to the Good in the end.   The 118 Degrees Of Stranded did Scare me, I ain't gonna lie, but things lined up just Right and Worked Out in my Favor and for that I am eternally Grateful to all who were in my Path that day to Rescue me and Assist me... THANK YOU!!!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Dawn, how awful and how wonderful!
    Sooo glad it worked out in the end. I know about people freaking out and adding to your load.
    Mind you, I've been the freakee a time or two. xo Jazzy Jack

  2. So glad you were blessed with good through the bad! I'm sure your prayers brought it to pass!

  3. I'm so glad it all worked out. I know your prayers and intention to problem-solve made a huge difference. And what a wonderful boon to meet that shuttle driver.

  4. I'm so glad it all worked out. I know your prayers and intention to problem-solve made a huge difference. And what a wonderful boon to meet that shuttle driver.

  5. The Universe provides in such strange ways...glad you 'weren't' really stranded in that heat. TC, Sandi

  6. I'm glad it turned out okay. Scary.


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