Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Laws Of Attraction Revisited

I can't help but drive by The Old House when I'm in the Old Neighborhood to see how it's coming along in it's Preservation Journey at the skilled hands of the New Owner, Mr. Avila.   I don't want to seem like a Previous Owner Stalker tho' so I try to be discreet as I drive by ever so slowly to take a peek at the exterior's progress.  *LOL*   The Man and The G-Kid Force always want me to drive by it too, so I know our Family Feelings for the Old Place are still strong and our Curiosity is in hyperdrive as to what has been done next?

It is a Joy to still see it standing, Surviving, like an Old Sentinel that has Endured against all Odds, in any condition.   But to see it being Transformed and having New Life breathed into it by it's New Owner, who Loves it as much as we did, Touches us deeply.   I've even had some Dreams and Premonitions of what it might look like when Restoration is complete!?!  Activating the Laws Of Attraction I have Hoped that we might get Invited back to see it, inside and out, one day when it's all done??!   That said, I doubted Mr. Avila would even remember or recognize me and with my own Transformation in force, I don't look quite like I did during the Sale either!  *LOL*


So imagine my Surprise when I drove by on Monday Afternoon before Work, I don't usually drive by on a Monday since it's not my normal Shift but I'd swapped Shifts with a Co-Worker to get the 4th of July Evening off, and Mr. Avila was standing at the front Gate and called out my name as I drove by!  He had a huge Smile and was waving energetically at me and asked if I had time to stop and chat?   I didn't really, but I MADE time lemme tell ya, I was eager to hear what he had to say, clearly he was excited to tell me something!  I told him immediately what a Fine job he's done on the exterior already.  He has replaced rotted fascia trims and freshened paint up with Original Hues, much to my Delight that he's keeping things Original, as he'd told me he would.

The Original hues are bold, Turquoise, Caribbean Blue and White, which liven up the Natural Materials of the main construction which are Old hand-hewn Railroad Ties, Rock, Red Brick, Patterned Cement and Adobe.  He Loves everything that was Original to the Home since he was born and raised in the Community and said he wants it to look like it always has and everyone in the Community remembers it being.   He said he has been Surprised how many people of the Community have come by to tell him how much it means to them that it was bought by someone who is Saving and Restoring it.  He also told me that each also says the nicest things about our Family and how much they miss us being a part of their Community!   That Touched me deeply too, the Feeling is mutual... there are many and much we also Miss.

He knows how much I Love and Miss our Old Historic Home and was going out of his way to let me know he will Cherish it as we did and will do everything he can to make us Proud of his Restoration of it.   I know that he will, the excitement in his voice and the deep Appreciation for the Property were so evident, it reminded me of how we were when we first bought it and began the Restoration process all those years ago.  Knowing we could never complete what we began I assured him that it was now in the Right hands and I was so Glad that he now Owns it and will Protect and Cherish it.   He is now aware I turned down Offers twice as much as he was able to make, since Greedy Investors and Developers have stopped by to tell him I wouldn't Sell to them and would he Sell to them?

He declined for the very same reasons I did and in much the same way that I did so that they'd know money isn't the motivation when Protecting and Saving a significant Historic Home in a Community.  It made me feel Good that he ran them off too, Corporate Greed has destroyed too much History around these parts as it is and not every bit of it should be for Sale to the highest bidder.  There's some things you just can't put a Price on, how do you Sell Out your History and have a Peace about it I Wonder... Mr. Avila agreed, he wouldn't want to be responsible for that either just to make a profit.   He's bought and Restored and Sold many Historic Homes, it's his Passion.   But this one he said is Special, it has made him fall in Love with it and decide to occupy it himself and not re-sell it when Restoration is complete.   I know that Feeling all too well and we mutually laughed about it.  If a Property has a Soul and Spirit, this one certainly does and it Touches people in a Special Profound way.

I told him when we first bought it we Intended to Restore it but I had initially viewed it as an Investment that I'd probably Sell and move on.   I had not Intended for the Property to make me fall in Love with it so deeply either, or that letting it go would be so very difficult!   That had never happened to me before with Real Estate, I had no problems previously buying and selling, then moving on with no Attachments.  He agreed that the Energy of the Home is such that there is that Connection to it that is impossible to adequately explain.  He does not see the Restoration Process of an Old Home as merely a Commodity but as an important part of the History of a Community.  And he said The City is excited it's being Restored since they couldn't buy it.  I told him how I'd almost Sold it to them and four days before Closing they were one signature short on Approval and had to abort the Purchase since a Municipality needs 100% Approval to be Signed Off on such a Project.

