Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Expanding The Vision ~ Booth #502

I've been wanting to Rent another smaller Booth at our Antique Mall THE BRASS ARMADILLO WEST to experiment with a Space I can do more Theme Decorating with that won't consume nor overwhelm me by being too big... or too expensive, in case the experimenting isn't as Successful as I Hoped.  The opportunity came up quickly Tuesday Night at the end of my Shift for the Ideal Booth in a very popular Isle with the right synergy of Vintage Industrial and Yard Art Vendors nearby.    So I'm now expanding the Vision with Booth #502 in the center of our Antique Mall.

So Princess T and I spent this entire day Wednesday Painting with Black Chalkboard Paint, putting up Weathered Salvaged Barnwood on one Wall and dragging over some Inventory from the Showroom as well as some New Inventory from Home.   We were fortunate that the Warm Sepia Hue of the Walls, Corrugated Tin accents on back Wall and Booth Number, back Shelf, as well as the strung overhead lighting and Picket Fence accent on the back Wall had been installed by previous Vendors and were just The Style I wanted.  So it didn't take a great deal of effort or expense to just personalize it some and by early Afternoon that part was already done!

It helped immensely too that Princess T was raring to go up the Ladder Of Death and Paint to give me breaks from it and reach what I couldn't, since she's lankier and has longer reach... not to mention more nimble!  *Smiles*   The Chalkboard Paint worked well but was of a runnier texture than I liked, so we had to do two coats, probably because particle board and peg board are rather porous and unforgiving mediums to work with and paint?!  Putting screws in particle board is also the devil since it has so much glue in it's construction!

So the installation of just a small Wall of the Lovely Weathered Salvaged Barn Wood took Forever and I have some War Wounds from how difficult it behaved!  I would have liked to have done the whole back Wall instead but my Stash of Salvaged Lumber is quite lean right now and not like it was at the Old Homestead when I had numerous Outbuildings filled with Historic Boards just waiting for Projects!   No real place to store it here so I didn't bring most of it with us during the Big Move unfortunately and I'm still lamenting that I had to leave so much behind with the Old Property!

Princess T and I didn't have a Peace about the stability of the Shelf along the back Wall since we didn't know how securely it had been installed or how much weight it would bear, so we added Wrought Iron support brackets.  On my aisle my Friends Louise and Leo have a wealth of such Hardware for Sale and Cheap, so we picked out a couple of brackets with Horse Motif.   Yes, I would have liked to of used Architectural Victorian Salvaged Corbels, but my stash of those at Home is for Personal Projects and not my Retail Space usage.   I was Happy with these splendid six dollar brackets instead and they have secured the Shelf solidly enough.

I had recently purchased an Amazing Antique Victorian spinning round Clothing Rack with Fab Wrought Iron Stand on wheels from my Vendor Friend Michael at The Mall, so that will now Display any Vintage Linens and Altered Art Gypsy or Retro Clothing I want to Sell.   Princess T and I grew weary after hauling so much over AFTER having spruced up the empty Booth and then Staging it all in a single day... so alas, we didn't fill the rack with all of the New Inventory I'd brought, mostly Vintage Tablecloths.   Yes, I am Culling my Hoard of Vintage Tablecloths finally, I'm getting to the Editing and Curating of the most Beloved of Collections now in the Great Edit & Purge Process.

I told everyone I would Edit & Purge every Collection I own, even the most Beloved, and be a lot more Editorial now, so I'm making Good on that Promise!  The Downsizing Project is still in full swing and it's getting much easier I must say!  Now the Detachment Process is not all that Painful or Anxiety ridden as it used to be when I'd get to those most Cherished items and Collections and Feel strong Attachments, which made it harder!  Yay!!!   I'm a lot less indecisive and not as inclined to stall, feel overwhelmed or exhausted and be an Emotional wreck as I make a succession of very quick decisive Editorial decisions about what has to Go!!!  *Happy Dance!!!*

And I haven't had Seller's Regret or Remorse either... and since I'm not Shopping nearly as much anymore or adding to Collections habitually, it's a nicer Balance of "Just Enough" of each rather than "Too Much" in any one direction!   Not going Overboard and Excessive is my eventual Goal that I Hope will become a New Habit.   Selling enough to keep a steady stream of discretionary income to help the Family and supplement a Disability Fixed Income, while Buying with Sales in Mind rather than adding to Collections at Home.  Unless it's a Killer Addition, since I still have the 5+ To 1 Rule... which means for every ONE item I bring In and Keep, well FIVE or more are required to go Out!

I may even up that ante in time, since usually I can easily get rid of more than five things already when I do make a Keeper Purchase, so I want to Challenge myself to be even more Accountable.   If it hurts enough to be a deterrent then you're less apt to Shop for yourself or Keep what you do Find on The Thrill Of The Hunts... which of coarse I'll always do because I Love to Scavenge and don't intend to quit anytime soon.   I Enjoy it too much and am Good at it, I always Find some Good Stuff and passing it up when I can make a buck off any of it would just be Foolish and no Fun at all!  *Winks*

So anyway, there is still a lot I can and want to do with this Space, the Booth Foof was just in it's fledgling stages for now since we were mighty tired after spending over Eight Hours slogging away at it!   It always takes much longer than you anticipate and Princess T was a real Trooper and never complained. She Worked tirelessly and diligently right alongside me, knowing her Payment would come in the form of a Great Luncheon Feast at her Fav Vietnamese Restaurant and a Spending Spree with a Generous Allowance she'd Earned by Helping Gramma and being a Willing Volunteer.   The Guys were not at all Interested and had I not been able to get a Volunteer who Worked Hard, it would have taken twice as long to complete, more than a day for sure!

So the Booth was a Good Beginning and ready for Customers by 7:00 pm Wednesday Night and we already had numerous Shoppers and other Vendors coming by, which was a Promising Sign.   I Hope my Bottom Line gets a boost and that I can now Enjoy Decorating for the Seasons and Holidays again.  Since this smaller Booth is Doable for me without it being overwhelming to Theme or Seasonal Source for Inventory and Style, I know I'll very much Enjoy being able to do that again.   When I had a small Booth in the beginning of my Vendor Journey Selling at an Antique Mall I always did Themes and Holiday Decorating and Sourcing... for a Showroom it's just too big and Time consuming for me right now with Full Time Caregiving.   But I'm keeping the Showroom #114 also, so now you can Shop in two of my locations again!


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Sounds like a good idea! Wish I could shop there! We do have a very good Brass Armadillo not too terrible far from us! Sister Judy and I enjoy the outing, and always find things we can't do without!

    1. Yes they have 6 locations here in the U.S. but I think ours has the most sf at 55,000 square feet on two levels. We actually have two locally, the one I'm at is on the far West Side and there is a Central Phoenix location as well that has been there 18 years.

  2. How will you staff two booths? Do you have willing helpers?
    So glad Princess T could help out. Chip off the old block!
    I too have found it easier to purge the more I practice. It can be a learned art!
    Your booth looks gorgeous! xo Jazzy Jack

    1. The Mall provides all staffing as part of the rental agreement so I don't even have to be there unless I want to be, which works with my situation exceptionally well.


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