Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hitting The Motherlode

Every once in a while I feel a particularly strong Urge to go Junquing... it's usually an indication I'm going to be hitting The Motherlode of Good Junque so I Act upon it when I can.   Well, I could, so I did... and my Haul was substantial enough I felt positively Junque Drunk!  Spending way less than Forty bucks for IT ALL!!!   Happy Dancing all over the place!!!

First of all I hit The Motherlode of Hand-Made Halloween Decor... and what was particularly making my pulse race was that I happen to Collect this particular Genre of Hand-Made Halloween Type Figures!  Usually they're expensive if you have to pay Retail, I've seen them Selling for around $65 for the larger Creations and no less than $20 for the smaller ones.

And finding them secondhand is Rare, so to find several secondhand at a ridiculous bargain of a mere couple bucks each, well... Booyah!!!   These will be Keepers since finding Vintage or Hand-Made Halloween Collectibles is getting scarcer, not that they ever were easy to locate!   We Decorate extensively for Halloween and these will now add to my small Collection of this Genre of Decorations, doubling it, Color me Happy!

Yes, I could Sell them and make a huge Profit Margin, but I don't wanna... and so I won't.   I can always do that later down the line if I'm feeling so inclined, which I doubt will happen anytime soon since I already purged a great deal of my Seasonal Decor during the Big Move.   So I have no Need nor Desire to Cull my Seasonal Decor further, especially if it's the bestest stuff I J'Adore most of all!  *Smiles*

I sat them all out to Photograph them for Blog Fodder and The Young Prince saunters by and critically says, "Halloween in July?  Gramma!!!"   *LMAO*  I may leave them out a day or two just to irk him now, he's not that "Into" Holiday Decorating even during the Holidays!   Sometimes I Wonder, is that Kid really related to me then?!?!??!  *Ha ha ha*

"They're hideous...", he says, I think they're Cute in a Quirky Demented way... which is just My Style, right?!!  *Winks*   "What happened to The Cat's other Eye?", he queries... well, it doesn't have one... besides, I remind him we once owned a one-eyed Feral Female Cat we named Jackie One Eye.   He's not Feelin' the One-Eyed Cat and thinks the Scarecrow Doll holding it looks like a Voodoo Doll!   *Bwahahahahaha!*

I think come Halloween, en mass in a Vignette, they all together will make a Whimsical Seasonal Display for Autumn in the Entryway.   Yes, I'm already thinking ahead to Autumn, why not, the freakin' Shops are already Merchandising for it... and Christmas too... it gets earlier every year I swear!  But you won't hear me complaining, I Love the Holidays and seeing all the Seasonal Decor, it gets me in the Mood, so the longer it's extended the Merrier I say!

I could run all the Holidays together consecutively and keep the Home Decorated for Seasonal Celebrations Year Round actually, just taking some down to put up the next so it always felt Festive!   Sometimes I'm just too Lazy to put it all away so some will linger long past the actual Holiday and it really doesn't bother me, especially the Halloween and Autumn Decor.   The Paper Mache' Jack-O-Lantern with the Folk Art Felt Black Cat reminds me of the really Old Paper Mache' Halloween Buckets. 

And this Sweet Fabric and Crochet Pumpkin with the Wood Branch Stem is Adorable... I Wish there had been more of these in the Lot of Halloween Finds of the day!!!   I know, I'm Greedy... but it was just so Exciting to find so much Folk Art Style Hand-Made Halloween Decor all in one place and so Cheap!

And the Halloween Box Lot was just the very beginning of The Motherlode Strikes... this was going to be an Epic Junquing Day!!!

I got a Huge Exotic Old Tribal Rug for under Eight Bucks!   This is the back side since it's still rolled up in the back of my Truck until Morning.  Being Wool it's tremendously heavy and I was just too Tired to drag it inside or roll it out for a Photo Op for this Post... mebbe later... and I'm undecided right now whether to Keep or Sell?