He knows they had Intended to make it into a Museum to Honor the Community in general and the Property in particular, being the only remaining structure of the Original Ranch Homestead of that area which the Town later grew up around and was Named after.    The Main Ranch Manse was razed probably around the 1960's to make way for an Airport, but the Acreage of the Ranch was extensive. Our Historic Home was one of the outlying Outbuilding Residences on the border of the Ranch's original boundaries that housed extended Family of the Ranch's Owner, who was a Historic Figure in the Community.  It only Survived because his heirs refused to Sell Out.  I knew the last remaining heir and befriended him at Church, which is how I came to know about so much of the History and how much the Property meant to him.

I never Imagined I'd Own it one day, tho' I had Admired it since the early 1970's when I moved to the Valley.   I hadn't known he was the last of his lineage, not Married, no Children, no extended Family left to Will it to.   He left it to the Church but they didn't want it or have use for it so it languished in Probate for over four years in the late 1980's.   The City condemned it and for fear of it being torn down I bought it and spent two years battling The City to procure it, tying it to a Historic Local Legend and significance Historically to the Community.   Also, having known the Owner during his lengthy Illness and delivering Food Boxes to him from our Church Ministry, I knew he'd taken out a loan for his Chemo Treatments and that debt was the only reason the City hadn't already been able to snag it and raze it... the Lender wanted payment and the City didn't want to pay the HECL off... so I did!  *Winks*

I had already spent two years taking Care of it AS IF I already Owned it before I ever DID Own it, hows that for Commitment and Calling in The Laws Of Attraction to Work in my Favor??!?!  *Smiles*   By the time I actually did Own it everyone in the Community had thought it had been mine for a couple years already!  Since I'd come over daily to Maintain it and begin fixing things up and watering the Grounds with the Help of the Salvation Army next door, who allowed me to use their Water since I did Ministry Work with them!   They had seen me hauling Water in huge containers and I told them my Intentions of Buying it and Saving it from Condemnation.   Since nobody knew what the City Intended the Neighbors all wanted me to prevail!   And of coarse I did!  *Winks*

Mr. Avila is Glad I'm Sharing all of the Information and History that he Needs in order to be successful in Protecting and Preserving the Property adequately.  He said if The City eventually Creates a Museum somewhere he plans to Donate some Items, I told him if I have any boxed up significant to the Old Property I will Donate them as well.  He DID Invite us, when Restoration is Complete, to come for a Tour, in fact, he said he Insists we do because he's eager to show us every bit of what he's Accomplished!   Laws Of Attraction successful once again... I told him how much it would mean to us to see it finally done... completed... full circle.  It's been a long time coming, too long, the Old Sentinel has waited a very long time to be fully Restored... she Deserves it and I'm Glad that since I couldn't finish what we began, we turned it over to someone who could... it was the Right thing to do.

And Yes my Friends, when we take The Tour, I will respectfully ask Permission to Photograph his hard Work, and I'll Call In The Laws Of Attraction once again that he'll Grant Permission so I can Share it here in The Land Of Blog.   So... To Be Continued at some later unknown date in the Future...


Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Big, big, big smiles here, Dawn. Sometimes the Universe does cooperate! Grins, Sandi

    1. Ah, yes, the Universe cooperated, as it always tends to do when you put Good Positive Energy out there... Dawn... The Bohemian

  2. So your stalking paid off! Hee!
    I can't wait to see it.
    Some lovely photos in this post. Xo Jazzy Jack

    1. Yes indeed... and thankfully he didn't find it creepy at all, he could see why I'd be excited to witness the transformation in progress... Dawn... The Bohemian

  3. Oh How Exciting! I know how good that made you feel! I sure will be anxious to see the pictures of the completed restoration too!

  4. Awesome full circle goodness, and Iv'e been putting the law of attraction into play as well.

  5. Good to read, so happy for you - and for the Old House.


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