Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Red, White And Feeling Blue

Well, it's the 4th of July and it's really a Red, White and Feeling Blue kinda day for me... tho' I know we'll Celebrate later in the day and see Fireworks, since I managed to swap days with a Co-Worker to get Tonight off.   I think in part it's because Tomorrow would have been my Mom's Birthday and Today I'm particularly Missing everyone whose Missing.   Whether they moved away or passed away, I Wish they were here to Celebrate this day with us.  And the state of the Nation... well, that has me Feeling Blue AND seeing Red too... how can it NOT?

I never Decorate for the 4th of July and I can't even tell you Why... it's not that we're not a Patriotic Family, far from it, we fiercely are.   I just don't have a whole lot of Red, White or Blue Decor nor have I had the inclination to buy any just for Decorating for this Holiday... ever.   Tho' in the early days of having a Booth in the Antique Mall I went "All Out... or is it All In" for Decorating for the 4th and tried to Source Red, White or Blue Inventory and festoon the Booth with American Flags, Buntings and Ribbons.

I don't know that it increased Sales but I Enjoyed doing it for the first few years and then I just stopped Theme Decorating for Holidays in general because it was a lot of extra Work that I don't have Time for.   I don't get to spend nearly enough time foofing the Retail Space as I Want or Need to on a Good day, never mind during the hectic Holiday Seasons when we typically have Big Sales and other things on our Minds.   I'm doing Well in the Big Sale we're presently having at the Antique Mall for the 4th of July, without having Theme Decorated for it.

I know that the Retail Jedi among you are probably saying, you should be proactive and Decorate for Holidays way in advance, before the throngs of Customers come Shopping during Seasonal Celebrations.   I'm just not that much of a diligent long-term Planner... that Organized... nor even Motivated that far in advance of any Holidays.  Honestly it's all I can do to usually Decorate the Home for the major Holidays in time that I wouldn't think of NOT Decorating for!!!   Plus Sourcing Inventory that far in advance with a Themed Holiday in Mind is also a lot of Work and Time that I don't have available for such things.  Not to mention Pressure to Perform and Pull Off a Theme before an Event!

Sure, in a Perfect World going out in say, March... to Source Red, White and Blue Inventory to Style the Retail Space with in July in time for the 4th would be quite The Thrill Of The Hunt.   I'd be up to the Challenge if I had nothing but Free Time and an unlimited Pickin' Budget for such indulgences, but I don't.  Sometimes I Luck Out and do find something Holiday Specific in Time, but it's by pure Chance and not at all a focused Goal.   Most of my Pickin' is Accidental at best and at worst I have dry spells where nothing much turns up worthwhile to even Purchase for Re-Sale with adequate margins or quality of merchandise.

  And I do find that so many of MY Customers anyway, aren't looking specifically to Source their Holiday Decor on or around a specific Holiday necessarily.  They are unlikely to be seeking a Blue Camping Lantern just because it's near the 4th of July and it would look Cool in a Vignette.   They are more likely, given my recent Sales sheet, to find some 1930's Navajo Hand-Made Dolls in Traditional Dress or a 1960's Mrs. Beasley Doll and buy those on a 4th of July Weekend out of my Showroom and during a Sale.  *Smiles* 

  Yes, Mrs. Beasley only lasted half a day before she was Sold this time around... last Mrs. Beasley I had Sold within the Hour, that Record still stands, but half a day ain't bad turnover either... cha-ching!   Well, at least Mrs. Beasley does have a lot of Blue going on, so perhaps she'll end up in that Lady's 4th of July Vignette, who knows?  *LOL*   I'm just Glad she Sold before someone handed her to their Kid to play with as they walked around the Mall and she got all jacked up being Manhandled!   Why do people do that, especially in a Retail Setting... where then either Brand New Merchandise... or a Pristine Vintage Toy... or Fragile Antique Toy then gets absolutely mauled and ruined by their Kid... and they never had any intention of buying it in the first place?!?

Irresponsible Parenting leads to Irresponsible Children that then grow up to be Irresponsible Adults and the Cycle goes full circle... they are easy to spot and nobody much can tolerate them.   But I digress, back to the Holiday, where I'm Feeling Blue but not necessarily depressed or even Sad, just a Missing kinda Blue where there is a Void left by who isn't here this 4th of July to Celebrate it with us.   I know Tomorrow will be Mom's first Birthday in Heaven so I Suspect that Party will ROCK!  But I will Miss not spending her Birthday with her and looking for that Perfect Gift and Card, which she always looked forward to receiving.   Mom was really Into Gifts and Cards, both in the Giving of them and the Receiving of them.

So it's just a discombobulated kinda Feeling I have, like when I look into the face of this particular Carnival Kitsch Sailor Gal and the Eyes, which were painted and even stamped Weird, make it so that I can't Focus properly!  It's like when I Found her, Delighted and Celebrating on the one hand to Score a really Awesome piece of Vintage Carnival Kitsch for my Collection at a great price... but then realizing, that Face ain't Right... so it doesn't Feel Right... or Look Right... but hey, nothing has to be Perfect to be Celebrated, Right?   *Smiles*   Like THAT... is how I Feel Today and it just makes me Feel Blue.


Happy 4th Of July from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. I know how you feel. Sometimes those blue days just come and you may as well make a place at the table for them.

  2. I know how you feel. Sometimes those blue days just come and you may as well make a place at the table for them.


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