Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Incurable Vintage Fabric Collector

I spent several hours in a hot, steamy Warehouse wading thru mounds of used Clothing and Fabrics to Score some Vintage Sari Fabrics on Saturday.   I am an Incurable Vintage Fabric Collector, so I'll go to great lengths to procure a good haul.   Though it was unbearably hot, rather Sauna-like in fact, this was a good haul and worth the discomfort of sweating my arse off.  Besides, I needed the exercise and potential weight loss benefits it probably provided!  *Winks*

One benefit of Dreadlocks is my hair looked exactly the same after the Sweat-Box experience as it had going in!  *LOL*   But even the most die hard of us Scavengers was calling it a day much earlier on account of the heat and humidity, the Monsoons are clearly rolling in and you can feel it in the air.  Especially the air of a hot, steamy Warehouse... I felt badly for the Employees who couldn't escape it.   Most of my Scavenger Friends were looking for different Treasures than I, which is why we can Scavenge side by side amicably. *Smiles*

When I hit the Vintage Sari Wrap Motherlode right near the end of my trawl I felt lightheaded with excitement... well, mebbe the heat helped... but you know that Rush you get when you stumble upon the Motherlode of ANYTHING you totally J'Adore!?  I was yanking Divine Sari Materials out of huge mounds of them!!!  In hindsight, mebbe I should have bought them all since it's Sold by the pound, but I had parked out in the lower forty of the parking lots, so didn't want to haul too much back to the truck like a pack mule in this heat!  *Ha ha ha*

So I settled for half a dozen Favorites... tho' with Sari Materials, they're rather ALL my Favs because the Hues are always so Glorious and the Handwork Sublime!  There were some of the East Indian Tops in equally Divine Fabrics, alas, most were not BMW sized, tho' one was and I'm totally Obsessed with it since it was the most Beautiful one and had it's Wrap as well as another that matches perfectly!  *Booyah!*

So here it is, just hanging out, since all the Mannequin Gals are Modeling something else and I was entirely too lazy to undress any of them just for a Photo Shoot... Sorry!  *LOL*   If I can find some Turquoise Leggings to wear with it I'll have a complete ensemble good to go.  I think East Indian Fashion is some of the most Lovely and most Feminine on the Planet!   And Scoring this for just under a Dollar per Sari is practically Free!   They are so gossamer light that they weigh practically nothing so when Sold by the pound, cha-ching!

Especially since the Wraps make the Best non-sew Gypsy Curtains, you just hang them on clips, thread thru a wire together and Walla... instant Curtain Divinity!   Every slight breeze will make them float and they allow filtered Sunlight into the room so you don't have the Cave-like Issues you might with Traditional Curtains when drawn.   I just can't stand nor handle not having Natural Light filtering into my rooms, it's not for me.  When I go into any dark, gloomy Cave-like rooms during the Summer Months in the Homes of peeps trying to stay Cooler by banishing all Sunlight, I feel like a Bat!

Some things I just won't skimp on... staying Cool enough in the Home... having adequate Natural Light... and the very Best Vintage Fabrics and items Created from them that I can possibly afford!   I guess everyone has their set Priorities, those are just some of mine!  *Smiles*   I realize I'm rather Obsessed with Vintage Fabrics and have more of them than any Sane person should probably own, but I don't Care.   Having Amazing Fabric Art Creations... and piles of the most Luxurious Vintage Fabrics surrounding me is my Bliss!

And shredded Sari Fabrics are pretty Amazing too, so even if I find Sari Material that are just Cutters, I'll consider Cannibalizing them for Fibers and Artistic Projects.    They fray really well and in a most appealing way for Fiber or Fabric Art Projects.   And even if some never make their way into an actual Project for a while, they're Lovely to behold 'As Is'.   I'm a very Visual person so just having Beautiful things in their Raw Form is sometimes enough Inspiration for me.

The same with Funky Vintage Hats, I never intend to wear most of them, but I just like how they Display, especially those with Vintage Millinery that is Luscious!   Some of the Detailing of the Vintage Millinery is pretty Amazing and many are Old enough you realize they may have been made entirely by Hand!  Can you only Imagine the Time involved in such Detailed Handwork?!  And since most are no longer Fashionable for wear you can usually Score them for a pittance at Thrift Shops and Tag Sales.

I have Sold Off many things but I've tended to hold onto my Fabric Art and my stashes of the Best of my Vintage Fabrics, they may be the very last things to ever go... if ever.   I'm just not inclined to Care about their Value and what profits I could make off of Selling them because I just Enjoy them too much to NOT have them at the moment.   Mebbe a time will come I won't Feel that way, but I kinda doubt it.  I have no regrets from having bought any of them nor any regrets from holding onto them all these years.

In fact, the only regrets I've ever had are on those items I failed to purchase and Wish I had of...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Beautiful fabric, and nice tip about the non-sew Gypsy curtains.

  2. Oh they are gorgeous! And to be able to wear them even better!

  3. You speaka my language! The fabrics, embellishments, and styles are all for me.
    My grandma used to trim hats professionally from home. I have her tools. Often wish I knew how to use them.
    xo Jazzy Jack


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