It has simple Tribal patterns and a Vegetable Dye look to it in great, still vivid Hues and higher very soft pile on the top side, but no distinguishing Labels or Tags so I'm just not certain of where it's from?   It doesn't look Persian to me, nor does it look Native American... so I'm thinking perhaps Turkish or Afghan?  I'll have to lay it out to see the entire Design and do some research.  It has some slight condition issues on one edge and the tassles are ragged, but I suspect it's Old so for it's apparent Age it's in very good condition and no stains or smells, nor obvious wear marks or repairs.   It's a larger weave per square inch too, so probably not ultra Expensive, but certainly worth far more than the Seven bucks I paid for it! 


And another Seven dollar purchase was this Huge Samsonite Map Printed Suitcase!   I've never seen a Samsonite with this type of Original covering.  At first I thought someone had covered an Old Suitcase in a Map, then realized it was actually Original to the Suitcase and Vinyl, not Paper..

This side is a little rough, I suspect it had some very rough handling at some Airports, but it took a beating and the interior stayed decent, so it probably adequately protected it's contents during it's Traveling days.   It is so Tempting to want to Keep a piece like this one, but I won't.   Even tho' it was an Epic Haul I can't Keep everything and must Sell Off the Majority of it.

The G-Kid Force are both growing like Weeds again and need almost complete new Wardrobes since they've outgrown just about all of their Pants and Shoes AGAIN!   These are going to be some Tall Kiddos, Princess T is just about ready to surpass me in height and she's only Eleven!    The Young Prince is already taller than Grandpa and is getting solid as a rock now, so he's clearly done with the Stringbean Phase and morphing into Corn Fed Manhood Phase!  *LOL*  So my expenditure for Children's Wardrobe is about to be Epic as we've recently purged their Closets of everything that no longer fits... which was most of what they had!  *Le Sigh*

So I was Glad when I Scored this Mrs. Beasley 1967 Doll is such Fab Condition and for only Eight bucks, she's missing her Glasses and I'm not sure if she still speaks, I didn't risk pulling her talk string due to her Age.   So I priced her much lower than they're Selling for Online, and I was shocked at what she's Selling for Online with her Glasses and whether she still speaks or not!!!    I Sold one in not this pristine a Condition a couple years ago and got Fifty bucks and she Sold in less than an Hour after putting her in my Showroom... so we'll see if this Mrs. Beasley entices that kind of Interest?   I always thought Mrs. Beasley was one of the Creepiest Dolls ever, but she was madly Popular in her Era and apparently she still is high on the Nostalgia factor.

The other Motherlode I hit was of Vintage Linens, and I'm a huge Sucka for Vintage Linens, especially Vintage Tablecloths.   Another Lady was hovering over the Vintage Linens Lot and I thought she was going to buy them all, as she was rifling thru them and setting most aside.   My Heart sank a little bit that I hadn't gotten to them first... but then she looked over and asked me if I wanted them ALL!?   Hell, Yeah, I Smiled and Thanked her but tried not to look too Eager, lest she changed her Mind and decided mebbe the Value was more than she'd estimated?!!!  *Winks*  So I'm Glad I hadn't just walked away in Assumed Defeat, you just never know what someone will Pass on even if they get there first!?!

Along with the Linens, Tatted Doilies and Vintage Tablecloths was this couple of Sweet Hand-Made Pot Holders of little Black Girls with Bonnets.   These kinds of items Sell quickly as Retro Kitchen, Folk Art and Black Americana is very Desirable and I can never keep them in Stock for very long.

Some of the Linens had very nice Embroidery on them, this Round Embroidered Tablecloth in a Sepia Tea Stained Linen was one of my Favs.

This is probably a Keeper to use in the Creation of some Gypsy Curtains...

I never was all that Skilled in the Art of Fancy Embroidery so I can really Appreciate it when pieces do have Fancy Embroidery done Well.

I Suspect that this Table Runner was Created by the same Person since the Fancy Embroidery is very similar?

I fell in Love with the Flower Basket Embroidery and tho' this particular piece had some stains, it's great for a Cutter piece to Create Gypsy Curtains from.

