Friday, July 7, 2017

Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Senior

Yes you heard me correctly, contributing to the delinquency of a SENIOR... it happens... it's usually when you're in the presence of a Minor that it happens... specifically Grandkids... your Grandkids can be very persuasive!   MY Grandkids are exceptional at the Art of Persuasion!  Wonder who they get that from!?! *Winks*

Especially Teen Grandkids, they are the most persuasive of all I've found, they really want you to Rebel right along with them!  *LMAO*   Okay, so I'm raising a couple of my Grands and therefore the filter of logic that a Parent might contribute is totally absent from the equation!  Not that my Kids were ever logical and not Rebellious too, especially their Mother.  *Smiles*  So... it's just you and your Teen Grandchild hanging out together all day... at the Mall...

At a Popular spot at the Mall that specializes in Body Piercing... since your Grandson is really 'Into' Body Piercing.  Yes, you suspect someone is going to get Body Pierced this day... but who??!  He's there because you are Bankrolling the transition of his four Spider Spikes thru his bottom lip to Rings in colors of the Rainbow.  Yes, Surgical Steel comes in colors of the Rainbow, who knew?  There's a VERY Handsome Young East Indian Man in his Twenties, who along with said Grandson, persuades you that Yes, you should go for it and get that Lovely Nose Piercing you've always wanted!

And with the Charming persuasion that only two Handsome Young Men can exert on an Old Woman, there you go!  *Bwahahahaha!*  He was very skilled, not to mention quick as greased lightening... and seemed quite impressed that I didn't even flinch. But honestly, it didn't hurt like I expected a Nose Piercing to.  Within seconds I had my little Diamond Stud shining brightly from my Nostril and no lingering pain like other piercings I've had.   Are you sure you don't want your Septum Pierced too Gramma?   Yes, I'm quite Sure I don't wanna look like a Bull.  *LOL*  Sorry the Close-Up is... well... the Close-Up of Aged Skin *Ha ha ha*... and clearly I need a lone Nostril hair trim... Estrogen decline, it Sucks!

I come Home to Princess T, who is self ascribed as The Voice Of Reason in this Family... who says I shouldn't spend the day unsupervised with her Brother because he talks me into doing things that are Crazy. *Smiles* To which he tritely replies, don'tcha know Gramma is already Crazy and I just talked her into something she has wanted to do anyway for a long time... and besides, it looks Good.  She came up and peered intently at my Nose Stud and agreed, it looks Good... so it's Unanimous now and Sanctioned by The Force.  *Smiles*   The Man doesn't even raise an Eyebrow, after all, he's spent Decades Married to this Crazy Woman.  *LOL*

Oh, Congratulations he says, I mean what else can he say, right?  *LOL*  Nothing Surprises nor Shocks him about his Wifey anymore anyway... he knows I'm a Rebel and never really Needed a Cause.  Besides, this is The Man that had his Earring in the Sixties ripped out by his Marine Corp. Drill Instructor!  And who did dangerous Undercover Narcotics Work infiltrating Biker Gangs in between his Military Service of being a Special Forces Sniper in the Corp. to working on the F-16's for the Air Force.  So he's not without his own Rebellious Wild side... I can't hold a Candle to him when it comes to swapping Rebel Stories!   And BTW he looked Wicked Fierce Bad Boy Handsome as an Outlaw Biker AND also in Uniform!  *Winks*

He's just rather Surprised that's ALL I got Pierced, since he knows I tend to not do too much of anything with Moderation... and typically with Excess!  *LMAO*  We brought you all back some Freshly made Pretzel Bites... Salted and with Cinnamon Sugar.  It was difficult to eat those in Moderation lemme tell ya and the Pretzel Mall Gal hooked us up on a couple of Medium orders and filled our Bags rather than just the Medium sized Cups!   It helps to have Handsome Grandson in tow chatting up the Young Female Vendors, Gals Adore him!  

But, he's not that 'Into' Shopping, so after Body Piercing Shop, Spencer's and Hot Topic, with overflowing bags of Hot Pretzels, he was pretty much Done with The Mall Experience and hanging out with Gramma for the day.  *LOL*  Besides, he knows I'll need my reserve of Mall Stamina for Tomorrow when it's his Little Sister's turn to spend a Girl's Day Out with Gramma Shopping!   Now that will be a Marathon Shopping Experience, she reminds me so much of her Mama and her Great-Nanna that way... The Prodigal Daughter and Mom could Out-Shop the best of us!

We will have a Mission Statement of Hunting the elusive LED Kicks... Light Up Tennis Shoes with Lights along the entire Soles.   She saw some Kids wearing them on the 4th of July and has been Obsessed with getting some ever since!   And I thought I could be Obsessive, but I can't hold a Candle to that Child when it comes to Obsessions!   She is the Jedi Master of OCD Behaviors and she is Relentless once Obsessed about something!  *Smiles*

I would just order them Online if only we were sure of her shoe size and fit... but that tall, lanky Kid has feet that are growing like a St. Bernard Puppy! At least they seem reasonably priced so I won't have to drop a fortune on the Imelda Marcos Of The Desert, as we like to call her.  *Smiles*   She's been known to think she needs Shoes for every Ensemble in her Wardrobe... but until those feet stop growing... well... ain't gonna happen... since she outgrows all her Shoes... and much of her Wardrobe, about every Quarter thruout the Year! 

So Pray for me that we Hunt down the elusive LED Kicks somewhere in the City Tomorrow and before I drop Dead from Mall Trawl Exhaustion?!?   *Le Sigh*  Mebbe it's a Good Thing that The Young Prince's excursions with Gramma are typically Short and Sweet when we have a day out together to spend some Quality Time with just the two of us!  He's easy to hang out with since he's very Chill.  Because the excursions with his Little Sister can be Epic and quite draining and intense by comparison!!!   I Feel my Life Source in Need of a serious re-charge after half a day hanging out with Princess T!!!

But I do so Enjoy hanging out with my Grandchildren, they are a lot of Fun, especially now they're getting Older and their Personalities are Maturing and Developing towards the Young Adult Stage.   And even tho' with the Older one he tends to Contribute to the Delinquency of a Senior... his Younger Sister is more like my Warden or Parole Officer, since The Voice Of Reason is an Old Soul that way and very By The Book... we don't know where she got that from actually???!!!!??????!   Certainly not from MY side of the Family!!!  *LOL*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. HA< HA< HA! you crack me up--a nose piercing, well, it is a diamond, after all.

    LOL, I certainly can understand rebelling, but at my age, I would be sent to the funny farm, if I did half of what I wanted to. My kid's are still reeling from our last RPG episode where their 'mom' character did something unexpected. Grins, ain't that what 'crazy' people are supposed to do. From soggy, Chicagoland, Sandi


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