Now all of the Embroidered pieces like these will be Showroom bound and there was a lot of them in very Good Condition.

As will many of the Vintage Tablecloths, especially the ones with Seasonal Motif... I've Sold all but one of the Vintage Tablecloths I had for Sale in the Showroom so it's time to re-stock.   Vintage Tablecloths always Sell very well so I suppose I'm not the only one totally infatuated with them?  *Smiles*

There was a Huge mound of Crocheted and Tatted Doilies, Pot Holders and Table Runners, most will go to the Showroom, a few will be Kept for Gypsy Curtain or Altered Art Clothing Embellishment if they're in Hues I like to use.

Got this 1960's Mod Kitchen Timer, still Works Good... Showroom bound...

This Black Alabaster Mortar I'm Keeping...

And this Hair Fascinator is a Keeper, will look Good in my Dreads...

And speaking of Hair Ornamentation my Custom Order arrived from "Purple Finch" and I just Love it... only I screwed up and forgot to tell them that I had Micro Dreads so it's thicker than my Dreads and more in line with Festival Hair sized Dreads!  *LOL*   I had remember to tell the length, colors, blunt tip and embellishment Charms I wanted but completely spaced out on thickness... Oops... my fault entirely!

I'm not sending it back tho' since I totally Love it and it will look just Fine in my Hair anyway.   I intend to Create some of these types of Hair Fascinators myself since I have this Epic Hoard of Yarn Fibers and Charm embellishments... and Decorating my Dreads has been as Fun as Decorating a Christmas Tree for me!  *LOL*

I'm still getting one or more compliments daily on my Hair when I go out in Public and I'm just still not used to people randomly coming up and paying me a compliment about MY Hair!   And most saying they want theirs to look like mine and confiding that they have Dread Envy but are timid about taking the Plunge!  WOW!   It's really done away with the Hair Envy I've had just about all of my Life and the Love-Hate Relationship I always had with my own Thin, Straight, Fine Hair that I couldn't do hardly anything with and yet was such High Maintenance anyway.   And since getting Dreaded, it's been a great Conversation Starter with some very Nice Strangers.

"Purple Finch" also sent me this Sweet Dia de los Muertos temporary Henna Tattoo as a Gift for my Order, now, to keep it away from The Force so one of them doesn't liberate it from me and put it on themselves instead!!!   *Smiles*

And two last things to Show Off... first being a Tee that I just Love and found at The Astrology Store when I was getting more of my Nag Champa Essential Oils.  And secondly, look towards the bottom of the pix, notice the disappearing Wide Hips!??!?!??!   Yes, FINALLY I'm shrinking in all the right places!   The Wide Load Ass is now slenderizing to the point I'm noticing the fat loss from my Hip area, tho' I'm still working on the Tummy dimensions... and The Girls, Forget about it, they never shrink so I no longer bother to Hope they ever will.  Ya gotta just choose your battles wisely my Friends!  *Bwahahahaha!*


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Gosh! What a terrific shopping day! Just love your Halloween pieces and will use the pictures as inspiration for my creating!! Congratulations on your slimming down project too! great Job! Been wanting to see some more pictures of your new hair style too!

    1. I am so terrible at taking Selfies that I have to wait until someone else can photograph my hair and when I ask the kiddos to I get a lot of eye rolling! *winks* I'd love to see your Halloween inspired Creations when you finish them! Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. Vintage Halloween has a place in my heart. I actually posted Halloween decor I just made and almost titled it Halloween in July. Good luck on your school shopping with the grands.

    1. I'm now going to have to take a Blog Visit to see your Vintage Halloween in July! *Smiles* I too have a soft spot in my Heart for the Vintage Halloween since it is so rare to find. We forget that back in the day people didn't decorate for it very much at all and popularity has really only soared in recent years. Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Nice score on the kitty pumpkin. I would definitely have grabbed that one. Congratulations on the weight loss!

    1. Well it's good we aren't Pickin' Buddies then we'd be having smack downs for exactly the same Treasures, huh? *LOL* Dawn... The Bohemian


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